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DAY 4 and Everything is right in the world!!!!!!!!

TODAY was Day 4 and I'm bliss'd out! Feeln sooooo good did a superlong bike ride out to swan lake where I went hiking and then chilled by the lake with the ducks and swans, refueled on fresh well water, and cycled back.  Talked to five friends when I've felt for the past two weeks I've had none, and now my positive energy is just attracting everyone again and getting phone calls sooooo awesome!!!  Then I got a call and a guy came out to look at my truck and BOUGHT it YAYA!!!!!  I look for a…


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Needing support in starting 811 again :)

After falling off bouncing back and forth I am making a commitment to myself and to 30bad to stick with this thing and give it my all this summer.  The past 3days I've had a cooked food binge and before that I was incorporating moderate cooked food in my diet, sweet potatoes, steamed asparagus, and fish.  I feel lethargic, bogged down, less connected with the universe, myself, more prone to spells of depression and weight fluctuation(bloating even without consuming salt, sweet…


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New Years Resolutions and Day 3

Ok so here goes, it's been rough the past few months with a week or two of 811 then cooked food here and there then days straight of nothing but cooked.  My emotions have been haywire and my weight has been bouncing back and forth by 30lb margins, needless to say I lost control.  Oh and the fact that the entire fall I was battling different illnesses, spending most of my time in bed, passing out in airports, and having a pneumonia like cough that refuses to go away after 2months.…


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Second Session of Camp 811 hoorah!

Hey I'm about to start my second session as a horseback riding instructor this summer. I have also taken on the role of assistant riding director, which has been good. My friend is the riding director full time and has offered me work whenever I am between travels over the next year; I'm hoping the work during travel breaks will make it possible for me to extend my travels indefinitely. It seems that 811 opens up opportunities as soon as you become open to it. idk -make sense…


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Medjool Dates for $2.33/lb yeaya!!!!

Hey I've lucked out and been able to buy Medjool dates through my local kroger in small town Rome, GA for $35 per 15lb box, no shipping charges. I called the company today and asked them a million q/a about the dates; they have not been heated, but are not organic either. I tried to buy dates straight through the company but their prices are pretty high- like $8 or more a pound then shipping on top of that.

Kroger must either have a special deal worked out with them or I've…

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I'm quitting!!!!

LOL, I resigned from my job this week and will be taking the next year off to travel 811 style... I have summer plans, will be spending the 4th of July in our nations capital D.C. priceless? I hope, and then I will start my travels in August with the singles retreat. After that I'm gone-

So far destinations are Switzerland, (while there visiting all across Europe) - anyone know how long you can stay in Europe with a passport or...? Backpacking across Ireland, visiting…

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Been 10 days LFRV

I'm going to keep this short, I have officially been 10days straight lfrv, no overts, Cronometers been around 90/5/5 each day- one in the 80's from lots of tomatos/blackberries.

Starting to feel better, still tired- eyes still swollen but swelling has gone down, still on meds for eyes, on new medication for Epstein Barr, which has come back and driving to Louisville tmrrw to see an EB specialist to figure out what is going on and hopefully get answers and my…

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So since my last blog/forum post I ended up going to the dr's and getting a steroid shot then had to go back a day later (eyes swollen shut/throat starting to swell shut) and was put on meds, yes I would rather have not but sometimes its necessary. The doctor also did a series of tests, chest xrays, and more bloodwork.

I have been on singulair, xyzal, and ranitidine for close to a week now with slight improvement, still very fatigued- have been on bedrest for a week and…

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I HATE!!! Nuts, sugar, corn syrup, Salt, Cooked foods,...Hate w/ a Passion

Oh and I hate how you can't go a mile without seeing a fast food billboard, restaurant, hearing an ad on the radio, seeing billboard pictures, turning and seeing the driver in the car beside you eating a burger or drinking a cola. Having to drive out of my way to find shitty produce hidden in the back corner of a Publix and paying twice as much as my friend who went to taco bell. I HATE people thinking that I would magically feel better if I would eat SAD. I HATE HATE HATE all of the side…

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Fell of orange island early :(

Ok so today was day four for oranges-- I did not want them at all, the thought of oranges blegh!!!

...so I thought I would maybe go on another water fast and then switch to mono-ing apples or go to mango island. I water fasted all day and then was supposed to go shopping with a friend on my way to town that was cancelled -- I needed to pick up dog food so I went to the store and ended up "getting a few things"... a few bad things if mono-ing was the goal. Bananas, apples,…

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Day 3 - Orange Island

Hey guys! So I started last week with a water fast, and then switched over to mono oranges. I absolutely love orange island. Right after I ate my first orange on Sunday I had an immediate burst of energy and started riding horses. I was also unable to fall asleep that night until around one am, which has been unusual since I started having health issues. Then Monday I woke up and it was like I had woken up out of a dream or fog I'd been in for the last month. I had more energy, and was in an…


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ORANGES: Day 5 Broke the water fast

So I broke my water fast early. I had to work today, lunge horses, run errands, filing, computer work. I was sitting at the computer this morning trying to get some work done and couldn't focus, see straight, lol or even sit up straight- so I decided that I prob wouldn't make it through the workday unless I started eating again. I had 4 oranges- and felt energized immediately- so much so that I could lunge a horse and then went out for errands, even braving Kroger grocery without ripping open… Continue

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Day 4 down...3 to go

Hey just wanted to blog real quick. Today was my day off, but of course the dogs woke me up around seven anyways, lovely right? So after that I took a quick shower and have basically laid in bed all day watching TV. The hard part about cable is the number of food related commercials, television shows, etc...It's food food food everywhere! So I tried to keep it on the movie channels and avoid those commercials- I did crack and watch a juicing infomercial YUM, and Man vs. Food(which I swear right… Continue

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Day 3 and killed

So today was day three of my water fast. It's still pretty cold here in KY, so I made myself a light schedule out in the barn today and then planned to run farm errands the rest of the day, however all did not work out the way I'd have liked. This morning I held horses for the farrier, not much work involved just standing for the most part, with the exception of the babies/stallion which more work was involved to get their cooperation. Well anyways about two hours into it I began to REALLY feel… Continue

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I'm a hermit crab!

Day 2- Still on the water fast, everything is going well. Woke up this morning and the ground was covered with a few inches of snow, very cold to say the least! I've been doing light riding at work, which has been easy since it's soo cold the horses can't be worked too much anyways. I've also tried to stay out of the cold as much as possible and focus on filing etc... I've been a little dizzy/fuzzy but nothing too bad. I've been resting during lunch to compensate and then trying to go to bed… Continue

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"No thanks, I'll just have water"

So I decided to go through with the water fast, and am making myself blog...so that I'll stick with it. haha just heard my stomach grumble- it was more like a whine, I don't think stomach here understands what's going on today.
So normally while staying raw I crave different cooked foods, while staying lfrv it's been fats like oils and avocado and nut butters, and now while water fasting god help me I'd give anything for an apple. So I think with each level of difficulty what I crave seems…

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Hey again,
I'm pretty bad about consistently blogging, but here goes another one just for shits and giggles. I've been doing good staying raw, but have definitely been overeating fats and overdoing food combinations. I'm hoping to do better on the fats seeing as how I just demolished the almond butter that was left in the fridge and don't plan on buying any myself. I've also been way overeating to stop myself from going for cooked foods(ie. whenever I even think about cooked foods I'm…

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Yum Om Num Doritos!!!

So....Right? I know what you're thinking didn't this girl just say she was heading to Banana Island? Looks like we've got another one who fell off the wagon(doritos gawd).
Well, I underestimated how many bananas it would take and the impending snow storm causing a shortage of bananas so I'm sitting here staring at 3bunches of bright green bananas, heartbroken...I loved banana island; life was so simple there. In two days my system was getting cleaned out, there was no hassle/fuss mealtimes,…

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Hey everyone!

I just joined 30bad this past week and am still working out the kinks. I've been vegetarian since middle school then moved to vegan a few years ago. Last year I was introduced to the Hippocrates lifestyle through my employer who was able to go to their 3wk course. I've been following it off and on for the past year, never being quite able to find a plan that worked for my very active lifestyle.

I've always been pretty healthy but…

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