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I'm new and have quite a few questions.

As stated in the title, I am new to this lifestyle.  I have been a vegetarian for a year now, and looking to move up to the next level.  I eat all organic and non GMO.  some of my questions are....:

Why not an emphasis on vegetables? 

          Vegetables are rich in all sorts of nutrients, and have such a wide array of colors.  I know that other 80/10/10's promote veggies heavily.  So far from watching the videos, which are incredibly inspirational, I have only gotten the notion to eat plenty of fruit.  Fruit does give one an abundance of energy, but vegetables also bring much to the plate(haha).  In particular I am wondering about; tomatoes, cilantro, kale, and spinach. I read the welcome wagon, about some of the negative implications of some veggies, but I have Never felt bad after eating a colorful salad.  

Why such disapproval of fasting?

          I read Paul C. Bragg's book: The miracle of fasting this past year.  It is a way to give your body a break from the energy consuming process of digestion, and allows it to divert this energy elsewhere.  It is a great natural method of detoxification.  You referred to binging after a fast also.  This is explicitly stated as the wrong thing to do.  I personally ease my way out of a fast with a light salad.  I have never experienced a unrelenting urge to eat fat afterwards.  I feel as though this may be due to a lack of self control.  It shouldn't be blamed on fasting.  Although, based on the title of the novel, it comes with great bias.  I am just interested to hear more on what others think of this issue.  I do not fast regularly by any means.  However, when I feel a cold coming on or are sick, which hasn't happened often since I eliminated flesh from my diet, I give my body a rest from digestion to detoxify itself naturally.

I really do not understand the B-12 injections?

          DurianRider even states that this is an unnatural practice.  If it is unnatural why practice it?  I understand that the world has become polluted by industry, but can the body not sustain itself in a natural way?  I feel like it is a bit unfair to ostracize people for doing natural drugs like magic mushrooms and smoking cannabis, when you are injecting a supplement directly into the bloodstream?  I am not in any way condoning these practices, but I am confused on how they match up.

How do you feel about fermented foods?

          I feel as though the only nutritional term that is spoken in the videos is carbohydrates.  What about bacteria?  Fermented foods can offer countless health benefits.  Just wondering.

Why is there a detest of super-foods?

          I am not promoting cocoa or any of the scams out there promising longevity from one single product.  There are, however, many of these foods that can be incredibly beneficial in their natural state.  Gogi berries are the food, in particular, that comes to mind.  They are eaten by the silverback gorrilla, one of the strongest mammals alive today.  You promote a "monkey diet" so why are these not included?

These are just a few of the many questions I have.  I am not, in any form, looking to argue.  I only want to hear what other people think about these topics.  I am really excited to be apart of this movement.  I believe that we, as animals ourselves, owe it to mother earth to stop desecrating her lands, and ritually abusing her animals 


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Comment by Alysha Maiorelli on February 4, 2014 at 8:21am

oh and i should mention that fasting when you feel a cold coming on because you feel like that is what your body is telling you to do is completely natural. it's the prolonged, forceable fasts that are prohibitive because your are unnaturally forcing your body into the situation. if you feel a cold coming on and want to rest your digestive system then doing straight oj or mono-mealing oranges is a great idea. or even watermelon juice/watermelon. you want to give your body some sustainance to help fight whatever is going on in your body. 

Comment by Alysha Maiorelli on February 4, 2014 at 8:16am

hello! i can answer some of these for you! 

So, veggies are definitely part of the 811 high carb lifestyle! BUT, they are considerably low in calories and that is why there is a focus on fruit- fruit, when eaten in substantial quantities has enough calories to help you meet your daily requirements. Also, plant-based foods are high in water and not as dense as say a steak or rice and even potatoes, so you have to eat more of it to hit the same calorie mark. it's very easy for people to fill up on veggies before they have actually eaten enough calorically. 

tomatoes are a fruit, just a savory fruit and again lower in calories/high in water content. 

greens like kale and spinach, etc. once again very low in calories but pack a good punch when it comes to nutrients minerals. 

fasting thrashes the metabolism and sends your body into a state of "survival mode" causing you to hold onto fat so as to protect itself. there is a lot of info on here about why fasting is only recommended for those who are SERIOUSLY ill, like if you have cancer or something along those lines. people who are not seriously ill can "cleanse" just as well from focusing on fruits and specifically those high in water content like oranges, watermelon, melon in general. 

the b12 question is not something that i am well versed in, but i do know that before you start injecting yourself or taking b12 you should get blood work done first. your body naturally produces b12 and if you start taking it when you don't need to your body will actually stop producing its own 12. i believe it is referred to as inactive vs. active. also, pot and mushrooms alter your state of being whereas b12 does not. your body naturally produces the b12 as i said, but i am certain that your body does not naturally produce the thc that causes drugs to have the effect they do on people. 

fermented foods really don't offer too many beneficial health benefits. they are essentially rotten food. people think they are good for the gut bc when you eat them, they move through the system very fast pushing backed up matter out of the body too. but that is only because the food is rotten and your body is very like, "wtf? let's get this shit out of here!" they are also terribly acidic typically very high in salt. i used to make my own fermented foods bc i had a very bad digestive system and i thought it was going to fix it. it really only made my digestion worse and my skin horrible.

No one says you can't eat goji berries, but berries again, low in calories and so you shouldn't aim to make a meal out of them and except to be calorically satisfied. also, dried fruit while good in a pinch, is not good to make whole meals out of bc it's bad for your teeth and very dehydrating. only exceptions here would probably be dates (bc you can buy them wet-packed aka ooey gooey and fresh!) and i have read raisins are actually good for your teeth. nothing wrong with dried fruit, but it is a sometimes food not an everyday one if you want to thrive on this lifestyle. 

And cacao, well there is crap tons of research about the negative effects that cacao has on your health. it stresses your adrenals for one bc it contains the stimulant theobromine which basically has the same effect as caffeine on your system. It's also veryyy acidic which is never good since you always want to be alkaline. people who follow the fruitarian or rawtill4 typically stay away from things that unnaturally stimulate the body or tax it heavily for that matter. 

hope i was able to answer your questions! 

Comment by chancesare on February 1, 2014 at 11:15am

I'll jump in here and suggest the link HOME above your picture here and from there start reading:  FAQ's and Ingredients & Materials… lots under "ingredients and materials"  that pertain to "why" certain foods are not supported on 30 bananas a day…  so that give that a go.  


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