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Day 430

Today is Day 430 and that skin tag on my eye is completely gone! Also, the roots of my hair look shinier than it ever has since I was in grade school. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Hopefully as my hair thickens up again and grows out, it will continue to get healthier! :)

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Day 425 - Feeling Very Thankful!!!!!

Today is Day 425 on 80/10/10 and I was able to run/walk again this morning!!! 

I wanted to share that yesterday, I ran in the morning with some walking, did household chores, cleaned up, went to a high school ballgame with my family, came home and my children wanted to go for a walk.  So, by the end of the day, I had gone a total of 11 miles!!!  I burned off close to 3,000 calories!  I was amazed at my stamina! 

I have been dealing with very minimal pelvic floor pain.  I am…


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More Improvements!

Well, tonight when brushing my teeth, I noticed NO WHITE TONGUE!!! Also, that skin tag on my eye is no longer visible! I can feel a slight raised bump but it can no longer be seen! And, more saliva every day! Heels of feet are still a bit dry but no longer cracked!!!! :) And I have gone almost an entire week with no pelvic pain (still have UT pain though). I am SO HAPPY!!!!!!!

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YouTube Channel

Well, it is official! I now have a YouTube channel - my username is FruityFitnessVegan. Please feel free to subscribe as I begin documenting my journey! :)

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Day 407

Hard to believe that I have been battling awful, painful symptoms for exactly 2 years today. I really want all my symptoms to go away. I know that some will go, some will return, etc as I heal. I have come a long way and I cannot lose sight of that fact. I have barely had enough energy to get through my hectic days, let alone to workout.

Today, I decided to try and exercise..... So I sparred in the kickboxing class I teach (only for 15 minutes but intense!) and it felt awesome! I… Continue

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Updated Symptoms List as of 5/9/14

This was my Symptoms List when I came to 30BAD on April 3, 2013.  I have updated it to reflect my current status as of 5/9/14.  


MTHFR Genetic Mutation - 1 copy -…


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Symptoms List When Starting 80/10/10

This was my symptoms list when I came to 30BAD on April 3, 2013. I am sure something is missing but wanted to put this out there. Here goes!!

MTHFR Genetic Mutation - 1 copy.

Skin tags

Spider veins

Thinning/losing hair FAST

Graying hair

Itchy/flaky scalp

Dry/itchy skin

Cracked heels to the point of pain

Excessive mucus in throat and eyes


Joint pain/All-over flu-like feeling for months.

Leaky gut

Yeast… Continue

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Good Things Happening!

I wanted to share some positive things happening with me:

- skin tag that formed on my eye with my health issues has almost completely disappeared.

- all over burning sensation is going away, after 2 years of dealing with it daily.

- ability to sleep flat vs always sleeping in a ball.

- SALIVA for first time in 2 years!!! This is HUGE!!

- skin does not look as inflamed.

- ability to walk longer distances and started exercising after 2 years absence from… Continue

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Day 389 - Feeling Improvements!

Today is Day 389 with 80-10-10. For any newbies reading this, I was in bad shape. You can read through my posts to get a full understanding, but I have experienced pain and all over burning all day long since May 14, 2012. Through my own research, I found 30BAD in March 2013 and started 80-10-10 on April 3, 2013. I ate all raw for 10 months, tried some cooked vegan for a week, went back to all raw again. At my 1-year mark, I decided I needed to try to mix things up as my bloating was still bad.… Continue

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Day 372

Just an update on what is happening with me.  At my one-year mark last week with 30BAD, I decided to analyze my diet to see why I am not making progress.  My digestion is SO SLOW.  My pelvic pain is still present as are MANY other symptoms. New symptoms are cropping up as well, which is understandable as, I hope, my body is healing.  With that said, I decided to try cooked vegan.  I have been doing this for approx. 4 days now.  My digestion is even more slow than it was before.  HOWEVER, my…


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Blood Sugar Readings for Skeptics

I just wanted to take a moment to share a 2-day study of my blood sugars with everyone.  I know many people are skeptical of so much fruit and its effects on the blood sugar.  This was a big concern of mine because my mom and my aunts are all type 2 diabetics, my mom's younger sister died of complications with type 1 diabetes along with heart issues.  As many of you know, my mom is fighting a huge battle of her own right now.  I have been digging for answers to our entire family's poor…


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Day 330

Today is Day 330 and I am now my heaviest weight ever. :( I have an updated pic and am SO embarrassed by it. I am truly about ready to abandon thus, but not sure what the answer is. I keep holding out, thinking my body needs more time, more calories, more water, more B12. Beginning to think I am wrong. I will try to post these pics, regardless of humiliation.

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Wow! It is 9:45pm and I have this surge of energy to workout! Must be the 2 days of increased calories! I cannot sleep AT ALL so I am going to workout!!!! :) I am so freakin' excited!!!!!! :)

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Day 252

Today is Day 252 of 811. All I can say is I am feeling better and better each day. I only experienced pelvic pain 1 day in the last few weeks which is AMAZING!! My acne is almost completely gone as well. I am still dealing with weight gain and bloating but am afraid of another banana island since it is restrictive. I am capable of doing it - I just do not want to go backwards and limit my variety of food intake. The last 3 nights I have slept solid through the night - have not done that for… Continue

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Day 238

I am proud to write that I experienced another day pain free! This is my 4th day in a row and I am feeling on top of the world! Since it is bitterly cold here, I even walked on my treadmill for 50 minutes. I am so grateful for these painfree days - just a relief after 18 months of discomfort and pain. :)

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Day 230

Today is day 230 of 811. Unfortunately I did have both pelvic pain and urinary tract pain over the last 2 days. Was hoping I could write my testimony today, but feeling like I cannot until this pain is gone. I have experienced healing of some other symptoms but these are a few of my main ones. A few of my healing symptoms: disappearance of a skin tag, reduced redness in skin, acne improving, chicken-like skin on neck improving, improved BM's, yellowing of eyes improving, nails getting stronger,… Continue

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Day 227

I managed to eat 3800 calories yesterday! No pelvic pain still. Had a moment when I thought it was returning and had me scared. But ended up being ok. If I continue with no pain for a few more days, I will be ready to start a testimony here on 30bad. I will have enough positive results to share - even though I am still struggling with several other symptoms. I feel like I am getting ready to turn a major corner FINALLY! :)

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Day 226

Today is Day 226 and I smashed in 4300 calories yesterday. My digestion is really slow still and I woke up bloated. I drank lots of water and walked on an incline of 5-10% but for only 1 mile. As of today, I am still gaining weight and have gained approx 28 pounds since starting 811 in April 2013.

On a good note, my pelvic pain was less this morning. Going to try to get at least 3500 calories in today as well.

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Day 156 - Grateful for Today

I had enough energy today to do 125 squats and ran/walked 2 miles. Ate mostly bananas with some grapes, apples, and almonds - lots of water! Felt really good today! :)

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Was Today Better - Day 140

Well, today is Day 140 of 811. I have eaten over 3000 cal and actually feel better today. The bloating is slightly less and I had more energy today than normal. I jumped on a rebounder for 5 minutes and completed bicep curls with 22.5 weights each arm. Finished up with a few mins of abs. Did not want to overdo it. Ran 2 miles yesterday and an old ankle pain from 2 years ago has returned. Retracing maybe? Overall, pleased with Day 140. Hugs!!

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