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Very discouraged

For the past week, my health has gone downhill right back to almost the same degree that I started at but not quite as bad. My lips are completely covered in blisters, itch, are raw, and just very painful. My acne has started popping up everywhere, not just on my face. My allergies are terrible...I had to wear a mask while doing barn chores this weekend. I've had mucus/phlegm in my throat all week and my throat feels swollen and itchy. And just today, I have been feeling acid… Continue

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Day 162

Terrible pain in pelvic area this am while drinking water and while eating. Idk what it is.

Got period and it's really hurting. All I want to do is cry and go home and sleep. Probably from eating avocado(increased overt fats) lately and eating so many dates. Not continuing with that. Just want watermelon.

Almost caved in and took a Midol because the pain was so terrible, but instead I walked around campus for an hour. Was going to try to workout, but too much… Continue

Added by Alex on September 20, 2013 at 1:00pm — 3 Comments

Day 160

Lips and acne still not great. Wish they would heal faster.

Thinking that maybe dates could be contributing to all of the issues I'm having as well as the corn. Seems like my stomach can't digest them well or something, even as dateorade. Anyone have any insight?

Weight trained legs today.

I really don't like college. I'd much rather be working and learning things that interest me, like taking Dr. Graham's courses and such like that.

4L water, 9… Continue

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Day 159

Have been really busy with school and haven't had much time for anything besides it. Will probably only be posting weekly updates now because of it.

Been a rough week for my lips, acne, and digestion. My lips have gotten really chapped, raw, and feel burnt even though they're not. My acne has broken out on my face and all over my body. I even have itchy bumps on my face. My tummy has been really gassy and just not feeling right.

Also, my allergies have been terrible and my… Continue

Added by Alex on September 16, 2013 at 12:27pm — 2 Comments

Day 153

Lips still chapped and peeling and feel burnt.

Acne still giving me problems.

Lower half of face is dry and little dried skin stuff is showing. Hands have been really dry for the past few days too. Maybe I need to drink more water?

Throat still sore and tickly, but not as much.

Maybe Amanda was right about the mangos being a suspect with the lip, acbe, and throat issues. I had 2 before dinner and could feel my throat getting funky while eating them… Continue

Added by Alex on September 9, 2013 at 1:30pm — 4 Comments

Day 152

Didn't have time to do Day 151. Been really busy with school and trying to balance everything.

Lips feel like they are burnt or wind chapped. Idk why. They hurt though.

Acne worsening. Keep getting random breakouts near my jawline and on the side of my face. So frustrating.

Tickle in throat still bothersome. Don't know why it won't go away. Coughing up yellow stuff sometimes, but mostly just clear.

Had a bad allergic reaction to the barn today. Was… Continue

Added by Alex on September 8, 2013 at 2:03pm — 8 Comments

Day 150

Lips healing. Little but chapped still.

Acne flaring up on sides of face.

Have had a tickle in my throat and been coughing every so often for the past 2 days. Throat is tired and sore, and my voice is hoarse. There is clear mucus clearing when I cough, but not every time. Any ideas what this is??

Had physical conditioning class today. Did 20 min of as many rounds as possible of 10 push-ups, 20 squats, 1 lap around a field(~1/6 mile) and 30 uppercuts with a… Continue

Added by Alex on September 5, 2013 at 2:33pm — 3 Comments

Day 149

Lips still chapped, but trying not to mess with them.

Acne still healing. Takes a while.

Went for a run this morning. Ran 1.25 miles in 10 min 30 sec. Trying to get better, but don't want to push too much right now because my right leg is still giving me problems. Walked and stretched afterwards.

Studied, then went to school til 7pm.

Weight trained shoulders between classes.

5L water, 17 bananas, 21 medjool dates, 3 mangos, 1 lemon, lemon… Continue

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Day 148

Lips still chapped.

Acne healing. Random bumps still, but not bad.

Went on a 1.25mile run this morning. Took me 10 min 30 sec, and then I walked/stretched for about 20 min. Not too fast, but was doing my best. Right popliteal region(area behind knee) is tight and achy, and so is right Achilles' tendon. Try to stretch it out well, but doesn't seem to help. What should I do? Need to get running shoes.

Made a banana date smoothie for the first time today and it was… Continue

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Day 147

Lips still very dry and chapped.

Acne is getting better, but still bumps. Not as many though. Yay!

New owner of the farm (we are renting it), put in a reverse osmosis water system and filter for the well water. It is wonderful! I think it may be helping with the acne :)

Have been studying all day and barely made a dent. Classes that I didn't even want to take but had to are consuming so much time. I just want to take all of my biology classes and be finished… Continue

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Day 146

Lips still irritated and chapped.

Acne still healing.

Barn chores.

4L water, 1/2 watermelon, 8 bananas, 12 medjool dates, 2 pears, 2 mangos, 200g spring mix greens.

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Day 145-a day late

Lips ok until heading home from school. Don't know what made them act up. Probably not enough water since I was only able to have 2L by noon and I normally have more. And I also sweated like crazy while cycling, so maybe that was a factor as well.

Acne healing, but not all the way there yet. Better though.

Had a cycling class and did all sorts of sprints, hill climbs, going through "mud," etc for 40 min. It was challenging, but fun! My butt is so sore from the seat… Continue

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Day 144

Lips ok until eating some dried mango(only option on campus...had no ripe fruit). Got chapped and irritated.

Acne still bad.

Weight trained back today.

Less stressed today. Walked around campus a lot (for about 90 min or more).

4.75L water, 6 bananas, 16 medjool dates, 3 oz dried mango, 1oz dried goji berries (bleh not tasty), 2 mangos, 1/2 head romaine, 2 cups kale, 1T homemade tahini (watered down).

Will be trying to make raw hummus… Continue

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Day 143-posting a day late

Lips dry.

Acne terrible. Probably from stress.

Class all day. No exercise :(

Tired and worn out. Dropped chemistry class. Too much to handle.

Up at 0530 and bed at 0030. Was trying to do all of the chemistry homework and was having to re teach myself everything since the teacher started off on chapter 10 instead of 1 in the book, and you needed to know the previous chapters to understand the problems. So, I decided to drop that class.

May… Continue

Added by Alex on August 30, 2013 at 6:39am — 1 Comment

Day 142

Lips chapped because I couldn't get enough water throughout day. Started college again today. Hated it again. Trying to figure out something else.

Acne still bad.

Ran for 12 min straight this morning.

Was doing ok til I had to drive an hour to school and sit through classes from 3-7pm and then drive an hour back home. It's exhausting. And I have to be there at 730am tomorrow :( ugh. I don't like this at all.

4.5L water, 20 bananas, 2 mangos, 150g… Continue

Added by Alex on August 28, 2013 at 1:24pm — 7 Comments

Day 141

Lips still chapped.

Acne terrible. Have been stressing out A LOT, so I think that has something to do with it.

Today was full of panic attacks and crying and freaking out. It was terrible. College upsets me so much. Didn't have enough ripe fruit in the house either, so was running off of 12 bananas til my mom got home at 6pm. It was a nightmare. I never want to do that again.

So drained and exhausted. Couldn't even workout today. Had no energy for… Continue

Added by Alex on August 27, 2013 at 3:10pm — 8 Comments

Day 140

Lips still chapped.

Acne still sticking around.

Stye thing on right eyelid still there.

Emotional roller coaster today. Not fun. Draining. Getting upset about college starting up again.

Went on a walk around the farm with my dog. Love being outside.

4.5L water, 1/2 honeydew, 14 bananas, .6lb honey dates, 1 ear organic corn, 1 head romaine, 2tsp homemade watered down tahini with 1/2 lemon.

Added by Alex on August 26, 2013 at 1:39pm — 4 Comments

Day 139

Lips still chapped around outer edges.

Acne still hanging around.

Possibly have a stye in right eyelid. Has been feel sore and there is a bump that is sensitive when I touch it. Anyone know what causes this?

Weight trained legs today. Right hamstring very tight and achy. Been like this for a while.

Barn chores.

Got honey dates and organic, "raw" dried jackfruit at the natural marketplace. I ate all of them today and didn't even care. It was… Continue

Added by Alex on August 25, 2013 at 2:52pm — 4 Comments

Day 138

Lips raw and then chapped all day. Idk why. Maybe from all my calorie deficient days?

Acne still a pain in the butt.

Last day working at preschool. Off to start school next week. Wish I had some time off cause I really need some rest.

Cloudy, windy, and rainy all day. Didn't feel like working out, so I didn't go to the gym or anything. Just spent time with my bf.

4.75L water, 1/2 watermelon, 13 bananas, 2 mangos, 1tsp organic, raw tahini with a little… Continue

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Day 137

Lips and acne still a problem.

Tired, so so tired.

Wish I would have gone back to NAU. I cry every time I think about it. Really don't want to go to college here. It doesn't feel right. Makes me so upset.

Weight trained shoulders. Going to the gym isn't fun anymore. Feel so fat.

Hips hurt from running yesterday. Need to get running shoes.

Wish I had more to eat.

5L water, 1 watermelon, 11 bananas, 1 mango, 100g spring greens.

Added by Alex on August 23, 2013 at 1:29pm — 7 Comments


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