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How to get 2500 calories a day?

This is what I usually eat a day...

Breakfast: smoothie that usually has 2 bananas with blueberries and other fruit.

Lunch: Fruit Salad some kind of melon, berries, celeries, cucumbers, and such

Dinner: Same as Lunch...

I am not getting enough calories so I keep getting cravings and have broken down and eating food that I should not be eating... I need help eating more calories...

What is the usual meal for 801010 calories for…


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Still have been doing well on the HCRV except on night when a family friend took me too Chinese buffet... 

I have not being recording my food and my blogs. I just kept feeling to tired that I would pass out after work or class.

I have been working out everyday for an hour mostly a brisk walk over the bridge. I am going to try to do some yogan and walk today. 

I just am so tired that I cannot write the blog everyday.

I have been eating a lot though( I…


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Day 2 and Day 3

Forgot to post the day Two and Three.

I have been feeling really tired... grouchy. Not only I started the diet and probably starting to go through bit of detox, I also am in my menstrual cycle... cramps on top of bit of nausea, light headed, headache, craving, mood swings. It is not fun... but I know it is temporary and once my body gets used to it I will feel better then ever!

Day two.

I had almost 1500kcal... trying to increase the amount...

But I had…


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Starting 801010 again :)

Have been bad with Raw Vegan lifestyle for past week or so... but I have decided that I am going to try again. This it time I am going to try harder and better!

Today was my once again Day ONE

I ate about 1200 Kcal. I know I should have had more... but I hit my limit....

I did yoga for 30 mins. (not impressed about it but... better then nothing?...)

My breakfast and Lunch is packed for tomorrow!! and I am planning on going for a nice brisk walk over the…


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Fell off of the wagon :(

I have been doing good on the HCRV for past 3 days... I know it's not a lot but for me it was a great deal. I have never been a vegetarian nor vegan. I struggled today(4th day) with bad craving of Cooked food. I Couldn't resist and ate it... I think it might be because I was counting calories trying to keep it down to lose weight fast... I am going to Start tomorrow with Second Try of HCRV. This time I am going to eat as much fruit as Possible... I will still keep in track of what I eat on…


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