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95% Raw - 1/25/16

I am back to 95% raw as of 3 days ago.  I have been doing a lot of research on grains in a vegan diet.  For those of us with compromised guts, the grains can be the cause of increased endotoxin regardless of the quality.  I know many successful vegans can eat cooked/grains/beans, etc., but for some of us, it may be too much toxin to handle.  Even though I have been at this going on 3 years, I am a bit older than many people coming to 30bad, so I think I need to do more healing on a raw diet.…


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Highest Weight

This is a blog post for my future reference.  I hit my highest weight ever in my entire life.  Even after having two children, I never weighed as much as I do today.  I hit an even 180 pounds.  Full pregnancy, I only ever weighed 177ish.    

Today is the first day of my attempt at using an indoor bike trainer to lose weight without the impact on my knees.  I used to be a long-distance runner and can no longer run due to my excessive weight. 

I did eat mostly raw…


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Updates and dental check-up at 2 years, 8 months vegan - December 5, 2015

Decided to post some updates as of today, December 5, 2015:

I had a dental check-up/cleaning yesterday.  I missed my 6 month app, so it has been a year since going to the dentist.  I did notice the hygienist having to scrape my teeth a bit more than last time.  However, she said it really looked pretty good compared to most people.  The best dental check-up I ever had was when I was 100% raw, though.  But, she did say that my mouth looked really good.  I was having some tooth…


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Night Sweats - Update

Just wanted to document a change for my personal record and for others to see if they are having the same issues.

I used to have really bad night sweats prior to coming to 30BAD.  I was told this was normal for my age.  I did not think much of it, but began to get concerned as other symptoms began to show.  Nothing I did ever improved my night sweats.  However, at some point months ago, I do remember them going away, except for that time of month.  I kind of forgot about…


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Just making a blog post about dehydration.  I did post a full discussion on the effects of dehydration 1-2 years ago, but recently stumbled across some more information I do not recall reading before.  Thought I would post it here to share, as well as have it in a central location for my future reference.

Most of you are probably aware that vitamin d is not a true vitamin, but more of a hormone, steroid hormone.  I know personally, I have had a low vitamin d level for quite…


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Health Update

Just wanted to stop in and post an update on my healing.  I am not going to go into detail in this post on what I have been suffering with.  Many of the long-termers are aware of my struggles and at some point, I will elaborate on those again.  For now, I want to share some good news.  

I have been here since April 2013.  I immediately began as 100% raw and maintained it for a year.  After a year, I ate primarily raw til 4 and that then became raw til whenever.  I even tried a…


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23 Month Update

It has been awhile since I posted my last update.  I am still around and occasionally lurk on the forum.  I am still working to heal my body.  I am still struggling with bloat, tinnitus, and fatigue, but I no longer have the urinary burning and the pelvic floor pain.  I feel blessed about that. 

My weight gain seems to have stabilized.  I do not think I have gained any more weight since my last update.  I have been hovering around 166-167 for awhile.  I am really hoping I have…


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January 20, 2015

Proud to say I had no nightsweat last night. I still cannot do a 100% fruit meal without running to the restroom 7 times. Tried again yesterday with no success. Still working on increasing water intake. I also managed to do a 10-minute tabata with small breaks. Followed that with an upper body workout for 20 minutes. I felt totally fatigued this AM despite feeling good last night after the workout.

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January 9, 2015 Update

Today, I decided to test eating raw foods for breakfast, mid-morning snack, and then lunch.  Felt good to eat some fresh, juicy fruits again!  I seemed to tolerate the fruits better than I have in a long time.  Usually, I have to pee 6-7 times in the first hour after eating fruit, but not today!  I did have to go more than normal, but not excessively!  I was pleasantly surprised!  I took my temperature a few times and it was always in the 98 range, a little low compared to my cooked foods,…


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Update - January 1, 2015

Taking a moment to post an update.  Tomorrow is the start of month 22 for me on this lifestyle.  I have been heavily focusing on increasing my body temperatures this last 1 1/2 months with some success.  I can definitely feel a difference in my body - nice, warm hands and feet and not having as many reactions to food anymore with this improved body temp.  Unfortunately, in order to get here, I have been eating pretty much 100% cooked vegan foods at all meals.  I eat only a small amount of…


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Trying Something Different - Workout Change

Due to my inability to do long workouts, I decided to add a twist to my workouts.  Anyone reading this may already know I do not have lots of endurance yet to pull long/intense workouts.  So, I keep it simple - no more than 20-30 minutes, unless it is a walk outdoors with my kiddos. 

Tonight, I decided to try tabatas.  I picked 6 moves and broke them out over 4 minute tabatas for a total workout maxing out at 12 minutes.  It felt great - went hard, but was over quickly.  Hoping this…


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Month 20 Starts Today

Just making some mental notes for myself on my blog.

Today starts month 20 of this lifestyle.  Some good things that are happening.  I can feel my hunger drive increase.  If I do not increase my calories, I feel sluggish and tired.  If I do increase the cals, I gain more weight (not a good thing).  When I eat more calories, I do feel the clarity, energy, etc., but if I am not careful, my insomnia kicks back in.  I was free of insomnia for almost a year until recently.  Starting to see…


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Stress Fracture?

I am beginning to think I may never catch a break to succeed. In the last few weeks, I tried running again. It was very hard, but I was able to run 1 mile with barely a break. I did this a few days in a row, but would 2-3 miles 2 days each week. Well, I now dealing with excruciating pain right below the 5th metatarsal and there is a visible lump. It hurts no matter what I do. Probably went too far running too soon - with the extra body weight, not helping at all. Any tips on healing this bone?

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Just Analyzing Life

Thought I would take a moment and post this in my blog for future reference.  I am around Day 512 or 513.  If anyone is reading this blog, know that I have been gaining weight on a consistent basis since day 1.  Some of the weight was needed (no eating disorder, but suffer from several health ailments).  I have tried most everything, more cals, less cals, 100% raw, raw til 4, no b12, supplement with b12, drink 4L of water, drink less water, banana island for 12 days, monomeals, and the list…


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A Short Run Today - Day 511

I have not been able to run lately due to my increased weight and the strain on my knees and ankles.  I used to run 13 miles with barely any effort but tonight it literally hurt to run 1 mile.  I did it, though!  I ran 1.5 miles nonstop.  It seems like so little to many people, but it felt like a marathon to me.  Going to really try to get this weight back down.  I love this lifestyle, I have to make it work and I cannot keep ballooning out.  I am up another three pounds.  It is seriously my…


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Day 483

Today is Day 483. Still coping with tooth issues. Weight gain is still an issue as well as bloat. I am going in tomorrow to see my integrative doctor. I have not seen a single doctor in over a year and a half. I saw her right before I started 801010. With all my struggles with weight, bloat, and a few others, I felt I needed to see what my blood tests reflect. They will be checking several things. They took 6 vials of blood this round. Usually it is 12+, so we shall see. I know B12, D, thyroid,… Continue

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Day 457 - And the Start of my 16th Month!

Today is officially the start of Month 16 on this lifestyle.  Lately I have been doing lots of research on water, dehydration, and digestion and its longterm effects.  Since coming to this lifestyle, I have tried 2,500 calories, 4,000 calories (and stabilizing around 3,300 calories), less water, more water, exercise before eating, then after eating.  But what always remains a constant is weight gain and more importantly BLOAT!  I actually had one of my worst days in the last week and…


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Day 448 - Some Updates

Today is Day 448.  Wanted to blog a few of my updates.  The two pound I thought I lost was just a timing issue.  I am still at the same weight I was a week ago.  Still bloating like crazy!  I have been experiencing lots of energy over the past week.  I still have times I feel completely lethargic, but have been feeling an overall increase of energy.  The energy is affecting my ability to fall asleep right away, but I am going to allow my body time to adjust to this new level of energy. …


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Day 444 - SO MUCH ENERGY!!!! Affecting my Sleep!

Today is Day 444 and I am experiencing so much energy!  This is a really great thing for me.  I could barely walk to purchase clothes for my ill body a year ago, and now I am bouncing off the walls.  Yes this is good!  BUT......it is now affecting my sleep.  For the last 4-5 days, I have been experiencing difficulty sleeping.  Since coming to 30bad, I have been able to fall asleep within 5-10 minutes, now I lay there for up to 30-50 minutes.  Last night, I ended up running in place trying to…


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Day 442 - Maybe Weightloss Progress?

Today is Day 442 and I weighed in. I am not a routine weigher but am trying to be as detailed as possible as things are shifting. For the first time, the scale did not reflect a gain, but a 2 pound drop. Not sure if this is a new pivotol point on my journey or just timing. I will continue to monitor this and report back in a few days. I really hope I have hit my max weight and my body will begin adjusting to what is normal. I am feeling really good these days. Still mild fatigue here and there,… Continue

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