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It's been a rough couple of months.

I don't know if anyone remembers me but at one point this year I had been successfully 811 for 6 months. Unfortunately winter fell and so did available fruits, my funds, and my motivation. In the past few months I have been a vegan who doesn't eat soy, grains, corn, or refined sugar. My digestion has been horrendous, painful, and violent. Seriously, I can't eat anything but fruit without feeling awful. But I just couldn't get back into the 811 vibe. I've gained a lot of weight and am now at 134… Continue

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Day 162

I lost a pound (am 123 pounds now) and I got a vitamix (cause my mom rocks). It makes amazingly smooth smoothies. Does anyone have any good recipes for me to try?

That is all. xoxorangefever

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Day 154 (bliss)

I had my bliss moment. I woke up this morning and felt FANTASTIC. Just last night I came down with a dry cough, my throat was itchy, and my nose was just running SO much. Last night I woke up every few minutes to blow my nose and I feel like so much mucus is gone. I have stopped eating overts for the past little while because the idea of eating an avocado is not appealing at all. Unfortunately, that means that I haven't been eating leafy greens either. But I feel so crystal clear. I've also… Continue

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Day 146

I'm better now. I just finished reading a really beautiful novel called 'Hazel' by Julie Hearn. Reading is so amazing. I have been filling my empty afternoons with tv and eating (awful I know). I took afternoons off for my final year of high school and at the moment, since none of my extra activities (ie drama, voice, ballet, theory, musical theatre) have started yet and I don't have my license yet (I go on wednesday for my test) there is not much for me to do. Especially considering that I am… Continue

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Day 140 (am sick sick sick)

Okay so I haven't been feeling so hot the past couple of days and then today I wake up with what feels like two ear infections, a throat infection and a dry cough. Is fasting for at least today a good idea? I really hope that this is detox except I'm concerned it''s just a reaction from the raw sunflower seeds I've recently started eating. Have I completely ruined my progress, and should I blame this sickness on cleansing or those pesky seeds? Anyways, I hope this goes away. Oh, and I also have… Continue

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Day 131 (I think?)

I though that i was supposed to be on day 134/135 but this site is so confusing because the date and times are like a day ahead of here so I don't even really know when my first day was (I just went back to look at my first blog post which was on april 12 on the site, so April 11 in real life?) So i guess I somehow skipped a few days in counting..? Not that it matters but I just want to be accurate, you know? Anyways, I lost 2 pounds. 125 y'all! I also bought more size two jeans which feels… Continue

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Day 128 (Ode to Smoothie)

Ode To Smoothie

Smoothies are so beautiful

They make people want to sing

Berries by the bucketful

Ripe Bananas add some zing

They are lovely anytime

For a midnight snack or lunch

Happy children drink and chime

It's better than Kool-aid punch!

All raw vegans everywhere

love energy in a glass

even saders want a share

cause my fruit really kicks ass!…


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Day 120 (discoveries)

Nananana 4 months peeps. So here's the story:

I went out for supper with two of my friends yesterday and ordered a salad, hold the dressing. It was a simple meal of raw cucumber, tomato, pepper, lettuce....and wait....what's this? Small peices of ONION?!? Now that's something I haven't eaten in a long time, I thought to myself. I had a little spoonful just to see what it would taste like and then didn't eat anymore. Well, later that night you can probably guess what happened.… Continue

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Day 113 (recipe for dill curry)

Enjoy :)

Dill Curry


-1 diced cucumber

-1 tomato

-4 dates

-1 avocado

- 14g organic dill

put everything but cucumber in mini food processor

Top cucumber with mixture


Enjoy! It may not be the best… Continue

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Day 107

I've had a hard couple of hard days. Started eating avos and dates again. Major digestive pains. I had a few days where loneliness began to creep out at me but I know that if I truly love myself then I will always be in good company. Parts for a musical I'm in are coming out soon and I check for updates daily. I've decided to visit banana island, maybe a week, maybe longer. I think 5 weeks would be amazing but I am not sure if I am up for it. I don't actually like bananas much but I've heard… Continue

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Day 100

I dared myself to walk up on the scale. 127 lbs. I'm 5'5" if I haven't mentioned that before. I haven't weighed myself in weeks and weeks and I've only lost a pound. Oh well, I trust my body. I hope that losing the weight slowly means that it will stay off. At my highest weight I was 139 lbs. So 12 pounds lost I suppose. However, by the end of summer I would like to be around the 122 region so I'm going to go on a diet of sorts. Well, more just like 9/5/5 and no dates. Should make me feel good… Continue

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Day 94

I had some really not so good digestion a few days ago. I think it might be all of the dates I've been eating? The thing is, they come in this huge box and they only stay really fresh for around 3 days, so that leaves me to eat a whole lot of them fast. This is the brand I buy: http://www.bardmedjool.com/our-fruit/fresh-medjool-dates.php They are so sweet and moist but I don't want them to compromise my health. Maybe I could freeze them? The box is around 2lbs. I bought 2 cases of THE BEST and… Continue

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Day 90 (in 20 minutes)

Niceeee. 3 months. K so I have always had pretty good teeth. I've only ever had 1 cavity in my life and that was during a time when I didn't take good care of myself. On 811 my teeth had previously been feeling very gunky no matter how much I brushed. In the past few days they have completely changed and have that just back from the dentist feeling so things are great. Suddenly a few hours ago I started having tooth sensitivity while eating a mango. Breathing in cold air hurts my front teeth. I… Continue

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Day 84

Everythings great. My feet are killing me from always having to wear high heels at work. I need to quit NOW! It's 4 and I've only eaten 2 small nanners. Whoopsies. I will start a feast asap. My yogurt combination (strawberries blended with frozen bananas and dates) was a very bad idea and caused me some major digestion issues. Bad food combining. I just watch the 'Health Food Junkies' documentary that someone posted recently and wow did it ever make me sad. Those poor boys who couldn't have… Continue

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Day 79

yeah yeah getting closer to one hundred days! Every thing's pretty good. Made some raw sushi yesterday by taking square sections on of red leaf lettuce and putting layers of cucumber, shredded carrot, avocado, date, and tomato. AMAZING. But I ate way too much and it was bad combining, which I am suffering from to this minute. I made the best discovery. Raw yogurt. Seriously! Put one frozen banana in mini food processor with 3 dates, Then add any other fresh fruit that you love. I know t seems… Continue

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Day 73

My mom got really mad at me. Fruit is too expensive. I don't want her to be upset and i don't want to be a burden. She's going to give me 75$/week from now on to live off of and the rest I have to supplement myself. Can I live off of this much? I mean, in saskatchewan we don't really have an abundance of anything, and no wholesalers. I can't think of a way to get my fruit cheaper. I hope this works, or will I starve? It's 6:00 and I've only had 800 calories. Buddha be with me. xoxoranges

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Day 70

Hm. I never feel like writing on here but I do think that it's important in order to track my progress. I'm just very lazy suppose. Summer break has now started! I went to the beach with a bunch of friends yesterday after my last final (French Immersion History) and got a pretty bad burn.

It was the first time I'd ever gone 'tanning' where you just lay out in the sun. I of course didn't use any sunscreen because it is so toxic and… Continue

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Day 65

Holllah all. Sooo, I've had a brilliant 5 days! I have completely stopped wearing makeup and my skins looking good. Last night one of my closest friends Taylor (who I've only known for about 8 months because she moved here from PEI) slept over and we had a really deep talk about body image issues at about 12 am. She is really fit and skinny in my opinion and when I see her I just wish that I could look like her. I told her how whenever I'm in a room with people I always feel like I'm the… Continue

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Day 60

Okay so as a treat for my day 60 I thought I'd show you guys some interesting pics.

This is me last time I was raw in grade 9. I was way too into myself and a lot less natural then I am now. But I was thinner and my skin looked good. When I look at this picture I can't see myself I mean I look fake even if most people thought I looked better...

I'm the one in the middle...…


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Day 58

I am so happy and at peace. I realized that I rarely post what I eat and that some people might be curious so here goes..

I never count the amount of things but will start to soon so that I can record it on here:

breakfast consisted of some oranges, bananas, and half a pineapple

I didn't have time for lunch because I had and audition to go to and then 5 hours of dance rehearsal

supper so far has been some bananas and cherries but I plan on eating later on… Continue

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