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I used to write blog posts before, but mainly for Empower Network, which I didn´t make to work and gave up. However I found writing very benefitial, some people prefer reading over watching videos.

Therefore I am gonna start again writing posts about what I think is relevant to this healthy community. No money involved like before. I am also gonna keep it shorter and probably less fancy than before.

I will probably start with a video and write about it, but maybe no pictures…


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Why Is It Not Good To Have 100% Raw Mentality All the Time??

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Do We Need To Change Nature?

So more and more time I go in nature I see everywhere the changes made by man. They can be small changes such as planting specific kind of plants or big changes such as building buildings, houses, roads and…


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Should You Go To University?

So should you or not. 

My simple answer is not and here is why.

Theory vs…


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Will Sugar Give You Acne?


Hello people with acne problems,

today blog post is again about helping you to overcome your acne condition as I have since adopting high carb vegan…


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Nutrition Tips - Is It Better To Drink Water Before, During Or After A Meal plus Melon Belly Talk


So what´s better in terms of drinking water?

Drinking Before Meals

The best is to ALWAYS drink water before every meal or every food you have. That way the digestion will be…


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Is It Better To Do Everything At Once Or Progress Slowly?

Hello inspiring people,



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Do ONLY What You Want To Do - Don´t Do What Others Tell You To Do

Good morning, 

so how many times per day or per week you do something that you really don´t wanna do? Something that either other people tell you to do or something that you have to do to earn…


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How Can Morning Routine Make Your Day More Productive In Whatever You Want?

Hello healthy people, 

morning is for many people the time when they have their daily routines with exercising, drinking coffee, juice, having breakfast, watching morning news, taking a…


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How Does Age Affect Your Lifestyle Decisions?

Hello banana worshipers, 

today blog post is about age and how it can affect your decisions.

Young Ages

When we are very…


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Hiking Tips From Raw Vegan Adventurer

Hello banana addicts, 

today post will be about hiking. Hiking is an awesome outdoor activity that doesn´t require much fitness unless your goal is to hike up very high…


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Biorhythm - The Timing Of Sleep, Water, Sugar, Sun and Sport

Hello mango munchers, 

since today I will be making shorter blog posts and focus more on getting the message out there with more consistency and being more concise and on…


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How To Lower Your Stress And Cortisol Levels Naturally? (Or Increase In Some Cases)

Hello mango munchers, 

welcome to another exciting reading, this time about stress and cortisol…


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How To Stop Caring About What Other People Think?

Hello fruities, 

in today´s blog post is about how to free yourself from the status quo opinion and what people who don´t really support you think about you.

Listen To People Who Hold Your Standards

I am not…


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Is It Better To Do More Or Less Exercise?

Hello fruitarians, 

today I would like to explore the topic of exercise even more by suggesting whether is better to do more or less…


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How To Stay Positive If You Don´t See The Results?

Hello vegan friends, 

today I would like to talk about what to do in the case of keeping doing some routine for some preiod of time and not seeing the results you…


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Is Eating Less Calories Better For Weight Loss, Aging and Energy?

Hello raw food enthusiasts, 

today´s topic is again about calorie as I believe calories are one of the key aspects of this lifestyle together with sleep, water, sun and sport.

Believes In Society

First of all in society there is a belief that with eating less calories you will loose weight. Many…


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30 Bananas A Day And The Quality Of Fruit

Hello fruitbats,

so today is kind of cold outside so I am making a video inside. 30bananasaday.com is a very good website if you want to strenghten your information, conviction and believes about this lifestyle.

You can also meet many fruitarians in the area you are currently at or just make more friends, ask questions,…


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More On Sugar, Fat, Salt and Combining

Hello fruity people,

today I would like to talk about miscinception in health movement about these 3 foods, that are being commonly represented a either healthy or unhealthy.

I Promote Sugar

As you know from my previous blogs and videos I am a big promoter of sugar. I was scared of sugar before as…


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Why Is Not Everybody On This Lifestyle If It' s So Amazing?

Hello fruit munchers,

many of you are convinced 100% that this lifestyle is the right thing to do. You built up your conviction either from watching my videos and reading my blogs or from watching other people' s videos such as Durianrider, Freelee, UnReal Living, Real Raw Results and many more.

You are also probably regularly visiting…


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