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Re-Feeding - Final week

Day 22 – Had a good sleep after getting to bed late.  Paola left this morning which was sad.  Luckily I still have James to keep me sane!  Walked up and over steep hills for an hour and then back with James.  My left ear kept blocking for the whole walk.  We were up at quite a high altitude by the time we got to the top so maybe that had something to do with it.  My ears are also still ringing which they have been doing for the last 2 weeks.  Exhausted after walk so went straight to bed…


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Re-Feeding - Week 3

Day 15 – Slept great but last night’s pineapple amount was too much but it tasted amazing so I ate all of it anyway. Bad idea as I think it more put me in a recovery sleep rather than a restful sleep! I have no energy today and basically sleep between all meals. Appetite has faded again as a result. I guess I just wore myself out with joy yesterday! Still in a good mood though so all is good.

Day 16 – Slept well again but seem to be doing a lot of sleeping at the book ends of the… Continue

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Re-Feeding - Week 2

The last week has been the most traumatic of my life and I’ve been to hell and back.  I’m writing all this in hindsight as I was too exhausted and negative to document it at the time, so a lot of it is a hazy memory.

Day 8 – Bad sleep again due to neck and shoulder tension.  Today I fell into a world of fear based insanity where I was having a mental battle in my head between good and evil and I experienced real fear for the first time.  Lots of frightening visuals and I had a bit of…


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Re-feeding – Week 1

Day 1 – Slept badly again and was thinking about fruit all night so food is what I got in the morning.  Was great to have my first meal and it tasted fantastic!  Was also surprisingly satisfying. Went to bed straight after it and slept till the next meal 2 hours later.  Had 5 meals for the first day of watermelon and thoroughly enjoyed everyone one of them.  Such good watermelon!  I also can have papaya but just want watermelon.  It’s very tiring to be eating again and I just basically sleep…


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Fast – Bowel movement from hell!

Well I just had one of the worst experiences of my life yesterday afternoon/last night.  On day 3 of re-feeding at just before 1:30pm I had the sudden need for my first bowel movement since the first day of the fast so naturally went to have it.  Everything wanted to work the way it always had except it just would not come out.  I was coming up to my next meal in half an hour so wanted to get it over with but two and a half hours later I was still on the toilet and by this time was in quite…


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Fast - Week 5

Day 29 – Finding it harder to get to sleep as I’m sleeping a bit throughout the day.  Bit down today.  No energy.  Tongue is light again.  Ears still ringing slightly.  Got some emotional stuff coming up again.

Day 30 – Having very strange dreams but still sleeping well.   Still down and dealing with emotional stuff.  Tongue is light again.  Brushed my teeth and gums bled a in the same spot.  Realised I have a lot of tension around my eyes so trying to relax that area as much as…


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Fast - Week 4

Day 22 -  Slept well.  Have notice a bit of bleeding and red gums around my lower right eye tooth when I brush my teeth.  Not brushing for now to give it some healing time.  Still a bit of flem in the morning but nothing bad.  Occasional tone in alternating ears for a few seconds which is strange but not painful.  Energy is a bit down today.  A bit more gassy than usual.  Right underarm smelling a bit like coffee again.  Tongue coating is getting lighter.

Day 23 – Slept well.  A lot…


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Fast - Week 3

Day 15 – Slept well as the noise was more distant than I imagined it would be. Took awhile to get to sleep though as I had a bit of an emotional episode over feelings of unfinished business with my old band. I wanted to stop the fast and go home to rejoin the band. Also had strong cravings to eat old cooked foods and wish just to be “normal” like everyone else. Smells of these foods where coming from my right underarm which was very strange. Had symptoms for once where I had a mild pulsating…


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Fast - Week 2

Day 8 – Slept well!  Today things shifted and I felt increased weakness and a need for sleep so ended up sleeping sporadically throughout the day.  Blood pressure was also very low

today.  Found out I may have an issue

with how much I need to go to the toilet which I just thought was something

that varied in people.  It’s been like

this since I can…


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Fast -Things I'd like to heal from

Should have listed these at the start for you all but it slipped my mind.

Things I’d like to heal;

Sneezing fits I’ve had since my teens

Failing reading eyesight

Injured elbow from a bike accident almost two years ago

Occasional coldsores (only get small unnoticeable ones now compared to the large ones I used to get)



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Fast - Week 1

Day 1 – A little hungry but water makes it subside. 

Day 2 – Slept well but only from 9 to 3.  Hungrier than yesterday but not that bad.  No bowel movements today.  Starting to feel tired and a little

week.  Temperature a little low along

with blood pressure but spread is good. …


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Fast – Day 1 stats.

Height – 5’ 10”

Weight (pounds) – 106.4

Body fat – 6.2%

Hydration – 77.6%

Systolic blood pressure – 93

Diastolic blood pressure – 57

Pulse - 80

Temperature – 95.9

Blood sugar – 94


...and so it begins...


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Well I start my first long fast tomorrow here at Tanglewood Wellness Centre in Panama, Central America.  I'm doing a minimum of 3 weeks with the option of going longer, so maybe 6 weeks?  I'd like to go longer than 3 weeks if possible but am going to wait and see how I feel when the time comes.


I'm very looking forward to this as the last 2 months have been really draining and I really need just to sleep and recover.  Perfect opportunity to fast!  Perfect place to fast as…


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So yet another anniversary comes around for me. Yesterday it was for 2 years no alcohol and today is for 2 years 811! So what has changed? Well what has not changed would be

more an easier question to answer! I don't have the time at this

moment but tomorrow I'll continue this blog and tell you all about





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A Penang durian season in hindsight

I've just spent the last month in Penang, Malaysia for the peak of the durian season. I have to say I've had some incredible durian during this time. Ang Hair, Holo, D2, D11, D14, D17, D18, D24, 100, 604, 754, to name a few. Fans of Penang durian consider it to be the finest in the world and treat it like a fine wine. They scoff at the Thai varietys! I've only had Thai durian in frozen form so can't really comment, though I am heading to Thailand very soon so may post an update after I…


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It's been 13 months on this diet and looking back so much has changed in my life. Mid last year I was depressed and would spend most of my time drinking at pubs and bars with friends hoping that something great would happen or I'd meet some amazing girl that would pull me out of my rut. Life was just plodding along. I had been doing the same thing for years and something had to change. Well things did change because I made them change. I woke up on the 5th of October 2008 with a typical hang… Continue

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811 anniversary

Yes it's been a year.

All is good.

Pass me that mango...

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An Unhealthy Obsession

Since the start of the year I have been weighing myself every morning in a hope that I will put on weight (muscle). Seeing an ever decreasing reading gets me down and starts my day off on the wrong foot. It’s time to stop. I need to lose this as a focus. It does me no good. Losing more weight isn’t going to make me stop 811 so it’s pointless to keep weighing myself. I’ve just put the scales away and have given myself a 3 month challenge to not weigh myself but to just keep doing my weights and… Continue

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Too skinny to be healthy!

Well it's been almost 8 months of 811 and my friends are starting to notice. Not in the way I had hoped for though. I've lost 7 kilos since October last year and I was only 55kg (5'10") to begin with. I knew I had lost a lot but it didn't phase me as I felt better in every way and nobody really commented so all was cool. Now a few friends have noticed and everytime I go out I get hassled. I tell them I'm fitter, stronger, and really happy but they think I'm in a delusional state and am… Continue

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Eat me!

I wonder if the health and well being of mosquitoes is effected by the quality of the blood they suck? Is dining out on a SAD eater like going to McDonalds for them? All that fatty blood going straight to their hips! Haha! Are we 811ers the healthy choice for health fanatic mosquito diners?

Nature is so finely balanced that even the slightest change can trigger a chain reaction and result in a catastrophe. So if insects like mosquitoes don't get the quality of food they require, I… Continue

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