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<----My New E-Book!

Hey Fruity friends, 

I'm writing this blog post to let you know about my new e-book. The Sweet & Sexy Spring Cleanse is now over in the left side bar on the 30 bananas a day home page! 

Here's the link you can follow to check it out:




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40 Below Fruity and Gina Silvestri Interview

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Gina Silvestri - A holistic lifestyle coach who operates an inspirational radio show called Living Lighter Radio. Gina also lives a plant based lifestyle focusing on fresh, whole, ripe raw fruits and vegetables. 

In this interview we discuss the following topics:

-How to successfully eat raw in winter

-How to eat raw while cooking for your family

-My journey to raw foods

-Following your…


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My New Website & Facebook Page *40 Below Fruity*

Hey Everyone, 

For the past few months I've been creating a website to help you fruity folks maintain a high carb, low fat raw vegan diet in colder climates. I recently moved to the Interior of British Columbia Canada where winter temperatures are between -10 to -40 from October to April! I live on a 600 acre ranch taking care of 10 siberian huskies for the winter. It's my hope that 40 Below Fruity will inspire you to stay raw in the winter cold.

Check out my…


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Assaulted by a Dolphin Molester



On November 6th we witnessed another slaughter. Although there were marine warnings for fog and gale force winds the molesters disregarded them and set out to sea. It did not take long for the killers to spot dolphins and start driving. The dolphins fought for an hour or more, almost escaping more than once. We documented as they drove at least 8 Risso dolphins into the cove and…


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Where Are You?



Thankfully the past two days have been free of the slaughter of dolphins. Both this morning and yesterday the weather was in favour of dolphin hunting. Clear skies and very little wind. Both days the dolphin molesters left the harbour in search of dolphins and after a few hours returned empty handed. It is a joyous experience to watch these murderers waste their money while the dolphins…


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Day of Slaughter



Greetings from Taiji,

It`s so easy to remain disconnected from the dolphin slaughter while at home, safe from confrontation, able to choose whether or not to view animal suffering. It`s not so easy here in Taiji, Japan.

It all came rushing back this morning. The pain, the horror, the sadness, the feeling of helplessness that comes with knowing that these dolphins will…


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Arrival in Taiji



Hey Everyone,

After spending the last couple of days traveling, I have finally arrived in Kii-Katsuura. After the long flight I stayed the night in Wakayama City and took the train to Kii- Katsuura this morning, arriving to find that it is a dolphin free day! Although the day was beautiful with the sun shining, the wind proved too strong for dolphin…


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Upcoming Journey



Hey Everyone,

It's been a little while since I last posted here. I've been very busy fundraising since starting almost three months ago. It's been a phenomenal journey thus far, putting an end to the idea that one can't give their full attention to activism. It merely takes dedication to one's cause, treating it as a full time occupation and making no qualms about affording basic…


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Journey back to Taiji & Antarctica.

Hey all,

Rosie has just arrived in Taiji, Japan to kick off Operation Infinite Patience. When I had originally heard that Rosie was going to become the campaign leader, I thought it was a very good choice. We met last November in Taiji and after proving herself dedicated and capable, she received a surprise call from Paul Watson, inviting her to join in the Antarctic campaign. I have no doubt that Rosie will prove to be very successful this year in Taiji.

I am planning my trip… Continue

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One Bottle at a Time


Hey Everyone,

It's been a little while since I've posted here, as there have not been any updates. In light of the dolphin killing season…

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No Coal In The Comox Valley



The Comox Valley on Vancouver Island is home to some of the most spectacular natural settings in Canada. Featuring bird estuaries, sensitive creek habitats, old growth forests, majestic mountains, and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The vast majority of the population in the Comox Valley are passionate environmentalists, many who are leaders in conservation. There exists a mutual understanding among the residents to…


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Tsunami Photos & Earthquake Video


Here is my most recent blog with photos from the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. I've tried to upload the video of the earthquake to 30Bad, but it won't work. Perhaps someone else can try. Here's the link and it's also on my blog.

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The Secret Challenge - Day 50- Post Tsunami

I'm going to start this post with another of my favourite quotes from "The Secret". I love the teachings of Esther and Jerry Hicks, and this is possibly my favourite all time quote from them.


"Joseph Campbell said "Follow your bliss". We think those are the best words we've ever heard spoken from a human tongue. And if one could follow one's bliss you would follow the trail to abundance and well being on all subjects. 

There is nothing you cannot do or have or be. You…


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Life Changing Journey Through "The Secret"

Ok Folks, this is going to be a big one. 

The last time I posted about my "Secret" challenge I was two weeks in and I was enjoying it immensely. At that point I decided to add an additional 30 days to the challenge. I have now past day 35 and has it ever been an adventure! I could have never imagined so much would happen in one month....

If you'd like to read about my first week you can do so…


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Our Journey Through Japan's Tsunami


I run the risk of being repetative with this blog post, as "The Cove Guardians" (Mike, Marley, and Carisa) and Scott West have both written about this same experience. I do have some followers, however, who do not follow either of those blogs so I shall post about our experience over the past few days.

Early afternoon on Friday we headed into Otsuchi with three new Cove Guardians, Carisa,…


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Arrival In Japan

After a long flight to Osaka, Japan via Seattle, Scott and I arrived in Nachi-Katsuura late last night.

It's surreal being back in Taiji. The constant stress of wondering how many dolphins will be slaughtered next has disappeared. Walking through the small coastal town, one experiences an aura of expectency. What creature is next? In only one month the Taiji molesters will set out to resume Coastal whaling targeting false killer whales, pilot whales, and risso dolphins. No cetacean… Continue

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Week Two - 30 Day Secret Challenge!

Hey everyone, 


I've gone two weeks strong now, watching the movie "The Secret" each day and visualizing my dreams. Upon waking I now experience joy, remembering the wonderful things that are manifesting into my life. 


Here is another of the wonderful quotes from "The Secret" 

"There is only a stream of well being that flows, you know. Its is a stream of pure positive energy and the Universe, all that we know is abundant with only that. This is a world…


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Some may believe that dreams and reality must be separate from one another. I do not believe this to be the case. I mentioned in my last blog post that I was thinking of leaving my employment and dedicating my life to activism, trying to change our world for the better.

Well this past week, my dreams became my reality. I started a challenge 12 days ago, a challenge to watch the…


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Week 1 - 30 Day Secret Challenge

As we speak, I am currently watching "The Secret" for the 8th day in a row. I can almost reinterate the entire Secret movie now. 


Not only is this a very easy challenge, but also an immensely enjoyable one. Before I start to tell everyone about my experiences over the last week, I'd like to share one of my favourite quotes from the movie. 


‎"You can begin right now to feel healthy. You can begin to feel prosperous. You can begin right now to feel the love that…


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Hey guys,

I've started blogging again on www.coveguardian.blogspot.com

Here is the latest:


I wrote a blog post in the beginning of my journey here titled "I Have a Dream".

This time I want to talk about all of my dreams. I feel that this is a monumental period in my life, making changes that will directly impact my future. I feel a deep passion for our oceans, you know that by now. But my passion and…


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