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Lab Results + Pregnancy!! :)

Hello all of you wonderful Fruit Bats!! 

How are you?? It's been months since I've been on the site.. and months since I've been RT4 :(

In October my chiropractor (who is also my trusted doctor) asked me to get my lab work done so that…


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Jumping Islands ~ RT4

Hello everyone!!

I have been eating a whole lot of bananas for the past eight days. attempting to do a full out banana island. with all of the bloating (and I mean massive ugly bloating), I have decided to jump islands... banana island during the day and HCLFV island at night (cooked). since island jumping, I have noticed a lot less bloating. Don't know why that is? My dinners have been staying the same: rice noodles, 1/2 head of lettuce, mixed steamed veggies and occasionally…


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Banana Island ~ Day Six

Hello Fruity One's!!!

today marks day six of my banana island. I've had some ups and downs this week... mainly just irritated with the consistent bloating. 

I had a cooked dinner (rice noodles and lettuce) the past two nights and surprisingly, when I woke the next day, I wasn't near as bloated as to the other days when I woke from being strictly on the bananas. I'm curious to know why that is??

So!! I'm thinking about doing the banana island till 4. unless there are days…


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Then and Now ~ Goal Pic!

Hi Fruity Ones!!! 

Today I wanted to share that I am on day five of Banana Island and am feeling way better than yesterday! Still bloated but whatever!

I have a pic from two years ago that I found recently in a pair of jeans that were my absolute FAV!!! I don't fit into them anymore :(

I was juicing a lot and of course eating 100% plant based... and was the slimmest I've been in a very long time. Fast forward to today ~ I tried on those same jeans and…


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Banana Island ~ eating a cooked lunch

Hello Fruit Bats!!

First off, please let me express to any readers who share advice, I greatly appreciate it!! I'm learning of this lifestyle and want to make the most of it and eventually share with others my experience and my reasons for making this my diet of life and longevity!!

Now!! I caved this afternoon after feeling distraught over a bloated belly from my banana milk breakfast... and being bloated from the night before. I have said it many times that I…


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Banana Island ~ Day Four (missing RT4)

Hello everyone!!!

It's so nice to be sharing another blog post with all of you! I'm new to this whole banana island thing... Decided to give it four weeks after having issues with my gallbladder and was told to remove fat from my diet. I was told I can eat bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. I ate bananas and within no time i had no pain in my sides and no fever! Check that out!!

So I did a few days on the RT4 plan and then decided to go ahead and do a banana island for the month of… Continue

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Banana Island ~ My Day One

Day one of banana island was quite nice! 

I had a 9 banana-milk drink for breakfast, an 8 banana-milk drink for lunch and another 8 banana-milk drink for dinner. I did have a banana in the evening some time after dinner because I was feeling a little hungry.

I loved my banana-milk's!! I felt great drinking them and loved that the drink was HUGE!!! lol. I have been known to binge so to have such a large meal without feeling guilty, was extra nice :)

My daughters said I'm…


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My very first Banana Island ~ Starts Sept. 1st!!

Hello all of you beautiful banana goers!!! 

I have been taking in all of the advice that so many have been sharing with me and I have decided that with my slow digestion, yet passion to live a high carb lifestyle, I think it is time (and that it is best) for me to venture off onto a BANANA ISLAND!!! 

I'm stoked!! 

Banana's are an easy eat for me and if this is what it takes to correct my digestive issues plus gain an abundance of energy, sign me up TWICE!! 



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Salt ~ Didn't know it was on the naughty list

Ok so here I am doing super duper fabulous on my RT4!! 

Big banana/date smoothies in the morning (8 bananas, 6 dates, vanilla drops and 1400ml of water). Fruit or smoothie for lunch.. sometimes some dried plums for a quick snack and then dinner is usually white rice with veggies. I ALWAYS sprinkle salt and pepper on my dinner... always!! and then as I was reading the RT4 FAQ's page to gain more knowledge on the lifestyle, I came across the ingredient list and found out that salt is a…


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Hyper Adrenal


I can now say goodbye to the cholecystitis I was dealing with!! Hooray!!! Happy Dance!!!!! I went to my amazing Doc yesterday and she did her kinesiology work on me and I passed the bacteria test and inflammation test. Last week I said the pain was at a six, yesterday I said it was at a three... I haven't had a fever in five days or so nor have I been dealing with any major pain!! As of now the gallbladder is not an issue but I will remain on the fat free ~ low fat diet and…


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Cholecystitis symptoms retreat ~ UTI moves in!

So there's no doubt that I am facing some immune issues! My immune system seems to be running on fumes and needs a good boost. a week and a half before the gallbladder attack, I had a week and a half long UTI. Strange, because at that time I was one week into a juice feast. never had I had a UTI barge in while I was doing any sort of cleanse. now the GB is getting some rest and my pains are much much less now, I have no fever and the past two days my energy levels were pretty decent!!…


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Cholecystitis ~ and positive energy!!

So for the past four and a half days, I have been put on bed rest for gallbladder issues. On top of that, I have been firmly scolded "no fat diet!" ... As a matter of fact, my doctor labeled my diet as the BRAT diet, she says, "a BRAT diet for a brat." :D




Toast (with jelly)

Let me also mention that I have known my doctor for over ten + years. She is a naturopath and offers a great deal of homeopathic remedies. My daughters have only seen her as… Continue

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Passionate Vegan with digestive issues and now cholecystitis

I've been plant-strong for nearly seven years now! Raising two beautiful girls on the plant-strong diet as well. Our lifestyle of choice works for us! We love a colorful array of veggies, fruit salads, grains and all of the wonderful superfoods we come across.

I tend to dabble in raw adventures from time to time and even embark on juice feasts! Hey! Juice is part of this families lifestyle :) we love it! For quite some time, I have been following Freelee and her chosen lifestyle. I have… Continue

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