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Health OVER Weight Loss...When are people gonna get the picture????

Okay okay...let me get started. I have been with this raw lifestyle for almot 7 years now. I have been on and off the fruity pineapple wago three different times and EVERYTIME i come back to it because when on it, I have NEVER EVER felt better in my life. Rawfruitygoddess said soemthing that I wanna piggyback off of..."Why the phobia?"... Our society does a great job at instilling in us "less is better" when it comes to food and "more is better" when it comes to material…


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Okay.... Weight Loss


I came back to LFRV after a sad stint with HFRV--gourmet dehydrated poop balls made to mimic the same food we are told is junky poison..hmmm who's the genius who came up with all?? And the same tricks were used to trap me in a "raw" food state of mind as trapped me in a cooked one...vegan and all.

But I digress....I came back to this fruity lifestyle because once you get a swiff of it's simplicity...awesomeness and all around "common sense…

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DurianRider's "How to kick yourself up the A%$" video

I love this DurianRider video. So super inspiring. What do you…

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Banana Island...Quickly (4000 cals)

I am literally trying to run out of the door. Is it normal to have eaten 4000 cals a day??? Or like today it's only noon and I've had almost 2000 cals of bananas.

I am sooooo hungry. I haven't worked out in over a week...trying to get my life in order after Kennedy (my daughter's) surgery news.

Just digging out of this hole and trying to make sense of everything. I feel a fire under my buns to get my life in order...so that's what I'm…

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Fruity Sunday

Okay...felt a tickle in my throat...huh? Cold? Allergies heaven forbid??? Either one, I am on top of it with water, rest, and monomeals..... I suspect it will be over in a day or two.... snotty nose...yuckers...

I had a peaceful sleep last nite....finally coming to full terms with my daughter's brain surgery, tests and situation...ahhhhhhhhhhh......acceptance of all things is key. Because even if you don't accept your situation....it DOESN'T CHANGE IT....It just makes sure…

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Back Breathing Slowly and Taking Care of Myself

I've missed being here so much. My daughter's next 4 hour spinal MRI is in 4 weeks.... Here surgery is 6 weeks after that.

I fell into a dark emotional hole. I ate high fat for about 6 days....didn't feel optimal, but definitely didn't go back to cooked/processed vegan foods as they aren't foods to me.

I finally moved into a space of acceptance about my daughter's condition and her pending brain surgery and it's time for action. My school won't…

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My entire life changed today.... :(

My daughter's MRI returned a brain abnormality... :( I've cried for hours...

Brain surgery.... meeting the pediatric neurosurgeon tomorrow :(

My world is upside down...

First prematurity....then Autism...Then surgery..then an eye muscle disorder...now this....ahhhhhhhh

Still fruity ...worked out this morning and will stick to my workouts this 6 week plan... I have to ..I owe it to her to be…

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I loved this sooooooo much that I wanna post it here on my blog in case others miss it.

WHile reading this I was jumping up and saying 'Yes yes yes yes yes yes"

IN response to Trinket's fear of failing on 811...

"You will not fail if you're ready to do whatever it takes.

Get the carbs in, get the water, be stubborn.

YOU do the homework or whatever. Not the latte. YOU're doing it. Throw away the…


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New Blog....


I've had a hell-ova week.....Yesterday evening, I decided I would stand up and change the energy of this situation. Changing negative energy into positivity choosing to see it as positive...moving in the direction of love . Nothing else.…


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Crazy Stressful Week

Need somewhere to vent...to open up...to blow of some steam. ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!11111


This week has been non stop crazy ...non- s-t-o-p. I found myself eating higher fat on my super stressful days....plenty fruity though. It left my stomach a mess....

I'm taking time right now...just getting inside and I have a ton on my mind (job, work, school, my daughter) and trying to slow my brain down…

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I've been vegan for nine and 1/2 years....

I've been into raw for almost six years....

LF on and off.....for 2 years. Found my way back to LF after a stint of cooked vegan that came from merely not eating enough calories. I know better now so I do better.

All of the clouding around how and why is gone. I'm just DOING IT. Plain and simple. It is so simple. I do need to work on getting more…

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Are you friggin kiddin me??????????????????????

Ok ...seriously..... I have felt TRAPPED on the East Coast for months by blizzards...snow and cold winds. Now the sun is shining and I am sooooooooooo excited.

This fruity day will be filled with dates, banana/orange smoothies, mangoes and water.

I am so excited about what today holds in store and am so excited to feel so great. nothing but lfrv living provides that on a CONSTANT, CONSISTENT…

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Long Luscious Thursday

Here's another one fruity friends...12 hour workday125 total miles driven to, from and for work. Had to get my daughter inbetween and bring her to my job...all on fruity energy.

I'm still amazed and how effortlessly I flow throughout my days...long and otherwise on this diet. People talk about the cost of fruit??? WTF??? Waht about the cost of NOT eating it? I can tell you , my cost were high. I was tired. all the time...sluggish...unmotivated....gassy and…

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I fell in love today

Today...I feel in love with myself.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I took a deep breath and fell in love.

I'm so proud of who I am and all I've accomplished. Today I took a spinning (cycling) class and killed it! I had an awesome time. Afterwards, I had a 10 banana 2 mango smoothie----yummers!

This always happens. I love 811...feels s000000000000 GOOD.!!!! Everything makes sense....all of…

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I have to remember this AMAZING feeling....

I have to remember this feeling.... this feeling of utter amazement. I have been struggling with procrastination, blah blah blah lately. Real life shit. Lots going on...blah blah blah.

I decided to come back to the LFRV lifetyle. The only thing that i KNOW for 100% certainty works on ALL levels of being. I didn't make a big hoopla about it... I just woke up and did it. Like Nike.

Long story short...days and days and days have gone by....I was…

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Diet and Life's Ups and Downs

Okay....opening up...being honest...deep breathing.

In the past few months so much has taken place in my life. As soon as the first chilly wind blew, I swore to myself that LFRV was impossible. It was all mental of course. I convinced myself that I wasn't being environmentally friendly by eating fruit flown half way round the world during October-February and that I would be better off eating locally grown veggies...blah blah blah. Long…


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Rawtastic Low Fat Tuesday Happenings

Dropped off my daughter at Kindergarten...late day for work...so I headed to the gym. 1 hr head to toe, in-and-out all around workout. I feel so strong and so fit.

It's just amazing how well the body does with lfrv...wow, truly amazing. I can try to psych myself out, but I know the truth is taht I THRIVE on low fat raw vegan..yum

I have lots to do today and some schoolwork to do tonite...and by some I mean TONS.

I hope that everyone is having a great day today… Continue

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One thing led to another...

I read DR's post about bitching on the site, but in my spirit of keeping it real.... I will share the TRUTH about my journey.

On LFRV...then off...gained 10lbs...felt like shit...knowing what I know about my body and ALL bodies... back on LFRV...feeling great...4lbs lost....

That's it in a nutshell. Truth is that my divorce is finally finally final and he moved out....My daughter started two Kindergartens and I work full-time 40 mins away from my house. Also, I went to to… Continue

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Change Change Change

With all that is going on in my life, I am choosing to remain very optimistic about the future. One day at a time.

I know that my diet is helping me with my clarity right now. So long as I keep my body and mind strong, I can accomplish anything. I am facing possible eviction (but not today). I have tons of concerns about my daughter's TWO schools (aides, therapists, paperwork, etc) , but can't deal with them right now today. I"m saying that my diet is keeping me grounded and after my… Continue

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Sunny Summer Low Fat Sunday

I've been MIA a few days b/c I have been crazy busy.

I am jumping over hurdles of fear and leaping into the abyss trusting in the universe that all will be provided for and taken care of.

I applied for an amazing job working with inner-city youth. It will be so amazing........ I am totally seeing myself getting it. I did so well in the interview and was very authentic and real. Nothing but good can come from… Continue

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