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Goodbye dear friends

4 months of being raw were amazing. Although I always felt bloated and my stomach was protesting me all the time. I know I haven't been doing this diet to the fullest (I didn't drink enough water, I didn't exercise, I didn't spent time outdoors, my fruits were not organic, in Lithuania there is no possibility to buy organic). One extreme thing happened for sure - I put my family to depression.  My brother had to borrow my mom his money so she could buy me some fruit for lunch or dinner. My…


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Going to the doctors for blood test

So today I went to the doctors to schedule an appointment for my first blood test. I didn't wanted to say to him why I wanted it but he was really surprised that I wanted one out of the blue so I told him that I'm vegan. He replied vegetarian? I said no, raw vegan :D He said - well, what's that? I haven't heard about it :D Oh my... So I told him that I eat raw food and he's like what about meat, chicken, fish, non of that? That made me laugh :D So my appointment is Monday. And I'm looking…


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An interview on local newspaper! UPDATE

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, somehow I got into and interview about economical situation through student eyes. Today was interview and as we were talking about various expenses, the food topic came and I said that I know exactly how much I spend on food because I'm raw vegan. She was very interested in it! We finished the interview about economical topic and then she just…


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An interview on local newspaper!

Hello dear fellas! Today was awesome. Earlier I signed up for free Russian language courses because I want to learn more languages so today was our first meeting. I went there and there was interviewer from our local newspaper wanting to ask us some questions why we came here and what are our expectations. So I said sure, I'll answer some questions. But then she also asked for other segment that she would like few volunteers to say what is their financial situation as students of our…


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A miracle happened!

Few days ago I was feeling kinda bum and guilty that my parents have to buy me all this fruit that they don't even understand the importance of. So I asked the universe to bring me cheaper fruit but as equal in quality. But of course I couldn't see how it's going to happened but I just trusted in universe and believed that it will bring me the best solution. Guess what happened today! My mom mentioned about this wholesaler near our home, after two months (today is two months:)) being LFRV we…


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Be happy people, you have endless reasons for that!!!

I am so grateful for this site and for this community. I love that it is so loving and peaceful and understanding :) I love that we respect each other and give our support. Isn't this like the best thing ever? :D

I love eating loads of fruit and it makes me feel like a part of this world, natural and spiritual. I am very grateful for everything that this lifestyle brought me so far - I feel more in sync with God and I feel loved and happy all the time and I know that there is…


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Two months went by

I'm vegan for two months now and I haven't noticed any crazy changes (normal I guess).  I'm much calmer though and I feel more love for the world and God. 

But I really need to read 80/10/10 book because I'm always bloated and sometimes I even feel pain in my stomach. I know I should be using cronometer. And I should be exercising... I always wait for the right moment. I know it's stupid. I know that exams shouldn't effect my health. I feel stuck. 

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Had a nightmare

Yesterday I came out to my friends (well, only for girls, so just half of them) about being raw vegan for a month and a half. They took it fine but of course had concerns about my health and well being but I answered all their questions successfully and they callmed down :)  Actually it was better than I expected :) So I went home later that night and was dreaming that I met my ex-boyfriend and he brought us some food (like he used to) and it was buns so I took one but wasn't…


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Lost my motivation about working out

So I'm used to working out 3 times a week in a gym but right now I think I'll just take a break for the holiday season... It's just I have so much to do with my school and also I want to relax and enjoy long walks and outdoors more then the gym... 

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Somethings up and I don't know what

Ok so I'm a vegan now for 3 weeks probably and I loved those three weeks. I enjoyed every second of it. A week ago I really got into oranges and tangerines so I ate tons of them. And also I suppose I had an emotional eating and I SERIOUSLY overate and these tangerines probably weren't the best and I got poisoned. I couldn't look at the fruit nor vegetables. And it's been like that for a few days now. I don't want to eat. But if I don't eat, I get cravings so I force myself to eat bananas or…


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I love everything about LFRW diet!

Just had the best salad with squeezed lemon on top. Yameee... Oh, God, where do I start... First of all, I have a confession to make. Last night I had a dried date BUT after a few dates I felt that something was wrong with them, I checked what it consists of and oh, mom, it had some E*** sh***.... My mom didn't checked if it was raw and bought it. So yeah, it was processed. But what the heck, who cares! What matters is that I am a vegan in heart and a few dates doesn't mean…


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So so happy

So today was ordinary day. And I've had these "ordinary" days for a week now and I already got use to it! Today is officially 7 days when I'm 100% low fat raw vegan. For some it might seem like nothing but in past two weeks I quit smoking after 2 years, quit drinking coffee after 4 years of daily drinking at least 2 cups a day and also I quit SAD diet. For a few days I had cravings and I leaned towards them. Now I CANNOT look at that food anymore :D First time in my life when I feel I have…


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I seriously think I'm overeating... For breakfast I had a probably 1,5-2kg Melon and then later I had carrot and apple juice and then was apples and later was dates and then salads. Oh my god that's a lot... Oh yeah, and a mini pineapple... Not that I put everything I ate today I know that this is true :D I'm not skinny, I'm a kilo away from overweight. So I think my stomach is stretched and that's why I overeat... 

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Weird stuff happening

Today was interesting. I got some 10 hour sleep and it was wonderful. Much needed :) During my workout at the gym I felt really weird. Half of my vision blurred and I could properly see only with one eye. The left one was absolutely blurry. I got scared so I missed my last 10  minutes of riding bike and got home. But it went away when I put my mind elsewhere - into making huge salad and later eating. Now I'm fine just having some headache but I think it's just because of detox happening.…


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Freaked out

I'm in my first week of living raw and i already feel lost. My temperature dropped and I'm cold and I don't know how much I have to eat at all. Although I don't miss meat nor milk or eggs but I really feel like I overeat fruit and I have no control over my main meals. It's like I'm eating all the time... I feel bad about it and depressed. My head is dizzy and I even managed to gain some weight! 


Please please can you seriously assure me all of this will go away???

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