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day 27 - hurray... an 811 day again :-))


today i ate the juice of 30 oranges

and lots of water. 1850 cals


all this writing and thinking and spending time 'detoxing' some of my emotions is helping. a day without major cravings and a happy tum.

pretty low energy, but i'm saving myself for tomorrow morning, making salads for a solstice feast at lunch time, with various visitors due. tomorrow is definitely going to be harder as i'm gonna have to deal with cooked gorgeous vegan food. will… Continue

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day 26 - turning a corner emotionally


today i ate: 1 small melon, 10 oranges, 1 zucchini, half a cucumber, 5 tomatoes, 4 ryvita and (yikes!) nearly all of a jar of raw mixed seed butter, and now a few strawberries.

well... i guess i found a mixed seed butter tree and had all my fat in one day from that!

the first half of today was spent talking with my lovely, in a not always conscious or helpful fashion, and then bingeing on said butter :-(( my tummy REALLY HURTS. i MUST REMEMBER THIS… Continue

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day 25 - the unravelling continues...

hello again

its only 2pm, and i'll do an update later today, but i think it would really help me to write, so i'm going to :-)

after falling asleep last night, at some point my lovely came to bed, and woke me up (didn't mean to). i couldn't get back to sleep, and lay there for hours, with all the events of yesterday going round my head. and, surprise surprise, the overwhelming urge to stuff my face with food (to suppress all these really big scary emotions). this is a very… Continue

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day 24 - starting to unravel...


today i ate: 2 mangoes, 2 smoothies, each of 5 apples, 2 nanas, and a handful of greens. 1400 cals

today started well. energy not too bad, managed to bounce on the trampoline and did a bit of club swinging (sorta juggling). pottered for a bit, then around lunchtime some of us living here had a chat about something we're planning. i thought it was about just that specific thing, which went ok, but then we moved on to another more thorny issue. i wasn't prepared for this.… Continue

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day 23 - eating simpler


today i ate: breakfast: 1 mango (yum!), and then 3 green smoothies, spaced through the day, each with 6 nanas and a large handful of greens from the garden. 2000 cals

energy still reasonable, i bounced on the trampoline this morning, felt good. i didn't sleep well last night, but despite that i've had an ok day energywise. bit of a dip in the afternoon. i showed some people round the land that we have here and talked about forest gardens and what we are trying to create… Continue

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day 22 - stabilising energy


today i ate: 1 small melon, and 3 green smoothies, each with 6 nanas and lots of greens. 2100 cals

sun!!! i'm sure this is boring, but i'm LOVING IT!!!

and so is my energy. i did some trampolining in the morning, and spent some of the day gardening :-)

my hands are tingling as i like to pull up nettles with them.

and the greens out of the garden in my smoothie are just amazing, so full of life and sun and vibrancy.

everything is smelling… Continue

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day 21 - sun touched


today i ate: breakfast: 1 small melon, 2 kiwi fruit, 5 nanas, lunch 7 apples and greens put through my hand blender/juicer, 2 nanas, evening, salad of courgette, tomato, cucumber, apple, celery. 1800 cals

cals a bit down on 2000, but not badly so.

very hot again today, :-). in it a bit too much, so feel a bit sun touched/headachy. i had a bad night sleep last night, so been a bit lower energy than yesterday, but still better than i have been. i liked the mono orange… Continue

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day 20 - more energy, i'm so happy!


today i ate .... 33 oranges. 2032 cals on nutridiary. i felt like a juice day, so started with oranges, and they were just soooo yummy :-)). i drank the juice but had to eat the pith/remains from the skin too. even ate a bit of the skin (organic), which wasn't half bad.

this has made me feel that i'd really like to mono oranges for a bit. my gut loves how easy they are to digest. and my energy has come back somewhat today... a week after crashing. the sun wasn't here but… Continue

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day 19 - the sun finally returned! yay!

today is thurs june 11th, 2009, just so i have a reference date lol

and today i ate:

2 small melons, 3 nanas, lunch of 7 apples and half a pound of greens, all mashed in my hand juicer/blender. green smoothie of 4 nanas, 2 apples, and greens, and 2 nanas evening. 2000 cals

the sun came out this afternoon! i've REALLY missed it. so lay in it for an hour or so :-))) i'm happy.

other than that, still slow. got an anthony robbins cd, as recommended, and have listened to it… Continue

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day 18 - more rain n bed


today i ate: 1 pink grapefruit, 8 kiwi fruit, 2 mangoes, salad of 2 zucchini, 3 toms, half a bunch of celery, 1 nori sheet, 2 lemons, 2 apples, and later, 5 nanas. 2000 cals

i ran out of food today. just got a delivery, need to get better at ordering enough!

i've spent most of the day in bed again, low energy, my lovely has gone away for a couple of days, and my kids are off tomorrow for a couple of days, so i have some time to myself. not sure yet what i'm going to… Continue

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day 17 -

today i ate: breakfast: orange juice from 8 oranges, smoothie of 5 nanas, 2 apples, 1 pear, some greens, lunch 7 apples/greens pulped in my hand blender, dinner, zucchini pasta and tomato and basil sauce with 2 nori sheets added (3 toms, 1 zucchini, half a cucumber, 4 sticks celerly, half a red pepper, basil). 1900 cals

better energy today. though still pretty wiped. for anyone following this blog this is a very standard day for someone with CFS. i'm tired. haven't done very much.… Continue

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day 16 - bed

today i ate: breakfast: 2 small melons, 2 mangoes, 5 nanas, lunch 6 kiwi fruit, 6 nanas, evening, some lettuce. cals 2000.

energy: v low, bed most of the day, after managing a walk in the morning

brain: crashed

mood: v low. fantasies about stuffing my face. not exactly cravings, more depressive ravings. keep trying to inject some level of positivity and imagine how cooked food would feel inside my system. eating lettuce as an antidote. hope to sleep lots and… Continue

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day 15 - walking


today i ate: breakfast 2 small melons, 2 mangoes, smoothie of 3nanas and 2 apples. lunch of smoothie of 6 kiwi fruit, 2 apples, 1 nana, handful of greens, 5 nanas eaten whole. dinner of raw soup of 5 tomatoes, 4 sticks celery, half a cucumber, half a zucchini. 2300 cals.

still feels like ALOT of food lol

today i woke up early 7ish with energy, so after drinking water as i do every morning, i danced for 10 mins. that felt like a real workout! then had breakfast.… Continue

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day 14 - sauna :-) and more post crash stuff

hello :-)

today i ate: breakfast 2 small melons, 2 mangoes. lunch 5 apples, mid afternoon, green smoothie of 6 nanas, 1 apple, lots of greens, evening, green smoothie of 6 nanas, 1 apple, lots of greens. about 2500 cals (DR has really recommended that i up my calories)

i feel that all i've done today is eat lol! especially as i didn't get up til 12, and its 7.30 now and i'm on my way to bed soon. will try not to be sick, but heck, this stomach training lark is a bit… Continue

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day 13 - post crash recovery and RAIN!


today i ate: breakfast 1 small melon, 2 mangoes, lunch, 4 apples, dinner green smoothie of 5 bananas, 1 pear, lettuce. about 1200 cals, i know! too low, but a very sedentery day, and not much appetite.

so... i wrote about my 'crash' yesterday. today, has, obviously been slow. but! not totally bed bound. my brain is mush and apparently i'm still not making that much sense (typing is funny, i continually type the wrong word!). but i have managed 2 small walks today. wow. its… Continue

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day 12 - my first ME/CFS crash since going 811rv

hello everyone

today i ate: breakfast 1 small melon, 2 mangoes, late morning 3 apples, mid afternoon green smoothie of 5 bananas, 1 pear, and lettuce from the garden. evening 5 bananas

just wanted to share that i had my first proper ME/CFS crash today, since going full on 811rv. this is me trying to understand what precipitated it really, as i'm REALLY trying to avoid crashing, for obvious reasons, but also because i'm trying to learn to balance out my energy as i think… Continue

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day 11 - lots of watching rawdownunder's blog today :-))


today i ate 1 juicy small melon, 2 juicy mangoes (mmmm), lunch was a green smoothie with 5 bananas, 1 pear and 4 oz of greens, early evening was a large salad (1 red bell pepper, 1 courgette, 1 cucumber, 6 toms, 1 apple, juice of 3 lemons, 4 oz greens). took me well over an hour to eat. later evening i had 4 bananas, as i realised on plugging info into nutridiary that i was down on my calories again. which made my daily total about 1700 cals.

more overcast day, lots of… Continue

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day 10 - not enough calories but SOOO stuffed

today i ate:

morning: 1 small melon, 5 kiwi fruit, late morning: 2 ripe juicy pears, late lunch: smoothie of 3 bananas and half a pound of greens/celery, dinner smoothie of 2 bananas and half a pound of greens/celery.

total cals: about 1250

state of my gut: totally stuffed, lots of noise, gas, etc!

i put my food out in the morning for the day, something i've started doing so that i make sure that i get enough. but just couldn't eat it all today. i left out one… Continue

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day 9 - i may be 811rv but I AM NOT A PACIFIST

today i ate: 6 pears, 3 apples, 4 kiwi fruit, 7 bananas and a quarter pound of greens. lots of water. hot again :-) still feeling good, no cravings.

i wrote this this morning after reading some of the stuff about DR

I am not a pacifist

this doesn't mean i am a violent, unthinking, thug

of course, i would prefer issues and conflicts to be settled peacefully

but... in the face of overwhelming violence and destruction i choose to fight on my… Continue

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day 8 - bathing in the river


today i ate

10 bananas

6 kiwi fruit

6 apples

1 courgette

half a cucumber

4 tomatoes

lots of water

lots of sun :-)

i walked to the river in our village with friends, and it was so hot and so inviting... so i had a dip! lovely.

lots of gardening

the kiwis that i ate made my mouth go all tingly again. but no lasting effects. is this a problem? or will it stop?

i'm putting my fruit out in the sun so its… Continue

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