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Thank you fruit friends for your help. Still learning.

Sunday, thank you so much for your kind support and things to keep in mind that nutrition is what is going to save our health. It is that and having time to rest and sleep and restore one's body.  I have to advocate better for more quiet time.  It is so easy to just over schedule, overdo, overeat, over compensate for the stress and sadness i am feeling as i see my parents decline.  one forgets to just be and that is healing.  i allowed myself to give up my one sunday alone time to rest and…


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Tuesday: Elderly issues

Today I am with my parents to help with my dad's situation with the aftermath of a stroke.  They did an mri on the head and we will get the results from the radiologist today.  I run the gambit of high stresss, sadness, frustration over my dad's health situation.  I am doing my very ripe bananas smoothie of bananas/water/cinnamon.  I need my brain to be at its peak performance to deal with the next steps and help around the house.  I am praying for wisdom to do the…


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Happy Saturday Exercises

Besides having a creative flow.  Yesterday and today have felt like exercising.  I feel I have enough energy and feeling better with this healthy full feasting that I have wanted to get outside and enjoy the trees and the lovely neighborhood by walking around and enjoying the gardens that are still in bloom.  Feeling happy.  I feel happy and that feels good.  I don't have the low grade lingering fatigue that plagued me.  It was being undernourished though I was…


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My personal breakthrough

Yesterday I had a huge fruit smoothie and that was so satisfying. I had a great writing day and felt very connected to inspiration and just was in a flowing mode with my creativity.  That felt great.  I waited to 4pm to have cooked homemade lentils and veggies soup.  I made organic california brown rice and stirred that up and ate the biggest plate of it.  I looked at it and thought wow that is alot of food.  Afterwards the lentils are so dense that it felt quite heavy on my stomach.  It was…


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Eating until I am full

Love eating fruit in the morning until I am completely full.  Feels absolutely wonderful.

Enjoying watermelon while I have it available in the markets.  I ate a whole medium size watermelon and that felt fantastic.  How simple and delicious.  

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A salad dressing with stuff in the fridge

made a dressing of:


red bell pepper 1/2

2 scallions

1 garlic clove

the liquid is raw apple cider vinegar-braggs

1 date for sweetness

blended it up and having my greens and tasty refreshing and has the sweet/sour tang to it.

Enjoy the creativity in mixing flavors and seeing what comes up. 

Enjoy also the amount of color in the raw foods.  Quite beautiful and so filling.

I have to feel a sense of fullness was never…


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Glowing Skin

I was with a friend yesterday who said your skin is so glowing what are you doing.  I said fruits will do that to you.  Such a nice surprise how wonderful skin texture and radiance is due to the fruits and the increased water that I have been doing.  This is most exciting as that is the first thing that shows up with changes in diet.  So was such a nice boost for me to hear.  

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Wednesday-Preparing for tomorrow and hosting at home

I am hosting a guest from tomorrow on until november 4th.  It is a lot easy to do your food plan and eat when you want when it is basically just you.  Now with hosting responsibilities I am preparing all my foods and making things I hope will be enjoyable to those not on my path-----yet.  Today, I did get some positive feel back that my skin is looking very good and so that is nice feedback of the side benefits of eating this way.

I enjoy the eating raw till 4pm plan.  I have my…


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This morning having my smoothie late 11am.  At 8am with a phone call,  I got caught up trying to get a dog adopted and avoid getting euthanized.  Dog was just left.  Tied up in the front of this spca. So very charged up day and now just getting around to my new version of my smoothie 2 huge honey crisp apples/1 large cucumber/1 whole lemon peeled and a blender full of water.  So grateful to just do a quick blend and I have a big breakfast waiting for me.

10:30am suddenly could feel my…


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Sunday Lunch

A huge blender full of grapes and lettuce with water.  I am eating early today as my energy was starting to drag and wow the ripe black concord grapes with lettuce is the best most filling lunch I could think of today.  No messing up the kitchen.  How about that for instant gratification.  I loving it. :)

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Sunday and feel good

Sunday and feel really good about the progress I made this week of really listening to my body and eating accordingly. The crunchiness and the flavors are more pronouced.  I also realized my water intake needs to way up to feel good.  I am so enjoying the morning smoothies I actually look forward to having breakfast.  Wow, what a change for me.  I never liked to eat breakfast before.  I now know why it made my stomach feel heavy and I felt sleepy and tired afterwards.

thankfully never…


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Saturday: ending up with a headache

I did super well today but unfortunately after my plain unsalted foods of quinoa/lentil-veggie mix for dinner I am having a centralized over my left eye headache.  I never get headaches so this is quite strange for me. Never run to meds not even for a headache.  Going to have to look up some natural remedies to try and drink a lot of water to flush out whatever is going on.  Since i have gallstones and the gallbladder speaks to the liver and pancreas.It is particularly important for me to…


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Saturday and sensing a shift

Woke up clear headed and quite thirsty.  It seems that I am tuning in better to my body's needs. Yesterday quite interesting ate until 5pm and never got around to "dinner" and did not miss it.  I was not having night cravings.  I guess that I satisfied my caloric intake early in the day and was done by 5pm.  That is a first for me to not want and look forward to dinner.  It gives me a sense of freedom as if I discovered a new way to move in my day and my eating habits.  It feels good.  My…


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Beautiful breezy warm sunny fall day and at 5pm

Just getting around to lunch.  With the big water intake that I am doing in the morning making realize how dehydrated I was as it makes me feel so much better to have that much water in the morning.

A huge salad now and the palate is just refining as I am heightened in my awareness that the dressing could use much less apple cider vinegar.  Good to see how my taste buds are adjusting that quickly.  I still like the garlic flavor so that is my little treat.

Processing a lot of…


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Friday- the effect of eating natural raw foods is quite calming

Yesterday: started out with the big smoothie apple/lemon/cilantro/water drink. Felt super hydrated and light.

Lunch had a big salad and made a refreshing dressing of raw apple cider vinegar/garlic/avocado/3cups of water.  It was tangy and light as the dressing due to the water was so liquify that just a little needed to cover my huge salad of lots of greens and lots of mixed veggies.  It was so huge that I felt like I stuffed myself.  The interesting part is I probably used 1/4 of the…


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Spacing out meals to keep energy high throughout the day

I ate a very light and filling fruit smoothie breakfast.  Now at 2:30pm about time to eat some late lunch.

Wondering how spacing of meals work.  Is it better to time out your meals or wait until your body says time for some food.  Is it too late when your body says hungry it is mealtime.  Along food combining principles found on the world wide web found a rule that said to wait 3-4 hours to eat fruit after you ate a properly combined meal so that your fast digested fruit does not sit…


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Thundercat Thursday

So happy to be back home with my blendtec blender and have my have morning smoothie. Love the simplicity of simple fruit recipes.  Apple, lemon, cilantro and water.  Easy, refreshing, quick and feel energized by it.

I love this type of breakfast of smoothies and just have my own space again.

So liberating.  I love when I am finished with my meal and feel light not heavy in my stomach.

Feeling inspired and want to continue with my higher energy and have it consistent…


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Back home and reviewing food combining charts

I love doing a big smoothie in the morning.  Get lots of water in and my fruits.

My go to smoothie is apples/lemon peeled with or without some cilantro and lots of water.

This by far is one of my favorites.  

Basically sub acids can combine with either acid fruits or sweet fruits.  Subacids blueberries can go either way.

Greens can combine with fruit so kale/lettuce or spinach good to add in. 

With that "time of the month" going to try to be more…


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Mono fruit day

I am going to try a mono fruit day and see how I do.  I have just fallen in love with black table grapes and so enjoy eating it that I am going to try a mono fruit day and with my water should hopefully be good.

Will be a nice experiment to see how this goes.  The great thing is I have a serious love feast when I eat the black grapes.  So wonderful to try this out today.

Happy Sunday. Love and Light.

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4pm in afternoon starving

I ended up having a smoothie with sunflower sprouted greens and cilantro with 1 apple and 1/2 lemon with some fresh ginger and water.  I ended up feeling a lot better after I had my smoothie.  Morning eating grapes was great however come 4pm and had to have greens too. Still enjoying feeling light in my stomach  today.

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