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Gone Raw For Life - Day Five - Goin' Bananas!

These are my thoughts. Bananas this bananas that. Did anyone notice...that we eat ...alooot...of BANANAS?

Food intake:

3 Oranges

7 Large Bananas

6 Large Bananas - Banana Smoothie

Green smoothie (4 medium bananas, 1 cup froz fruit, 2 handfuls collard greens)

About 7 Large Strawberrys

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Gone Raw For Life - Day Four - May 15 - Food Intake - Update

Aloha, Today is day four 100% raw and Im doing pretty well.

Improvments: Skin clearing up nicely, not feeling great but no longer feeling "bad"

Challenges: Struggling to get enough food in me and Im very dehydrated..(barely drinking any water most days..working on that)

Day Four 100% Raw -

18 ounces water

6 fuji apples

10 Large Bananas

Green Smoothie( 5 bananas,2 cups froz fruit, 2…


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Gone Raw For Life - Day Three - May 14 - Food Intake

Food intake:

12 Large Bananas

2 Cups Smoothie ( 2 Large bananas, 2 cups frozen fruit)

3 Fugi Apples

2 Oranges

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Gone Raw For Life - Day Two - Food Intake

11-12 bananas (I lost track)

4 Fiji Apples

3 oranges

1/2 avacado

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Day One - The first day of the rest of my life. Going raw - 100%

It happens now. No more waiting, I know what I want and I am going for it. I am going RAW for life and Im taking back my life. I want LIFE. I want health,vibrance,energy,joy,peace,love,SIMPLICITY,nature, and balance. I want to live life like there's no tomorow without anything holding me back. And I want to surround myself with life and living positive things that nuture who I want to be an where I am trying to take my life.…


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(90%) Raw for 7 months - Day Thirteen

Breakfast - half a glass of water, 1 orange, 3 large bananas

Snack - 1 banana, glass and a half of water, 2 oranges

Lunch - 2 bananas, brown rice(150 cals), 1 orange, half a glass of water

1 banana,1 orange

Dinner - (5ish) - Fruit salad(3 fuji apples,2 bananas, 1 orange)

Snack - 1 Banana, 1 orange

Before bed- 1 banana

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7 Months Raw - Day 12 -

8:30 - 1 large(not so ripe) banana

11:00 am - 2 small-medium organic bananas, Banana smoothie(6 organic bananas and a little bit of water)

12:00 - Small salad(about a handful of greens), 1/3 avacado, little bit of sea salt.

1:15 - 2 naval orange

5:00 - Orange/Banana Fruit Salad(1 orange, 3 bananas)

5:30 - 1 yellow squash(steamed) ..about 12 ounces

7:30 - 3 /bananas

9:00 - 1 orange

10:45 - 1 banana

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Raw for 7 months - Day "Eleven" - Not really seeing any effects of this "diet" yet...

I have all ideas that I just haven't given it enough time...but am I maybe doing something wrong? I really haven't seen anything happening from eating this way..maybe it just needs more time.

Breakfast- (2 bananas , 3 extrasmall red apples)

Lunch - 2 bananas, Half of a Green smoothie ( 1.2 pounds frozen fruit(thats what the scale said anyways..., 1-2 handfuls greens, 1 cup water in the whole…


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Raw for 7 Months - Day 10

Breakfast - 4 small- medium bananas

11:00 - 2 small apples(red delicious)

Lunch - 16ounces of Green Smoothie (In the whole batch - 2 large bananas, 5 cups frozen fruit, water, 3 handfuls collard greens - Proabaly made about 5 -6 cups)

2:00 - Strawberry banana "cereal" - (4 small bananas total and a few strawberrys)

4:00 - 12 ounces green smoothie(same batch as above)

5:00 - brown rice (150 cal)

6:30 - 5 small-ish bananas

10:00 - 2…


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Raw for 7 Months - Day Nine -

Breakfast - 2 D'anjou pears

1 small cantaloupe melon

Mid-Morning - 3 bananas

Lunch - - 4 small-medium bananas, 4 strawberrys,2 small-medium red delicious apples (peeled)

Snack(3ish) - Strawberry/Banana "Cereal" (1blended banana with water, 1large banana and 2-3 big strawberrys)

Dinner - 1 banana, brown rice(200 cals), 2 small apples

Snack - 1 large banana

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7 months RaW - Day Eight - Ordered "The 80/10/10 Diet" from amazon....can't wait for it to arrive! -

Breakfast 1 Pear - 3 bananas

1 small cantaloupe melon

11:00 - 3 Bananas

12:00 - Brown Rice

1:30 - 2 bananas and 8 ounces of green smoothie(collard greens,frozen fruit,half a banana)

2 bananas

8 ounces of green smoothie(same kind as above)

7:00 - Half small cantaloupe

1/6 avacado

1/2 tablespoon flax seed

8:00 - 1 pear

Added by Ellen Maria on May 7, 2010 at 9:30am — 2 Comments

7 Months Raw - Day 7 - 1 week complete! - And eliminating beans from my diet -

Day 7 is here. This is becoming more and more natural as the time passes. And not to mention it was no where near as difficult as I suspected it would be :D

Im starting to have some new doubts. But they aren't about raw....they are about some of the cooked foods I chose to include in my diet... I stated before that I thought beans,brown rice, and steamed vegetables were healthy..and benifitial to have in my diet...but the last few days the beans…


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7 Months Raw - Day Six -

Breakfast - Two large oranges

Mid-Morning - 2 pears

11:00 - Strawberry-Banana "cereal"(1 banana,2 large strawberrys..and one more banana blended with water to make "milk") Yum! Though it did taste a little strange..maybe the strawberrys weren't ripe enough?

1:00 - 2 medium fugi apples, 3 small-medium bananas - I. Am. Stuffed....

2:30 - 2 D'anjou…


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Raw for 7 Months - Day Five - Yes, we have no bananas.....

Ya know..I never thought I would feel "deprived"...because I only had 7 bananas in my kitchen! Haha...this is progress right?

Throughout the morning - 4 1/2 bananas,1 pear

11:00 - 2/3 cup beans (....didn't make me feel very good this time..normally I have no problem with them.....may be an area for more research) and 2 bananas

4:00 - two HUGE oranges.

5:00 - Green smoothie - About 5 cups worth(greens-…


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7 months Raw - Day Four - Pinapples leaving my mouth feeling raw. - And the doubt begins.

Today is going pretty well, though I have had some doubts popping up in my head..Like, how on earth am I going to have any time to do anything else but eat, how am I going to eat this way at other peoples homes, at college( Im in college now...but not living on campus), how am I going to eat this way when I am living on campus. I feel like I am stuffing myself silly.

Of course none of these things are earth-shattering...I guess the doubts are just part of the process right? Oh…


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7 Months Raw ~ Day Three ~ Fatigue?

Is fatigue normal at this stage? Im not like...wiped out or anything..but I just feel kinda blah. I don't have any energy to do anything...Is it just detox? Maybe...my body getting used to digesting all this fruit???

Day three of 7 months 90% raw, vegan lifestyle.

Breakfast - 2 medium oranges, 3 bananas.

Snack - 4 bananas

Lunch- 3 medium oranges

Random- 1…


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Raw for 7 Months - Day Two

Okay, day two.... Had a little difficulty finding food to pack to be out of the house all day...but I made smoothies and packed them in a cooler...It worked out fine.

I went roller blading today. Love it.

Day Two-

Breakfast - 16 ounce fruit smoothie(3 bananas and about 2 cups frozen fruit)

Snack -4 small green apples

Lunch - 16 ounce fruit smoothie(4 bananas and almost 3 cups of…


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7 Months Raw (90%) Challenge - Day One 10 Bananas and counting!

I have taken on a 7 month 90% raw challenge. The other 5-10 % will be brown rice or steamed vegetables all natural.

90% Raw for 7 months is a huge step in the right direction for me and I am soo excited!

Day One -

Breakfast - 2 bananas chopped up with 1 cup strawberrys

During class - 20 ounce smoothie ( greens,water,frozen fruit, 1banana)

Lunch - 4…


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