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Holy Allergies!

Ok, after doing super well with LFRV, I had this intense craving for pasta that stayed for days. so I had some. iwth a cream sauce, cheese, etc. I also started drinking a 'light' powdered tea. for 2 days I went from 80% raw/100% vegan to 20% raw/SAD. Holy Cow (no pun intended) I feel like crap.


My sinus issues came back hte sensitivity of my left ear came back with the itching. my lips dehydrated, burned around the edges, I got a fever blister where my lip split, my gums…


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craving oranges like crazy

since my surgery on the 25th of July, I have been CA-raving oranges like mad! I had some, but it was Not enough. today I set up and order through Cooseman's and my brother in law picked it up. 

I got 1 box of oranges (88 oranges)

1 box local peaches (dunno, maybe...80-90?)

6 lbs strawberries

24 seedless cucumber

30 mangoes

12 cantaloupe

15 lbs tomatoes (for my hubs)


I think that's it! All for $105


Anyhow, first…


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My New Best Friend: Coosemans

Ok, I saw a picture of a 'mamey' here on 30bad which was posted by Willa. I commented on it cause of it's intense color and it just looked so good. I forgot aobut it for a littel bit till Willa wrote in response to my comment. 

Then I just HAD to go in an internet mamey search. I found it is also called mamey sapote, or sometimes sapote. Well, low and behold I found a local place that can get them. They are all over the place US and some other places. The company is…


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Easy day at hospital.

Well, we arrived promptly at 5:30 am, first to sign in and get started. I am told I was about 2 hours in hte back before they wheeled me away.

I was out, but not really out. I had to be awake enough to respond when they said something. But....I don't remember a thing! And I like it that way =) I don't really remember them wheeling me anywhere, just waking up in the recovery area at about 8:15 am EST.  

about 8:45 My hubby drove me home (bless his heart--he has barely any…


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Surgery and Living Food

Well, Even though I have slipped up and ate SAD several days. I am still way healthier than I would have if I had NOT gotten 80-10-10, or been part of 30bad, or saw Megan's raw food videos & recipe books. I was hard on myself (as I feel I should have been) but a friend pointed out yesterday that I am way healthier than I was in the spring and to just suck it up go through tomorrow's surgery and work on leaving the unhealthy food behind and getting closer to where I want to be with LFRV…


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Wow, I just got a dose of what it is like to stop eating so much fresh fruit and veggie!  For 4 days out of 5, I ate mostly SAD. Carud! I am feeling really dehydrated, got a fever blister, adn got some wicked painful zits. been more oily, elimination is foul, my knee adn back started getting really painful again. (it had calmed down a great deal to where i hardly noticed…


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On my way

In the last few days, I have gotten 80-10-10, Megan McDonnell's 'Easy to be Raw' adn her 'Easy to be Raw - Deserts' as well as 'Savory Raw Dressings And Sauces' from Andrew Perlot. I found a method that will help transition me to 100% raw. all day, I only have raw fruits and maybe a veggie snack, at night I have a vegan dinner, about 85% raw. I am doing really well on this. I am adding more and more raw every day, and it is starting to…


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80-10-10 got delivered today!

ok. well, 80-10-10 arrived today. about 3:30 pm EST. a little over 12 hours later, I took it out of the UPS box. 


I think with it here, it is a little scary. I will not have any excuses now. I have a physical reference for what i need to find. I will now have knowledge at my fingertips which means I am now accountable to myself. 


Mentally, it is tough. when hte box first arrived I made a scrunchy face at it. I am making a scrunchy face at the book out of the…


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Good Morning Bananas

Feeling better, slept well :) <--- major thing for me!


Ok, so I did not make it through day 2 completely SAD free. But....I do feel much better with having eaten 95% raw (bananas). I woke up early today and actually felt like getting up and being productive. Love the morning time! It is so quiet and fresh. I will be getting some more bananas today, riper ones that I got before because I will be getting them in bulk and they ripen them to various stages for grocery stores,…


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Nature vs. Computer

Nature vs. Computer


So what am I referring to? So many people jump out of bed in the morning in a hurry to get here or there. My vice is hte computer. I grab my water, and head for my office, sit in front of the computer and...BAM I am stuck all day. Immediate stimulation of the senses into a hard digital world inside. 


I took a different approach today. A few weeks ago, I moved a small table and chair from my closed in back porch to the open front porch.…


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Food Fail

I was doing so good today, not hungry at all.


But around 10pm. I had cookies. and Doritos. this is stuff I would not ever normally eat. I haven't had Doritos for 2(?) years.  And I am not a particular fan of Chocol*te-Chip Cookies. 


What happened? It probably explains everything in the 80-10-10 which is on it's way. But I have seen where others are all good in the daytime, but not at night. 


I thought I would be strong. And the cravings had…


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Alternative Treatments

BIG sigh of relief! *woot woot*


my insurance has alternative treatments that are covered. I feel really lucky, I know how much this can cost without insurance.…


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Ravages of Paxil on my body.

I found out today how toxic I am from taking Paxil for so long (at the suggestion of my doctor) You know, it is not really for what ails you. I actually have overdose symptoms because of build up in my system. I have been getting worse and worse and worse over hte past few years. I found today 2 sites that Detailed all the tings that could happen, and not only do I have some of the 'normal' side effects, but so many of hte 'rare' side effects and the symptoms of…


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Some mental relief

After a noisy discussion today with my husband, I was finally able to relax and now feel like I can move forward in getting healthy. He grudgingly agreed (in his way) to not be negative about my lifestyle food choices. Or at least to not verbalize the negativity. 


So incredibly stressful. He said so you are denying youself pleasure in life, you can't have a cupcake or anything. I said, I am allowing myself to be healthy and strong, and for that I would trade a ton of…


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started... and stopped

ok, I started LFRV with a bang. I felt pretty good, then....Larry's voice got in my head. I dont' think this is healthy, what are you making for dinner? I took st**ks out, want me to start them? 


Groan. when someone nags constantly at you, it is really difficult. 

I stopped the all day LFRV, and added 1 cooked meal. It went downhill from there. I have never liked the smell of cooked meat, and am SUPER squeamish about meat in general.


history: Several…


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