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It's been a while

I logged back in and i guess it's been four years since i posted here. I included starches and cooked veggies for a while, but i'm trying fully raw again for a while. Not for life, because i don't think some cooked veggies and starches are bad for you, but for a while to try it out again. 

I'm glad i got to reread what i wrote when i first tried it 6 years ago. 

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A Little Farther Each Day...

I have decided to become a runner. I am using an app on my phone, which is actually really cool. I have never used technology to track my progress before. I am now able to see my runs on a bar graph now. I go just a tiny bit farther each time i go out for a run! The difference is something i might not even notice, if not for the GPS tracking app. 

I am also very happy that i took a random turn down a wooded trail today on my run. I had to deal with some STEEP hills, but the…


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8 months to train for Half Marathon

I have not run more than a 5K, but i think i can do a half marathon in 8 months. The snow is melting and it's time for last year's knee injury to become last year's problem. It still hurts, but i have my life to live, so i will run on it when i can. I'm running on the treadmill while it's still cold out, and as long as i stretch and go slow, it's not that bad. 

I am also training for RAGBRAI again, so i have a lot to look forward to this year. 

Here's to a…


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My knee is not fully better, but i just couldn't sit at home and let RAGBRAI happen, and not be there, so i did the last 2 days. I was pretty happy with how well my knee held up. 

I was really happy with the amount of good food i found this year. There are certainly vendors happy to sell you all sorts of junk food, just like anywhere else, but i also happened to find a lot of vendors selling good stuff. I bought some fresh made watermelon juice after the ride from a guy who…


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The Battle of Wounded Knee. And Wounded Shoulder.

Still recovering from the accident. I had no idea how bad it was injured at first. I still have daily pain in my knee, and in the spot that hit the ground, which was my shoulder. 

I have started riding my bike to and from work, a few days a week. It will probably be another few months until i am completely healed, but the doctor doesn't think there will be permanent issues from my knee injury, and hopefully there is nothing permanent in the shoulder. I still can't jog. I did…


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Bicycle VS Car Accident - The loser: My Knee

I was on my way home from work the other day when a lady didn't look before pulling away from a stop sign, putting her car directly in my bicycle's path. My bike "T-boned" her car, which stopped the bike, but i kept going. My knee took the entire force of the impact on her rear door, then i flipped over the car, and hit the ground, very hard. 

So, now i can't jog or ride my bike, and i can only walk a little bit. I am so bored!!! I'm able to walk more now than in the…


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First 5K/First Vegan Thanksgiving


I ran the Naperville, IL Turkey Trot this morning. This was the first time i have run more than 2 miles without stopping in 15 YEARS!!! Not since i was 16 years old!!!

I didn't run the whole 3.2 miles, but i ran until i puked, and then started running again. I made it about 2.75 miles without stopping. I ran it in 36 minutes flat, which is not good for many runners, but i couldn't be happier about it. I now have the opportunity to beat this time on future…


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I just signed up for my first 5K!!!

I'm doing the Naperville Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, in Naperville, Illinois. 

My dad, my sister, and one of my friends do this run every year, but i have never been in good enough shape to  join them. I really needed something to look forward to, and something to train for, with winter approaching. 

Winter will be a challenge this year. I started my journey to better health last March, so most of my experience with eating well has occurred during…


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I only made it 91 miles. 106 degrees. Heat Stroke.

I only made it half way through day 2! It was 106 degrees in the shade, with full Iowa humidity. Most of the first day, i was feeling great! We stayed with my aunt and uncle in Iowa for a day before the ride started, so i was able to go to the grocery store and stock up on fruit. The night before the ride, i cracked open a gallon of bottled water, and finished it right before i started riding. I started off fully hydrated, and pissing clear every half hour. I started off with plenty of…


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Leaving for 471 Mile Bicycle Ride Tomorrow Morning!!! RAGBRAI

The Des Moines Register, a newspaper in Iowa, decided in 1973 to have a bike ride across Iowa and invite readers to come along. Now, on the 40th annual ride, there are about 20,000 riders expected to do the 471 mile ride. 

My dad did the ride in 1982, 30 years ago, and has been telling me about it my whole life. I have always wanted to go. This year will be my first year, and my dad's first year since then. My sister is also going. 

We leave tomorrow…


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Cycling Goal for 1 Month: 250 miles. Actual: 310

I made a goal 1 month ago to cycle 250 miles within a 30 day period. Today is the day i was supposed to have it done. I not only accomplished this goal, i beat it by 60 miles!

No need to set anymore cycling goals before RAGBRAI. I plan to take it easy, do a little bit of jogging, take some short rides, and eat well. 1 WEEK LEFT UNTIL RAGBRAI!!!!! I'm so excited. 471 miles of cycling in 1 week, with my Dad and my little sister. 

CYCLING QUESTION for anyone who…


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30 Day Review


I looked over my previous blog posts. Sometimes i feel like i am not making progress because i mess up, but i can see where i made progress within the last 30 days. It's just not as fast as i'd hoped.


Sometimes, when i have something processed or cooked, i tell myself later, "It's ok to continue eating poorly, because I already screwed up" and the cycle continues. I can spend several days in a row eating one meal per day that has…


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30 Day 80/10/10 RV: POWER OUTAGE

I haven't been able to report daily for several days due to a massive storm and power outage in my area. It's been several days without power so far. (running on a generator now) 

I'm still riding daily, and eating fruit all day long. There have been a few times where i have had some cooked food, but overall, i'm still on the path. 

Since last blog post, i have ridden 36 miles. Morning weight still hovering around 204. I'll report back when i get power…


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30 Day 80/10/10 RV, Day 19: WATER ME, PLEASE!!!


Banana/Date smoothie for breakfast. Bananas for morning snack. Dates every 30-60 minutes during bike ride. Nectarines after bike ride. More bananas later. Big salad for dinner. 


Over 300 FL OZ of water, and still drinking. I did a 35 mile ride on a 100 Degree Fahrenheit day. I just can't get enough water!!!


35 miles on the road bike. A short walk. That was my farthest ride so far this season, and i would have done more if…


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30 Day 80/10/10 RV, Day 17 and 18

Day 17

I was sad pretty much all day. When people i know die, i usually am sad for several days, and there is no point trying to fight it, it's natural. I didn't even know her that well, it just hurts to see someone who was so young, and who had just started her life, go out in such tragic circumstances (house fire). I ditched going to the gym in order to try to fix my car, and i didn't even get it completely fixed. I did, also, binge on food i wouldn't normally touch. I…


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30 Day 80/10/10 RV, Day 16:


Cherries for breakfast. Kiwi mid afternoon. Salad with garden tomatoes for dinner. 


Slacking!!! 7 miles on the bike. 

I felt very bad today. I'm not sure if it was the cooked food last night, or the fact that i found out, early in the morning, about someone i knew dying at 26. I think it was both, but mainly the stress of the death notification. It was my friend's Ex GF, and i hadn't seen her in years, and i wasn't even close with…


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30 Day 80/10/10 RV, Day 15: Ups and Downs


I tried "datorade" for the first time, only because i was out of ripe bananas. I think i'd rather just eat the dates and drink some water, though i still like my banana/date smoothies. 

Lunch grapefruit, mid afternoon, cherries. 

Dinner: cooked food again! It was cooked beans, veggies and rice, and i thought it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. I always learn my lessons the hard way, being told what's good never seems to work for me. I knew sooner or later,…


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30 Day 80/10/10 RV, Day 14: I want go to Woodstock!!!!!!


Banana/date smoothie for breakfast

Fresh peaches from a local farm for lunch. Best peaches EVER!!! 

Banana/date smoothie mid afternoon

Gespacho or something like that. It was some sort of raw soup my girlfriend made. It looked like tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro and other stuff in a blender. 

Small salad for a snack later. 

I ate a LOT of food today. I figure it was because of all the push-ups i did the last few days. (I'm so sore!!!) I was…


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30 Day 80/10/10 RV, Day 13: Everything Is As It Should Be


Banana/date smoothie for breakfast. Grapes for lunch. Peaches, dates, bananas, cherry tomatoes, at various times to snack on throughout the evening, no main dinner meal. 


Cycled 7 miles. A few short walks. 150 push-ups. 


I felt so good ALL DAY LONG! Words cannot express how this lifestyle has made me feel. It's not just the food, it's the combination of the cleansing food, the improved fitness from the…


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30 Day 80/10/10 RV, Day 12: Lovin' It!!! (pics: 75 LBS lost total after going vegan in 3.5 months)


Green juice for early morning, banana/date smoothie later on in the morning. Lunch banana/strawberry/blueberry smoothie. Mid afternoon bananas. Dinner was valencia oranges. I might eat a salad still, or just some more fruit, i haven't decided yet. 


10 miles on the road bike. A bunch of push ups; more than i've done in a day in over a decade, and i still have more to go.

I'm considering a jog later too. On one hand, i don't want to jog too…


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