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I've Been MIA Again!!! the Phenom is Back!

I have been missing in action for a while. I couldn't face you guys eating meat and stuff. So, I've been gone from 30 BAD. I'm back!

I guess it is all apart of the journey. I'm going to keep moving forward, until I am a full vegan and do not want to go back. I do not know what tomorrow holds, but right now I am back!

I love you guys and I…


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Transition to Talk with the Phenomenal Lauren G

Okay!  Nothing, but fresh raw fruits and veggies for me.  The contrast is just too great when I eat this SAD food.  I just want to feel good and have energy! But I went back, because I was missing all the flavors. One must ask themselves is it worth it to have flavor and feel like crap?!! [So not worth it!] 80/10/10 for Life!

I posted this update on Facebook, not too long ago. I just bought quite a few bananas that need ripening. I have some ripe ones waiting to be eaten. I have…


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So SAD without 30 BAD!!!

I've been off of 30 BAD for 11 days! I am doing a Gratitude Journey and in the first phase I gave up Social Media, but during the Journey I learned that secluding myself wasn't going to take me where I wanted to go.  I was alone and didn't have the support I needed to stay with my change to 811rv.

Today, I am back on 30 BAD and am going to log on regularly!…


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How to do the Salt Water Diet

->>>I know some of my titles cause alert to the Moderators! Slow down my wonderful Peacekeepers! <-

I just came into an understanding of something that is Revelutionary for all of the 811rv newbies like me.  

Not that no one has ever said this before, but this is big for me.  It may be big…


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Making Change Easy | Getting 80/10/10 Right!

I gotta say that this past month has been an interesting one. I did good that first couple weeks.  It was confusing.  I learned a lot.  Not just about the diet.  I learned a lot about myself.  What I learned about me was even more valuable than learning 811rv. 

I learned that I am used to not feeling good.

I got…


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23 Days of Yo Yoing! | No Weight In/ Measure In

There will be no weigh in or measure in on the first.  I'll wait until April 1st to do the next one.  I've cheated royally and there is no reason to get half naked for the camera.  I got on the scale last night and I was Still 279.4 lbs.  or 126.7 kg.  

I didn't gain or lose.  I maintained.  I probably went up and down over the month.  But I ended out right…


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I Was A Bad, Bad Girl and I'm Paying For IT!!!!! [Insert Smiley Face Here]

Now, look what I went and did.  After two good weeks of an almost 80/10/10 diet, I started eating cooked food.  

It was all psychological.  Thats my synopsis anyway.  The meals tasted okay.  I even stayed vegan until yesterday.  After eating the meat.  I was like OMG!  I'm back on the Banana boat first thing in the morning.



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Tour of My Wall

I promised a tour of my wall postings. Here it is...

Added by the Phenomenal Lauren G on February 17, 2012 at 4:53am — 3 Comments

PSA - Run, Jump, Skip, Get Out, Move....

I feel so good.  Thank God for bananas!  :)  About to get some in right now!  :)

Added by the Phenomenal Lauren G on February 17, 2012 at 4:09am — 2 Comments

the Banana Boat is Back In!!!

The Banana Boat is Back IN! Yes!!!!  My mom financed me some bananas.  I am so happy!  I'm back in for at least two days.  I'll just keep doing it.  Glad to be back…


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the Body Beautiful Affirmation | for your Self- Image

I made "the Body Beautiful" just for my peeps here at 30BaD!  Why, cause I love you guys.  It does none of us any good to lose any weight or gain any muscle, but still see our bodies the way they used to be. 

You must first change from the inside, before there can be any enjoyment of outer change.

This affirmation, if listened to…


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My title came from PK's 30BaD Banana Wagon Tour.  Find out what PK has to say about cheating and transitioning.

I live by the art of allowing.  If I want to cheat.  I cheat.  I find that feeling a bit bad is more helpful in teaching me to make better food choices than self-denial.…


Added by the Phenomenal Lauren G on February 12, 2012 at 12:30pm — 10 Comments

Cruciferous and Root Veggies

We here @30BAD have this on our Not So Good List.  Pk posted about cruciferous and root veggies under his section that says "The Case Against Transitioning." (I'm really blogging this list for myself so I can check it easy by just going back to my blog.  But I know others will be able to see it.  So, this is the…


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Being Thankful is More than Words...

This morning I woke up and immediately the thought came to clean up the room I am in.  Not just the room that I am in, but the entire home.  

When you really appreciate something that you have that you will take good care of it.  Gratitude begins to go beyond just saying thank you and feeling gracious about things. 

Gratitude goes so much farther.  To be…


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I Can't Do This! I Quit 80/10/10!!!

Yeah, you heard it all right!  I quit the 80/10/10 diet...

...for about 20 minutes... last night!  I had you going there for a second -- didn't I?  LOL!  

Nah, I could never quit this lifestyle.  It suits me all to well.  But I do rant about a few things that 'pissed me off' yesterday and why none of that 'pissed-off-ed-ness' was getting me what I wanted.…


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I Didn't Know I Looked Like This...

This is why I didn't take pictures full body...

I never wanted to know that I was starting to really get out of control. If I looked at my body in the mirror.  I could convince myself that I wasn't getting that big.  My body wasn't that large.  My arms don't jiggle much.  My face has always been fat. (These are…


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Don't Feed the Snakes!!!

This is for my BINGERS!!!

I learned from Dr. Cassar that the parasites and tapeworms in the body call for us to eat the old foods that put them inside our bodies in the first place.  (Video Below)

Plus anything that is foreign to our bodies is fought by the body and removed.  These parasites actually become a part of who we are.  If we move forward to hurt them by killing them and removing them.  We are causing damage to the ecosystem of our own…


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Bye, Bye Rice & Potatoes!

I no longer have to stretch my fruit with cooked rice and potatoes.  My parents are fully supporting my banana habit.

They got me about 56 bananas off the reduced rack and 6 regular bananas.  

<-- The six regulars can be seen in this photo.  Delmonte!  Plus there are a couple…


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I Just Finished Binging!!!!

Why post a smiling photo after I just got through binging?  

Why not?

Since when did binging turn into a crime?  It is a natural function of the brain and body after excessive under-eating.  

I have spent 5 days…


Added by the Phenomenal Lauren G on February 4, 2012 at 5:45pm — 12 Comments

Me in a Moo Moo!

Today is my 5th day living the 80/10/10 lifestyle!  I'm doing the very best that I can with it. I've managed to stay mostly raw.  I think my parents may be coming over to the raw side with me.  So, there may be enough fruits and veggies in the house in the very near future to support my habit.  

Bye, bye potatoes and rice!



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