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Day 11 - It's getting worse

Hi folks,

don't know what's going on but I am feeling really bad. I am tired all the time, have absolutely no energy or motivation to sport, headaches, I cannot concentrate, I am all the time sneaking around the kitchen and eating, eating, eating (so my amount of calories are surely enough), I am gaining weight like hell (and no I haven't calorie restricted for the last year and eat a lot of carbohydrates all the time) and I am really demotivated again. I don't weight myself but I…


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Day 9 of HCLFV

The salad I planned for yesterday evening...well I didn't order salad at the restaurant, I ordered thai curry (vegan), which was absolutely awesome.

But I noticed that I didn't sleep as good as the nights before and after 8 hours of sleep I still felt a little tired and dizzy....

Today I planned a relaxed day with studying and reading, but my university supervisor has just asked if I have already prepared something for a presentation next week - although I am still on vacation…


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Day 8 of HCLFV

Well well, day 8! I feel awesome, slept really well for 9 hours and notice that the "brain fog" is slowly going away.

Today, my breakfast consisted of a piece of watermelon, and as this was not enough, 4 nectarines. My lunch will be a banana smoothie and tonight we are going out for dinner to a cool vegetarian/vegan restaurant where I will pick a fresh salad I think!

Sport won't be so much today, some excercises at home and later on walking again the hill down + up (about 40…


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Day 7 - What sleep can do to you

Woooow it is sooo awesome how different I feel today! I slept about 10 hours and are totally refreshed and happy. Bought tons of fresh fruit at the market and to make you jealous:

These are figs fresh from the tree here in spain:

They are so delicious! We already walked about an hour today and I will do some taekwondo exercise at home later on (the…


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Day 6 - Failing...

It's day 6 I guess... but I failed again.

Besides 3 (!!) peaches and a bit of a watermelon we have absolutely no more ripe fruit at home. I am really going crazy. I am not able to buy enough fruit - either it takes too long to get ripe, or my boyfriend eats half of it (together with his normal meals) or I have not the (psychological) strength/motivation to go to the supermarket and buy more (it's far away and so absolutely hot out there that I would melt away). I am really frustrated…


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Day 5 of HCLFV

Well, today probably won't be 100%, because tonight we are going out to dinner and will "party" that everything went fine with the introduction to our new boss + job. I was pretty excited before that so today I did not sleep very well. Tomorrow as we went to take a coffee I ordered an orange juice and find this the best alternative to stick to in social situations.

I know that alcohol free beer is not in any way healthy or 801010 or so, but I think this is better than drinking normal…


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Day 4 of HCLFV


Slept awesome, feel (nearly) awesome. I started the day with a huuuuge piece of delicious, sweet watermelon (with pits) and snacked on raw carrots half an hour ago until I noticed (again, but I never learn it!!) that they don't agree with me and now I feel a little sick. Stupid, because I know that this happens every time with raw carrots! Well, okay, for lunch I will have an awesome banana smoothie of 6 large bananas (and maybe some dates as snack) and my dinner…


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Day 3 of HCLFV

Hi there!

Well, yesterday in the evening the headache was so bad that I nearly had to vomit. Don't know what this was. I have to admit that I took medication because otherwise I would have gone crazy.

Todayin the morning the headache is gone and I feel a lot better.

Had 2 large bananas and will eat about half a watermelon for breakfast. Lunch will be grapes and maybe peaches. Dinner probably potatoes and brokkoli (without fat or salt, try to keep it pure).



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Day 2 of HCLF(R)V

I slept about 8 1/2 hours and feel wonderful.

For breakfast I had 6 peaches and about 1 liter of water. Going to the market now to buy fresh fruits + greens.

Lunch will probably be a banana smoothie (I just love them sooo much) and dinner will be a big salad, maybe with other fruit in advance.

Sport will be something like 1-2 hours walking (we live on a hill, so the way back can be really counted as a bit of activity :P )

My boyfriend is still asleep. He went to bed…


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Tired of trying - Day 1 of 100% HCLFRV

Breakfast: 1 wedge watermelon (we don't have more)

3 Oranges

Lunch: Big Banana-Smoothie, Dates

Dinner: 2 Mangoes + a lot of peaches

I would eat a large salad for dinner but we don't have any salad left. Maybe, if we go out tonight, I will order a big salad (and of course also eat before at home).

I just saw this video…


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A new beginning

Hi there,

I am starting over today. Really starting over. I don't exactly know what happened the last weeks, but it was horrible - I ate everything I could get my hands on (vegetarian at least), drank lots of bear and tried so many new things after moving to spain 2 weeks ago. I feel like I am nearly exploding (so fat) and its an awful feeling. I started my day with water and a mango (no other fruit available) and will go to the market soon to buy tons of fruits + veggies.

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Day 3

Had about 2500 or even more calories today.

Slept ~ 7/8 hours and I am feeling really tired, exhausted and have headache again (still).

Breakfast: 1/2 huge watermelon, 2 peaches

Lunch: 2 Oranges, 5-Banana-150gr Dates-Smoothie

Dinner: Huge salad, 5-Banana-250gr Dates-Smoothie

After sporting (~60 minutes martial arts) a few dates and the rest of the smoothie from the dinner.

Drink: ~4 liters of water

I really hope that the headache will go away…


Added by steffi on June 28, 2012 at 6:29am — 3 Comments

Day 2 - Really lost ist, starting again now!

It was an awful day, head headache all the time, felt hungry and tired and after the presentation was finished I felt first so relieved, but then we went into a pub to celebrate the end of this really difficult study period and what should I say, I really fell of the wagon and ate stuff that I even dont eat on normal days... I feel so awefully bad now and am hoping so much, that this does not happen again.

In the past I had this so many times, but the last few month went really good,…


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Day 1 - 30 days High carb low fat raw vegan challenge!


just a quick note because I have to prepare a presentation for tomorrow:

The first day went awesome! I am feeling better already and am looking forward for the first results after a few days :)

So, here is the summary:

DAY 1:

Bfast: 4 Banana Smoothie

Lunch: ~10 dates, 1 orange, 4 Banana-Mango-Smoothie

Dinner: 1 huge salad (which I could not finish)

            3 Banana-blueberry-Smoothie

~2100 kcal

Exercise: 40 minutes…


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