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December Banana girl fun!!!

Just holding myself accountable for what I do. Managed to cut the coffee today. It felt pretty good. I am going to keep going with it. I don't have anything against coffee, but I just realize it hinders me from optimal nutrition, and I want to be my best. I want to live 100% and boast all the results because I have a lot of people watching me, and interested in what this lifestyle can do! Woop! Feeling a little bit sick on my tum, because I bought some navels from Whole foods, and I don't…


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Day 8

Yay for the holiday weekend, and no work tommorow! Enjoying energy from many ripe bananas. I haven't been eating them whole to increase my numbers. Although, I prefer them whole. Husband took us out to eat which altered my eating plan! Loving lots of happiness and positive energy!

Breakfast: 8 banana and 3 date smoothie

Lunch: Green salad with veggies and mustard vinegarette, baked sweet potato (out)

Dinner: 8 banana, date and celery smoothie

Dessert: 2 apples ---…


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Day 7 nanas nanas nanas

Back at work!!! Just wanted to brag a little...

Yesterday I ate approximately 25 organic and ripe bananas and enjoyed it. I feel my taste buds shifting --- and I prefer sweet fruit over other things. I neeeever crave sweets now. Love it! Only snafu is that I drank an americano coffee in the am. I was so pumped with energy, I spent the evening dancing around to music. So much so --- I didn't want to go to bed until 11. Which is bad. LOL.


Anyways, tonight is a long night…


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Day 6 Raising the bar

I worked overnight! And I am pooped! At any rate, I have decided to raise the bar a little bit. I have eaten enough raw foods and long enough to know how I feel when I am raw and when I am not. At this point everything I put in my body has an effect, and I am more mindful of it. Therefore, I am think I am ready to challenge myself with banana island. I have tried it before and failed. But I would like to give it a go. I have made myself a list to look at when I want to quit! Lol. Anyways, I…


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Day 4

Today was good. A bit stressful so I didnt quite eat enough. I will work on that tommorow. I have to be at the hospital 24 hours. So I can hit up the salad bar. Lots of raw veggies and fruit for me!
Breaky four nana raw carob and brazil nut shake
Lunch personal watermelon
Dinner personal watermelon
Snack apple
Drinks: water - unsure how much , americano coffee
Sleep 930 to 600
Goals: way more cals and water tomorrow!

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Day 3

Today i had the best watermelon. It was organic and cost me 599 (personal sized). But it was well worth it.

breakfast 4 banana smoothie with cinnamon and brazil nut

lunch personal watermelon

snack two roasted red skin potatoes

dinner tomato peach and celery soup

drinks: soy latte, 1 liter of water, glass red wine with buddies

Not sure where that puts me in cals or totals. Probably near 2000. Would like to increase the water intake. And of course keep little… Continue

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Day 1

I am trying to stick to Hcrv or hccv. I want to keep a food journal so here is better than any other place.
Breakfast 4 bananas and spinach smoothie
Snack peach
Lunch personal watermelon
Dinner tomato fuzz soup (peach tomato celery) and red skin potatoes baked
Snack apple
Water 1.5 liters
Americano coffee

Calories 1600

Goals: drink 2 liters and eat 2000 cals !

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Back to work and fruity

Things have been going well except back at work I occasionally drink one soy latte in the AM. But I have to be kind with myself! Anyways, eating fruity has been easy at work. However, since I am busy --- my appetite can be less than ideal. I have decided to take a good vegan multivitamin, with my vitamin D spray (I'm deficient). I have been able to get in about 2 liters a day of water, and I am working on increasing that. I also get about 7.5 to 8 hours a night, which I think is pretty damn…


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Life after coffee

I am doing very well folks!

I joined Freelee's 30 day challenge. Yesterday was a bit rough as I made a terrible combo for dinner and went to bed hungry. I don't think I will be metal-ing with the greens like kale, or bok choy for my salads. However, today i realized kale and bok choy make nice additions to green smoothies. Since they both taste strong it just balances out nicely for my tastebuds. I am happy because I don't like to waste. I also enjoy salads with romaine, cucumbers,…


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Enoying watermelon and sunshine!

So once again I am trying to commit fully to 801010 (I have been dabbling with this since Jan). Recently I have been eating a "high raw" diet, mostly vegan. With the occasional dairy product thrown in there. I have a hard time allowing myself to consume any cooked foods, because it just seems like a slippery slope. I'd rather just cut it out for the time being. I can say since the beginning of the year I have lost 5 pounds, eliminated any binge type behaviors, stopped drinking pop…


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Setbacks today

I planned pretty poorly for the day. And my food choices sort of reflected that. Ah well --- back to it tommorow! I started off the day as usual, but then got stuck out with my Mother and son and ended up eating a bit of fast food for lunch. This put me in a food "coma" for a few hours. I napped with my son. Typically, my parents eat late. So I was totally starved prior to dinner (which is no good!) and my Mother fixed me a bowl of homemade icecream. It is just a lesson I am not quite there…


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Sunday Dinner

Today was a good day. I went to bed at 10 yesterday, and felt good this morning. I didn't have a huge appetite so I ate a smaller smoothie. Then I wasn't able to get around to lunch until two PM. I had no trouble eating up all my food. I love watermelons. I just cut them in half and grab a spoon. My parents were back in town today, so it was a fun day. We took my son to church in the morning, and cooked together at night. (Well I mostly just chopped). Anyways, we were able to fix a dinner…


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Mmm avocado day!

Today was nice! Both of my parents were out of town today, so it was just me and my son. (We are visiting from NC). We had a nice relaxing Saturday. Enjoyed a little bit of play outside and at the neighbor's house. Here is what i ate:

Breakfast: Located a mini blender! Banana/strawberry date shake (cup coffee w/soy creamer)

Lunch: 1/2 watermelon and baked sweet potatoes in fat free hummus

Dinner: Head of romaine w/ raw guac (SO GOOD - avocado, celery, yellow pepper,…


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Watermelon love

I never really enjoyed watermelons in the past, but I have really really been enjoying them this season. Today I ate half a watermelon for lunch, and enjoyed wonderful energy. I ate it sort of like a bowl w/ a spoon and it didn't take me too long to eat this time.

When I get home (to NC) I may consider eating one every day...banana ice cream...fresh OJ...and then a really plain salad with some sort of savory dressing. Any ideas for savory dressings friends?

Here is what I ate…


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MY fruity update

I am back home in Ohio with my parents with my two year old son for several weeks. My husband and I are still working out the kinks in our marriage, but it appears things are slowly getting back on track, and I am looking forward to seeing him soon.

I didn't think I would be able to keep up my 801010-ish lifestyle here, but it hasn't been hard at all. There are plenty of places to get fresh fruit here (OHIO) - and not too expensive. My parents also keep a fairly decent and large stash…


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Here is my plan for the next bit: 100% raw breakfast until dinner. Dinner will be greens with grains/beans/legumes without condiments (except fresh herbs). I hope to be able to save some money and get my family in on the vegan action. I realize some of my pass failures come from a low intake. I am going to ramp it up to 2500 calories DAILY with pretty much 2000 in by lunch (This will be key - as I normally crash by 3 to 4PM from low intake). I only have 50 to spend this week. So my plan is…


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Kicking off banana island on Mama's day!

I am so ready to hit the sack right now! But I wanted to stop and jot down a few ideas.

I have decided to start nana island tommorow. I am looking forward to it. It will actually be banana smoothie island (with some greens too). I want to try and do this for a week (really longer, but I have to start small). The reason I want to do BI is because I have not been feeling well. Last week I had a case of nausea/diarrhea for several days. THIS week my throat is sore and it feels like my…


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Back on Track!

I am so appreciative of all the responses I get whenever I have a concern! I am slowly but surely working on my relationship with my husband. I am mostly focusing on carbing up and being a good partner. That is all I can do right now!

I had a hard time sticking to the diet last week because we are changing everything up in the home. We had no kitchen sink, so I couldn't wash my foods, or spread out my blender/juicer. Then I got sick, with nausea/diarrhea for several days which I am…


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Taking a break!

Hi all,

I finally feel like I know what I have to do to succeed. I have asked a million questions and received all the answers thanks to the community. Now I need to just put what I have learned to action! This week has ran beautifully, my cravings are slowly melting away, I am eating more than ever, and I know where the fruit is. Although it remains a little costly!

I have so much going on right now! Work starts in a few months. I am converting my baby to veganism sloooowly. I…


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Starting a challenge tommorow

SO after playing around for a few months I am ready to stick to a 60 day 100 percent challenge. In which I document EVERYDAY what is going on. My Dad is interested in the diet. He has agreed to read 801010 and my blog too. I also will be posting my blog to facebook so that all my friends can see it, and perhaps they will be inspired by me. I am not really an "in…


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