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100% for a week, completed!

So over the past week I did the 100% raw challenge, 

I mostly are grapes & bananas, with lots of salad in the evening :)

I tell you what, my acne cleared up like no ones business! It was madness!

Anyway, literately got through 10k of grapes in approx 3 days! The final eve my boyfriend made some veg soup, which was really lovely actually, but today I am defo feeling it in my digestion and my skin has got all…


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100% For 1 week.

Last week it was my mums birthday, and I was in-charge of making all the food for the guests.

It was all cooked food mainly, with some hummus, finger-food such as guacamole, crisps, nuts dried fruit, cheese and pickles and even a few sausages. I did relapse, but not massively, although I am feeling it now.

I smoked a few joints, I had some guacamole that was loaded with salt, I also has some avocado chocolate cake with cocoa in it, and was awake until 4 in the…


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And, I'm back.


For the past few days I've been eating a LOT of grapes. I've missed eating grapes. I'm not tracking my calories, per say, but I know that 1.5kg of grapes = approx 900cal, and that 1.2kg of bananas = the same, so I'm just weighing things up and having massive mono meals of 1000 x 2/3 times a day, throwing in a salad at the end of it. 

Haven't cut out a big cooked meal at night, but...



I am seeing "improvement" in my skin, as in I…


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So I've had a bit of a revelation over the past couple of days. 

I've made a few videos on it, and will probably post them up one day if people are at all interested, they aren't for entertainment, more for documentation. 

Anyhow, I have been consistently going to bed at 8pm at the latest, and getting up at 6am, and doing exercise, not vigorous but enough... eg, doing 10 mins of ass toning, 40 mins of yoga and going for a run, or going for a 3 hr walk, not going all out on the…


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Got a cold... :/

So, haven't been sleeping very well at all for the past 6 weeks or so, despite going to bed early, 9pm pretty much every night. I think it's resulted in me catching a cold.

I've always had sensitivity issue, mainly being I'm already extremely sensitive to everything, I have razor sharp vision, eyesight, hearing and can feel next door shutting their windows sometimes, literally feel it. So sleeping lightly has always been an issue, but since 80/10/10 it's just ridiculous. Also,…


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It seems like my body fat is slowly dissapearing, although my skin has got much worse acne wise..

It all makes sense really, my body trying to expel toxins using lymphatic system, most efficient way is through the skin, so need to start pumping it more, probably why I'm not sleeping either. Hmm.

Have taken up weighing my food to make sure I get enough calories, will be trying to do this for the next few months until I get a grip on what's what, the one thing I can say is a BIG…


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Things Behind The Sun

Got my nan visiting for the next few days, her and my mother are both smoking heavily around me. I think that's what caused my sore throat, it stinks! I've said I don't mind them smoking around me to try and be polite. 

I suppose they could be polite and open a window... 

Today I've had, 7 bananas & tin of peaches smoothied, then had 30 medjool dates for lunch, some steamed cauliflower, broccoli and baby leeks, with a large amount of baked courgette (witch is lovely!) Drank…


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Frustration continued.

Feeling incredibly frustrated with the weight I'v put on.

I don't really know where to begin, because I've said it all before tbh, I just hate being at the beginning, I do want results now! 

I am seeing some results. My skin, in general, looks much better, I've got to stop picking at it/worrying about it and just get on with it. Still n  ot washing my face with soap, just using water, seems to be working a treat, my boyfriend says my skin is looking much much better,…


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I need to start getting more sleep, the past 4-5 weeks my sleep has been way off, averaging around 6.5 hrs a night. I think it's my new found sensitivity that has brought it about.

Anyway, I am doing well mostly, I have cut out the cooked grains and potatoes, I am now just eating steamed veg and such likes with big amounts of salad. I ate lots and lots of dried dates the other day and noticed that I puffed up like a balloon the next morning for the whole day, it's not a pleasant…


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4 Weeks HCRV.

To summarize, it hasn't been easy, but it has been SO worth it!

I got my coil removed two days ago, since then I have felt much better, the PMT was far to intense for me to deal with, so me and my partner are just going to have to use condoms until I am confident with with tracking my cycles. 

My skin is getting much better, and eve though I'm not "slimmer" I can feel my body fat dissolving, I'm going to start adding in some cardio next week.

Been hitting over…


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Today I hit 3022cal on cron.

I easily packed it away, I had 10 banana smoothie for b-fast, 12 nectarines & 10 dates & an apple for lunch, 500g of grapes, two ears of corn and one head of cauliflower. I could still eat more to be honest, I have a VERACIOUS appetite. 

I plan to start hitting 3500-4000 soon, using soaked dried fruit to top up my smoothies. 

Feeling much better today, decided I was going to do what I wanted to do, not put any pressure on myself. So…


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Skin of my teeth.. (Possible tmi & backstory)

So yesterday was probably the hardest day I've had so far.

I haven't been sleeping right, due to a number of things. I have been in PMT for over a week now, with light spotting, mad cramps, but no actual blood. (Defo because of this fucking coil) 

Stress is just getting ridiculous, so have resigned to meditate for 30 mins today, and do some yoga. 

I'm going to take everyone's advice and bump up my calories, I can feel the change in my body happening, keep an e on it on…


Added by Lyra Donnelly on August 28, 2013 at 8:59pm — 1 Comment

Monday blues. (cont. possible TMI)

So had yet another low day today.

Having wild mood swings recently (within the past 3 months they have been pretty out of control) suicidal, racing mind, anxious, depressed.

I have reason to believe that this may be the copper coil doing this to me. I have come across threads on the web containing loads of testimony's from women using the copper IUD that started to have real issues with...







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100%! Possible TMI.

Yesterday was my first day @ 100% RAW :D!

Stuffed myself with bananas and pears all day, was great, I worked in my local wholefoods shop yesterday and was on my feet for most of it, noticed that my legs gained a significant amount in water retention, and therefore realized that what I have been thinking of as my legs getting bigger is actually just fluid retention on a scale like I've never seen before! (Due to womanly goings on)

Anyway! I feel great, since I cut the…


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Trial & Error pt.2

So have come to the conclusion that eating lots and lots of cooked starch at night is probably why I can't sleep.

Going to cut it out of my diet and see how we go, planning on finding date wholesaler pretty soon. 

So tired, so this is just short update, had to chose between appalling food combining or lack of sleep, went with another 10 banana smoothie for dinner and a painful tummy, better over not getting any sleep for the umpteenth night running. 

Besides that,…


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Horrible day, calm-ish outcome...

So today was pretty horrible, was working my cleaning job, and all the way through just contemplating suicide.

Might be because I haven't been sleeping recently, , but mainly because I caught how fat and puffy my calves looked yesterday, pathetic I know but these things aren't logical. Been struggling with my image for years now. Recently taken to not looking in the mirror during the day as it just upsets me most of the time... I say that but sometimes I'm pleasantly…


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No fun :(

So today has been difficult...

I am tired, I haven't been sleeping properly... feeling @#$%^@ about that is just one thing... I am feeling so heavy and bulky and muscular :'( 

I'm at a weird point of my life right now... I've been having massive mood swings, to the point of feeling suicidal pretty often, I don't talk about it to my 2 friends, or my fella, or my mum, I don't want them to make a fuss... it's mainly self image related, and putting on weight/getting more…


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Today has been a good day (:

Short post, just to say I've had a good day, hopefully getting my mum on board with 80/10/10 :) 

Had 20 bananas again today and big bowl of salad and rice, looking to go 100% within the next few weeks, should be interesting, considering it's going to be winter here soon in the UK. 

BUT, am certainly up for the challenge, if I do eat any cooked food it will be potatoes, of the sweet variety :) I uploaded my max photos today, but am going to upload some more tomorrow of…


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I cannot move for eating so much flippin' food... I've had.......

4 peaches, 2 plums, 8 apples, 20 banana serving of banana ice cream, big salad, some potatoes & a few dates... my tummy is, unbelievably full!

After having a couple of wobbly weeks, (and I'm still a bit wobbly even now), but over the past few days I've been staying with my new fella, and for the first time in my whole life I haven't been wearing ANY foundation on my face!…


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Calmness & Happiness Prevailed Today

I have eaten way way over 3500 today, totally stuffed my face.

Had three servings of banana ice cream, each with 10 bananas, then even more salad and mango and dragon-fruit and some rice and some rice noodles after that, oh and some dates lmao. 

I was looking at my self in the mirror earlier and for the first time in years I am appreciating myself, the glow from beneath my skin shining through, past my acne, past my remaining wobbly bits, funny to think it's only been a…


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