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My Rawtil4 Journey Thus Far (Almost 5 months) +Progress Photos

This is harder than I thought it would be.. Courage, Dusty! I think I've reached a stage you can see some difference now.

I've been Rawtil4 since 5th January 2014. Today is 29th April 2014.
I struggled from digestive issues my entire life. I always ate (what I thought) was pretty healthy, but I ate a standard meat/dairy/fruit/veg/nuts diet (bog-standard "healthy/balanced"/"had no real idea" diet). However, I did a lot of calorie restriction followed by binging. This wasn't an intentional thing, my body just liked very little food sometimes, then a lot (and I mean big, big rich meals) other times. I was never consistent with my eating. I also often ate until I just wanted to sleep (did me no favours).

In my teens and early 20s I was always pretty active (not as much as I am now), but always liked doing physical activity (when I had the energy) so thought I was pretty healthy, even though my stomach was always sketchy. Always suffered from bloating, loouud tummy noises like there was a big angry animal living in there (charming, but it's true), and I had times where I lacked all motivation and vegged out and just binged like a beast for weeks on end. My body looked alright but was never totally happy. It fluctuated a little because I was an emotional eater. This first photo was taken on 19th September 2012 (on a good day) at 26 years old (by my body language was obviously feeling pretty chuffed with myself that day):

About a year ago I fell very ill. Myself and the doctors didn't really know what the go was, my body just seemed to say "Nope, I've had enough" and shut down. I piled on weight. My skin erupted, leaving me with scars I'm still trying to get rid of (it's working, thank goodness). I also developed body acne on my back, shoulders butt and chest, which I really didn't appreciate. My bloated, angry tummy left me bunched over in pain sometimes because it hurt so badly. I was miserable, and fed up, and so sick every day.
The next 2 photos were taken on 29th January 2014, so this was nearly a month after starting Rawtil4. I'd just started noticing a very subtle difference so I documented it. This is still a good example of how I looked pre-Rawtil4 though, I'm 27 here (have never had children just fyi so people know my situation):
The next couple of photos I took on 18th February 2014. I was noticing a few more changes but nothing too severe.
It was about now that my energy levels went up. All of a sudden I had the motivation to get back out there and get physical again. I started by walking my friend's dog a few times a week. Those walks increased from about 20 minutes to an hour over the next month or so (the dog freaking loved it). I also began doing my workouts around my area. I live in a rural town, long quiet roads, some sharp, long hills. It takes 45 minutes to walk my neighbourhood block. I did that for a few weeks (most days), then I had the craving for more. I increased my walks to 2 hours (roughly 20 kms/12 miles). Yes some people think that's mad, but it became very easy, my body missed it even though I dripped with sweat and got a few blisters. I just loved it so much, and still do. Where did that energy come from?? It can only be the wonders of Rawtil4, that's all I've changed.

The next photos were from a couple of days ago. Even though I'd documented my weight loss (I'm 15 to 20 kgs/33 to 44 pounds lighter now since Rawtil4) I just realised one day hmm I feel a bit thinner. When I compared these recent photos with my older ones, I realised ok yeah, this is definitely working!:

I'm stoked to see my old body coming through again, and my effortless commitment to this lifestyle is going to continue to show me improved results.
I have had a few ups and downs over the last four months. There's been times I've been under-carbed (been stuck out with mates somewhere, etc) and eaten something crappy like a tonne of McDonald's chips or whatever vegan/vegetarian food I could find on the go.  Or I've jumped onto 30BAD with random burning questions because something has slightly deviated from the norm and it's stressed me out (#dramaqueen #controlfreak). On this lifestyle though, I've always found my body just balances out if I give it a couple of days (must trust more!). It's just all about persistence and doing what I've learnt here that's good for me. My urge to jump into this lifestyle wasn't to get my old body back, it was for my health. But having it slowly come back even healthier sure is nice to see. I now don't suffer from digestive issues whatsoever. It feels like my tummy is smiling every single day - that's the best part.

If you've made it to the bottom of this epic post I salute you. If I post on 30BAD I just like to put in as many facts as possible in case it helps someone wanting to relate to someone else, etc.
Cheers. xx

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Comment by Dusty on May 1, 2014 at 7:52am

Thank you Elisa and Debby for your lovely comments! The best part for me at least is no longer feeling sick everyday. I think that's the greatest proof that this lifestyle is the right way to treat your body. Shedding any unwanted weight is just a treat to keep us going I think :). Thank you again for your supportive comments they are really appreciated. :)

Comment by Debby Stinson on May 1, 2014 at 4:20am

Wow Dusty! So proud of you for every good, healthy thing you've added to your life since January. This post was a treat to read! Thanks for all the facts and the photos - very enlightening. I have also struggled with digestive issues due to severe food allergies and also struggled with consistency in the past because I used to eat low-carb, high-fat vegan (which felt really bad and resulted in a pre-diabetic condition). Your journey gives me hope! I just had to stop and say thank you this morning and give you a huge (((HUG))) for posting this. Gratefully, Debby

Comment by Elisa Fujimi Kim on May 1, 2014 at 12:38am

Thank you so much for sharing your story!! You're very inspiring to me, since I have similar digestive problems and want to feel better and healthier through this lifestyle.... So thank you :)) 

Comment by Dusty on April 30, 2014 at 8:19pm

I'm going to add here separately, that consistent exercise is key. That is what made the significant change for me. The diet just cut the fat and gave me the energy to get out there and enjoy the outdoors for an hour or two most days. It melted the fat away and now I'm addicted to it. I'm now pursing a career as a personal trainer to help others help themselves. I just want others to feel good too!
Thanks again guys. :)

Comment by Dusty on April 30, 2014 at 8:14pm

Hey! :) Thank you for your kind words!
It took me a fair bit of trial and error to figure out a menu that worked for me.. I'm still perfecting it (I'm still pretty new to this after all), I'm also yet to venture into the world of food combining so I understand if this isn't textbook Rawtil4. I’m also getting better at limiting the few things here that I can really do without. You’ll see what I mean, but while I’m figuring it out I think they are alright options. It's kept me happy anyways so, here goes;

I start the day with 1 litre+ of water. If I'm thirsty and want more I'll have it.
I then go for a walk, whether it's my two hour of power hike or a 45 minute trot around my block. During these walks I also take a 1.5L drink bottle of water which I finish.

Once I'm back and my body feels ready to eat, if I have any fresh navel oranges I'll have around 4
= (247.4 Calories)


I then have a 6+ banana smoothie (Averaging 8 every morning, I just add about a litre or so of water to make it a milky thickness)


Sometimes instead of a smoothie I'll have banana 'icecream', 6 to 8 frozen bananas, blended with a little water to get things moving in the blender (this is very sustaining, I often find my appetite is considerably reduced for the rest of the day if I have this, so I try to keep it for a treat now, but it is freaking delicious – I got the idea from Tarah @ 40BelowFruity

I take as long as I need to drink/eat this

So breakfast aroun 1200 Calories total.

If I have enough oranges I'll often have another 4 or 5 just because I love them
= (247.4 Calories)

LUNCH: (varies as I have cravings for different things everyday)
If I'm craving something sweet I'll have another smoothie or 'icecream', sometimes I'll add berries and/or dates to sweeten it up and make it different to breakfast
Comes to about
=(1200 Calories)

If I'm craving something light but filling and fresh:
Big Salad - I just keep snacking away at it til its gone. I use; (raw unless specified)
baby cos lettuce (shreaded) - one head
carrot (grated or ‘peeled’ into strips) - one large
zucchini (sliced) - 1.5 cups
celery (chopped) - 3 medium stalks
capsicum/red peppers (diced) - 0.5 cup
mushrooms (diced) - 3 medium
lemon juice - 2 wedges
black pepper - 1 tsp
fresh rosemary - 2 tsp
=(238.07 Calories) – not very calorie dense, but filling as it takes a while to eat, and is a bit of roughage. Fills a large salad serving bowl.

If I'm feeling extra needy/hormonal/Girls, you know what I mean - I may be naughty and add 1/4 cup of store-bought chargrilled (so cooked) peppers. I don't like making a habit of this as it has oil and sodium, but I'm human and still transitioning, sometimes it just makes it 'naughty' enough to make it delicious.
If these are added it's around
=(272.08 Calories)

If I'm really, really needy/starving/want to feel heavy and full, I'll have a cup or so of (cooked) rice with various raw vegetables, and maybe a tiny bit of an Asian flavoured sauce (low fat/low sodium) to make it taste like normal food
=(around 330 Calories)

If I want another snack I'll have a couple more pieces of fruit or some celery or something
=(varies, but doesn't add many calories here)

DINNER: (varies too, I try to eat as early in the night/afternoon as possible)
My favourite is around 5-8 medium to large steamed, boiled or baked potatoes (depending on time/ how hungry I am/ how I want it to taste) - no oil, no salt, just cooked
=(800 Calories) roughly


If I want to feel like I'm eating 'normal' food again I'll make a thai inspired rice dish.
Cooked rice - have had up to 8 cups of cooked one night -but usually have around 5 cups
I use as low sodium green/red thai curry paste and lite coconut milk if I feel like it.
Also add whatever veggies I have around so capsicum/mushroom/zucchini
=(varies but around 1200 to 1400 Calories depending if I use coconut milk etc)

Really trying to ditch the coconut milk and just enjoy as fresh and basic meals as possible. I’m usually quite consistent, however I’ve taken on study recently so my income temporarily doesn’t allow me to spend big on fresh items (I’m in Australia and it’s pretty expensive) that’s why the cooked rice creeps in there at odd times.

= My calorie intake varies from 2500 to 4000 per day. All depends on those hormones for me I’ve learned.

As long as I have my food portioned off and semi-prepared I stick to this like a champ.
I chop and freeze my bananas once ripe and portion them off so every morning it’s a matter of taking that meal’s bag out and blending
I pre-portion out bags of what I’m having in each salad, so I just grab my ‘lunch’ bag and I know everything in there is to be eaten today

Side note: Some days on the weekends I may crave salt like a beast or something super filling at around lunchtime, and I’ll have my potatoes for lunch then my salad for dinner instead. I know that’s not ‘Rawtil4’ but it’s better than eating something I’ll regret all because of a craving.

Sometimes I’ll have 1.5L if orange juice as a meal if I feel like it. I just listen to my body and make decisions based on what I’ve learnt within this community.

I also end up consuming anything from 3L a water to 6L a water a day. Some days I'm just thirsty!

Durian rider said:
If you crave sugar, eat fruit
If you crave salt, eat vegetables.
Drink water until you pee clear.
And that’s what I did, and lost all that weight.

I hope this helped, I wasn’t sure how to set it out, and wanted it to be substantial enough so it wasn’t pointless (those answers at times just annoy me) haha. Thanks again and hope this was alright. :)

Comment by Isabel Powell on April 30, 2014 at 12:51pm

Definite change!!!  Thank you so much for being brave enough to post your pics--very motivating for us.  Can you give us a sample menu of what you eat in a day on Rawtil4?  

Comment by Msbunny on April 30, 2014 at 10:16am
Thank you for sharing! Super motivating and you look amazing! How many calories do you eat on average? Just curious


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