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Back after 4 years...

I am back, after 4 years of not being raw or vegetarian- I have been back & forth on every type of diet that you can think of, trying to lose this weight that I put on and nothing has worked! So that is why I am back at raw- I have never tried 30 bananas a Day, so we will see how it goes. My plan is to just get off the heavy foods and start transitioning to raw foods like salad, fruit, etc. then I will start the bananas.  This will probably sound vain, but I just really want to be able…


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I'm back!

Hi Everyone- I'm back! I've been doing great on eating raw- trying to stick to 811, but mostly trying to be 100% raw. I started going back to the gym this week- I got a total of 4.5 hours of working out in this week, I also did the sauna once this week and dry skin brushing- i've got to start that back every day, I miss it! I haven't weighed in yet- I had this great idea since the new Biggest Loser just started to weigh in every Tuesday with them! I love that show- it's great to see this… Continue

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What a difference a couple of days make!!

Wow, I can't believe how different I feel and look after 2 days after that post I wrote saying how terrible I felt! I feel SO much better after getting back to eating raw and also seeing my family and friends for the past 2 days- it's been so great and such a mood lifter to get out of this chaotic house!! I really believe it's a combo of the support from this community, prayer, seeing my family and friends, spending some time in the sunshines, eating raw, etc. I really feel… Continue

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I feel terrible today- yesterday I messed up and ate cooked foods. It all started when I was doing some research about my hormone imbalance issues on the internet- I must have read information for ab…

I feel terrible today- yesterday I messed up and ate cooked foods. It all started when I was doing some research about my hormone imbalance issues on the internet- I must have read information for about 3 hours and was so sick of reading. Everything they said was different, your body needs dairy, your body needs organic meats, I even read that the raw diet causes the hormones to be more out of whack, which I do not believe to be true at all. Anyway, my health this year has really been going… Continue

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2010 Goals!!

2010 Goals

Finish House Remodel (Bath remodel, doors (paint, put up), trim, outside lights, paint hardi plank, porch/patio columns, etc.

Save $5,000 (take $2500 from home loan) to put well on Thomasville land

Reggie - draw up house plans

Put House up for Sale

Sell Bronco- put $$ towards Well

Pay off all Bills- credit cards, Home loan & 2 land loans (save extra money from house sale to put towards new… Continue

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10th Day No Coffee & 20th Day Raw

I've been doing great eating raw- eatings lots of fruits, greens, not really any nuts- I've had a few avocados but a small amount at a time in my salad. I haven't weighed in SO long it seems, but I feel like my body is getting slimmer! I'm glad I guit the coffee because it seems now that I'm a lot calmer and maybe even less moody. I had a great Christmas and my hubby bought me 4 Raw food cookbooks, 3 big bags of organic Teecino & some organic Raw agave. My Inlaws bought me the Doug Graham… Continue

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Day 15 Raw, Day 5 No Coffee!

Today I feel pretty good- I finally DID NOT WEIGH myself this morning! I have to say though, it was really really hard not to- I was pacing around the scales trying to decide, but in the end I didn't - so yay for me! I do want to try to eat more fruits and greens-and I also want to exercise more- this weather just makes me so unmotivated, this time of year, I always get kind of down. I've been drinking St. Johns Wort Herbal tea and it seemed to help yesterday. I actually have a… Continue

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13th Day Raw!!

So I've almost been raw for 2 weeks straight! I am so proud of myself-normally if the weight didn't just drop off of me, I would just quit and say "what is the point?" but this time I said, no, I am going to stick with it for all of the benefits, not just weight! This is a HUGE hurdle for me! Today is also day 3 NO COFFEE- that is another huge accomplishment for me! I feel perfectly fine having my organic green tea & occasional Teecino beverage in place of the coffee- I don't feel as… Continue

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11 Day Raw!

I feel great today- I do have a confession to make though and it's probably the reason I haven't been losing the weight like I should...I was drinking some organic coffee w/organic milk & raw agave, I didn't want to admit it because I was ashamed of myself for being weak..BUT today I decided to let the coffee go because I wanted to see what benefits I could get from not drinking coffee!! So I had a cup of organic green tea w/organic lemon juice & organic raw agave instead… Continue

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10th Day Raw!!!

Today is my 10th Day on Raw-I feel great, think I'm detoxing some because my eye is really red- I've been wearing my glasses the last few days. I'm at 141.5 now- it's been 10 days so I'm surprised that I haven't lost more than that, but I've lost and kept 3 pounds off so I think that is an improvement. I picked up some more groceries- all organic this time! Bananas, apples, 2 bags tangelos, lemon juice- all organic- I need to go pick up some organic spinach and avocados as well. I've been… Continue

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8th Day on Raw

Okay so today is day 8 on raw- I've been doing great, one thing is that I can tell that my skin looks better and younger somewhat so I'm happy about that! On the other hand, the weight loss is coming along REALLY slow, but I do feel happier and my skin looks better on raw so I'm going to stick with it and the weight will come off eventually. I'm at 142 right now, so I'm still 2.5 down from my starting weight-I am going to start adding exercise back in this week and hopefully that will help. I… Continue

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4th Day Back on Raw!!

I weighed in this morning (still on mensies) and weighed 139.5!!!!! So I've lost about 5 lbs total- Yay!! Obviously, I've been doing great on eating, drinking more H20- I also added in some vitamins and my green smoothie w/spirulina & maca- I haven't had one yet today,but plan on having one later.

Things I am thankful for today:

Homemade raw almond milk

Fashion/Health Magazines in the Mail

Losing 5 lbs total on Raw!!

FB & Twitter… Continue

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Day 3 Back on Raw!

I don't wear much makeup so this is pretty much me naturally- I hope to not even have to wear any makeup once I stay on raw- hopefully, I will get that "glow"

Okay, so I'm doing great- I went by the store and picked up more fruits and veggies. This morning I weighed in at 140.5 even with my mensies- although sometimes for some reason, I tend to lose weight on my mensies. I'm hoping it stays off afterward. I've been doing great eating… Continue

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Day 1 eats

So for Day 1 this is what I had- I'm working on eating more mono meals and more fruit at a time but I have to get used to it first..

1 organic apple, 1 banana mixed together

1 spinach salad with cukes, 1 avocado & dressing made out of yellow peppers & pineapple

4 oranges

3 cups of Black Tea with cinnamon & raw agave

So, I know the tea isn't raw, but I like my teas and especially needed them today since I was cramping ugh. That wasn't fun. I am… Continue

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I am Thankful for...

Things I am Thankful for:

- God to give me strength & comfort when I am low

- Freedom to do whatever I want

- My husband currently working on the bath remodel

- Items selling on ebay- $$

- Roof over my head, warmth in the cold

- Lots of land to build our dream house

- Family that love me

- Nieces and nephews that love hanging out with me and make me feel special

- A caring husband

- Knowledge about Health

- Supportive… Continue

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Back to the starting point, but it's okay.

Okay, so I did kind of mess up on my LFRV eating, I was on day 8 I believe when I just kind of had an emotional meltdown- I'm just hoping that I've gotten everything off of my chest so I can move on and not be such an emotional eater. So technically, today is Day 1 for me. I do plan on going to the store to get more groceries like cukes, watermelons, bananas, tomatoes so I can have plenty to eat! I also just started my mensies today (TMI) so I weighed in at 144.5- really no surprise there.… Continue

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I messed up!!

Oh wow, I really messed up yesterday- just when I think I have a handle on things, I really don't..I was feeling under the weather already and just felt so sad about things- the house remodel not being finished, not having any friends around to talk to or hang out with, family never calling me and just alot of hurts from different people- it just ALL came to the surface at once! The only good thing that came out of it was me praying and crying and realizing that I just have to let it all go and… Continue

Added by Melinda on December 6, 2009 at 8:40am — 4 Comments

7th Day LFRV!

So today is Day 7, still at the same weight- before when I did Raw Vegan the weight just dropped off, probably because I was younger- I think alot of my weight now is to do with hormones. Anyway, at least I haven't gained- I've been eating all I want, lots of healthy foods, bellpeppers, cukes, avos, organic spinach, bananas, apples, oranges. My skin seems to look a little better- I've been drinking some hot teas to try to curb my craving for coffee- it's weird, coffee became my new vice after 7… Continue

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Feeling Hopeful!!

Things are going better lately- I've been selling alot of things on Ebay lately for the extra money and just to get rid of things that we don't need! We are selling brand new Sony Vaio laptops with the new Windows 7, Philips DVD Portable player, my omega 8005 Juicer, etc. My sister is buying my Dining table & a buffet- both antiques. I've got tons of things to sell- I've got way too much of everything- I think I am going to have a tag sale… Continue

Added by Melinda on December 3, 2009 at 7:34am — 2 Comments

6th Day LFRV!

So I'm on the 6th day LFRV, holding at the same weight, which is fine, at least I haven't gained any weight. Although, I was really hoping to be in the high 130's by now. The past few nights I have been craving chips and it's been really hard, but I am just taking it one night at a time and just thinking of my mini-goal of being in the 130's- I know if I eat chips, it will send me in a downward spiral-I usually give in and eat chips or some Amy's organic pizza and then start the madness all… Continue

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