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Yes you can gain fat. Not easily! Takes guts but it is possible.

Can you gain fat on a high fruit carb, almost zero overt fat diet?

Of course you can. It CAN be done with fruit. I did it. I have experimented from lean to fat and back and forth just to prove it to myself. It is far more difficult with fruit, since even bananas and dates (and I did not even use Durian fruit in my experiments), while more calories per volume than most fruits (hence there great benefit) exit your cells fast, compared to other foods, including…


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Muscle building on fruit put to rest finally please!

It is a shame that most people are in such a quagmire about this topic. They see buff muscular bodies in magazines and men especially want to emulate. I was one of them almost 40 years ago. Luckily I discovered after only a few years of serious training that the protein myth is true. Calories are king. Carbs in particular. Get enough calories and you get enough protein. That is the only truth you have to know. So why do so many struggle with the muscle building dilemma? Simple. Time patience…


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The Bare Facts About Building Muscle on LFRV by Chris Califano

I have gotten tons of emails on this subject. I want to post this for those of you not entirely sure about this diet for acquiring lean muscle tissue.

It is entirely possible to build muscle completely from scratch on lfrv. In fact any other method is not healthy. Of course you can build more muscle "size" but you are not really building it when your nitrogen retention from excess (they call it "extra" ) protein bloats the cells with excess waste. This is what that garbage…


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How To Find Your Very Own Fruity Love Interest Now!

If you wait for a fruitie to come along then you had better be mighty patient. I've posted about this before. The key is to create them. That's right. In your "fruit laboratory". The main thing is to choose someone who sparks your chemistry, and you enjoy each other. The diet part is "easy", if you use your vibrant example plus you know how to seduce with food. As Chase touched on, you have to learn how to make some raw comfort food dishes that literally taste better than cooked. If your…


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Are raw food/ nutrition certifications worth it?

(This is in additiion to my reply to a question about the INN certification course.  I can't find it even though I entered my comment just under an hour ago.. sorry to mix this up...)


I met Jack Morse (the gent who brought Walt Disney public, among other things). I was just staring out and was hired to install an elaborate custom home gym in one of his houses. I had what I called "Long Island's First (and only to this day 25 years later) Educational Fitness Store" It…


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95/5/5 Experience is a cruel teacher. It can make you appear "annoyed" or "angry" at times...

It is a shame that Wolfe, Clement, Kulvinkas, and many others, despite their contributions and popularization of raw, have never experienced the true benefits of health, fitness and wellness as provided by the a low fat raw vegan fruit-based mode of eating. (perhaps public awareness is their sole strength and contribution, but that is enough). For them to lambast the superior results of years of discipline of those who actually ARE serious about health is unacceptable. Here is what I…


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Attack Of The Killer Stinkies! (Health could never have a better "idiot light on the dashboard"

But first, get a load of these summer tomatoes. Flavor beyond your wildest imagination! Just add tender lettuce and nothing else! DELICICIOUS!! Eat them now because when they are gone, they are gone.




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The major key to making all this work.

This is a copy of an email I sent one of my clients. They told me that I should put it up here, that perhaps some people would be interested. This person is 95% raw, mostly fruitarian, and been comming to my raw wellness fitness center for classes, the food plan, as well as personal muscle building training for about 16 months now. His picture is at the end of the blog post. A friend of his also took on the trainin program and I will post her…

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and...Thank God I got my behind back!

9/5/5 real deal here, not just a few months of eating more fruit. I lost a lot of hard-earned body on the raw diet since 1999, and it took several years to show. My knowledge & practice of vegan nutrition had not included raw. Nor 95% -98% fruit. One thing I want to advise is to never to listen to anything or anyone but the basic fundamentals and those who remind…


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DIY Fool-Proof Better-Than-Medical Science Food Test

The best way to PROVE TO YOURSELF once and for all if a “food” or “substance” is health-promoting or health-destroying (as most everything is OTHER than fresh raw fruits, greens, some veg, nuts and seeds!) is to “clear your petri dish” (your diet) for at least three months of ANY food other than fruit and greens and just enough seeds, nuts to sustain your EXTRA fat needs if you must endure super cold weather. Of course, this is done AFTER any health issue or weight issue has been addressed.…


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More on Paul Nison's Interview with Harley

BIG QUESTION of the decade:

If a person who eats 100% raw vegan low fat high fruit is “meeting their calorie needs but not necessarily their nutrient needs due to poor food quality” then what if they had continued to eat COOKED FOOD all their lives? How does THAT diet compare? Which is better? By far?


When I am in a cold winter temperature environment and I eat some cooked food to “warm up” then I may feel warmer that is true. Does that mean that I am “dealing” with…


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Paul Nison Interview with Harley

Here is what I say: Paul Paul Paul… come on… if a person has a desk job they should not eat different diet, just the same diet BUT less total calories than a “30 banana per day competitive-style bike enthusiast like Harley. Why do people automatically think that eating a “huge amount” of fruit is so easy? It is not. But getting sufficient calories from fruits and vegetables, getting the proper rest (which means going to bed at a DECENT hour) and getting the right amount and kind of exercise is… Continue

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Bulked Up Vs Genuine Muscle?


Added by Chris Califano on November 22, 2010 at 11:23am — 11 Comments

I do not eat the food that I make for our clients....

Please note that my recipe videos show what we make for transitional raw clients at The Best Weigh Center For Ultimate Health; I do not eat that stuff..

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Deception In The Raw Food Industry

Some prominent raw food chefs, gurus and teachers are falling out of ranks and are making it seem as if it can be “healthier” to add some cooked food back to a raw food diet. But when examining their evidence it shows them adding only about a ten percent addition of cooked food to the diet to get this “extra nutrition”, which they claim is necessary for extra caloric value. They can’t get…


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