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i'm an angry person by nature. or maybe i'm jsut super super in to what i'm into. a friend (sorta) posted something on her facebook about the new seal of the state of missouri and in the center of that seal was a cattle plow. and people were confused by what it was so there was a lot of discussion about cows and things like that.

i said something to the likes of "way to go missouri, portraying cruelty of cows to plow up grain fields which we feed back into the cows so that we can eat them". i mean why would any state publicly be like this is a cool thing to do. and of course .. OF COURSE people got offended. they said, as the blog post title states "wow that got political fast". i don't feel that is political at all. dominion over animals to use them as labor for us to just use that labor so we can eat them isn't political. it's stupid and pretty rude!

anyways. it %^&*($ me off. and no one i am friends with cares. i don't have anyone i talk to on the reg about how i want my life to be. and when i do people are suddenly the expert of me. so @#$% em all.

and a funny note, is the girl that posted this particular image is like a crazy cat lady. she is constantly posting about save the lives of cats and dogs they need your help and then she posts pictures of them and she houses like 10 of them in her house until she finds them homes. yet you start talking about cows and she doesn't give a !@#$. i think i am going to delete her.

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Comment by Meadow Flower on May 19, 2014 at 3:36pm

Prdtf.No need for advice on catfood as there is a discussion going on here on that topic right now +sources for recipes.

Comment by Meadow Flower on May 19, 2014 at 3:14pm

pradtf,so nice of you.I'll be checking out towardfreedom.It looks like full of good stories of value.I love a good story.

The Old Man is a wonder-boy.As I read ab him I want to stop and wonder too.We must only go towards the light!He can show the way.

Long ago I read a wonderful story of yours about the cats, which also thrived on a vegan diet.That story went right to my heart.

I do need a recipe for vegan catfood,but have difficulties in sourcing one anywhere.Can you help my two light sources eat a decent meal worthy of their statue?

Comment by Katie Elizabeth on May 19, 2014 at 9:09am
haven't looked back here since i told john to fruit off. but wow. this post has become an animal itself!

humans think themselves so important. we consume and use not just animals but the earth itself to satisfy our inventions of necessity.

it does not require equipment of any kind to feed us. maybe a shovel. but probably not even that. trees don't need to be tilled after every season. most greens grow wild. but even then if given the species specific diet from infancy we wouldn't require the greens.

the fact that we moved beyond the equator is entirely the problem. we really need nothing but what has been offered there. trees full of fruit and sunshine. we would have no reason or desire to hitch animals to leashes or cattle plows if we weren't so clever as to think to spread like tumbleweeds across the globe. people realized "oh shit this was a bad idea" when settling down in the non-tropics and since they were so many generations removed from a proper human they stupidly enslaved humans and animals alike.

people are as dumb as they are clever. most only look forwards and not backwards. it is obscene to suggest one eats entirely fruit and it is so normal to eat cereal with cow milk and pizza with cheese.

i just think that things are so skewed. there was never really a reason to use animals we just invented one. and we are sure to invent ourselves right off the planet as soon as nasa gets it's shit together. good grief people!
Comment by pradtf on May 19, 2014 at 7:55am

wise posts meadow flower and i specifically like these comments:

We are still youngsters in the game of life

for the best purposes and purest motives Katie Elizabeth is quite right and we should all be as sharp as her to watch out for opportunities to do likewise.

when in contact with REAL animal ... that I am in a presence of god.

just to clarify, it was my son kyron at the age of 9 who got my parents to go veg. here's a pic of him:


and you may enjoy this story about him too:

The Old Man

welcome to 30bad too!

in friendship,


Comment by Sarah Dillinger on May 19, 2014 at 12:31am

I asked my history professor about this yesterday evening and he said it's true that cities only survive and grow as much as farming technology allows, and that long term food shortages always lead to civil unrest and violence :(

I'm not sure what they could have done differently.  I think poor people in Africa, maybe Southeast Asia use draft animals for farming even now...what should they do differently than our ancestors?  It's easy to criticize the past, but modern societies consume more meat per person than past societies =(

Comment by Meadow Flower on May 18, 2014 at 8:49pm

Pardon,I do not mean that anyone should even try to tame wild beasts (too Walt Disney) ever but that we should be at piece with what animal life we find in our surroundings.

Comment by Meadow Flower on May 18, 2014 at 8:34pm

The present generations can trace their generally distorted view of animals to our 'beloved' Mickey Mouse and co and put the most blame on their creator Walt Disney,if we have to blame somebody else for it than ourselves.It does no good for the animal who can suffer twice as much on account of being at first thought to be a sweet bambi but is a deer in real life.

There's more confusion about this fact than many will admit.It's subconscious dupe.

I can trace a bit of too much Walt Disney( reading as a kid) in my bunnyhugging ways.But I also know when in contact with REAL animal (or the real animal nature in it's purist in a human being) that I am in a presence of god.I am not one to tame wild beasts,though there are people like that as well.I'm merely talking about tame ones,big or tiny.I even talk to cockroaches in my kitchen.

Comment by Meadow Flower on May 18, 2014 at 6:17pm

We are all in there together against animal abuse.I'm so for as much publicity and going against cruel traditions publicly,which are hotly opposed now but with time will gain wider and wider support.

I was bowled over prathf's genius of turning his parents vegan at 9 y of age.

How could the rest of us do something similar? Start small,it'll grow and grow and GROW.

But I still think that lenghtening of individual life span is the key (not for it's own sake,but for the purposes of us acting wise and not killing ourselves by wrong diet at too early age as is now happening in this chaotic soc.Even cows go mad when they're fed bonemeal and chickenshit).

Perhaps I should have started another discussion but I just want to clarify my point after educating myself on this page that for the best purposes and purest motives Katie Elizabeth is quite right and we should all be as sharp as her to watch out for opportunities to do likewise.

Comment by Meadow Flower on May 18, 2014 at 5:24pm

Man's life on earth is imperfect and thus all the atrocities that he does to animals and each other are there because of the limitations of number of years of one generations lifespan.If we lived 500 years or so we would be able to really learn and esp about not making the same mistakes over and over again.If we ever got bored say at 200 we would have to ramp it up fast for real as we knew we still had about 300 to go).

Somehow we are still the early man just running away from predators,which our generations past and future recycled into existence through our own stupid actions in the first place.(I think we all know who those predators are).

We are still youngsters in the game of life full of intentional mischief that serves no one.Let's hope to get as sane and adult as we can with the only method possible at the moment which is bananas.

Comment by pradtf on May 18, 2014 at 3:09pm

Prad, you are either a very smart person or a great copy and paste master.  lol Ok you win!  We view the world with different colored glasses.  No harm no foul!


i'm not trying to defeat you so i don't see this as a victory for me or a defeat for you. we're on the same side and i have no problem with your mlk approach - we need people like you! we also need people like gary yourofsky.

it makes little difference what set of glasses we view the world with because the world cares little. what's important is that we can work together to bring down the beast of oppression which torments victims of all sorts.

i think you are doing what you think is best to do just that from the angle your perceive is to your advantage. together we have an ever-increasing shot at succeeding.

in friendship,



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