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A Mini-Movement

Our local health food store here in Central Florida is small, independent and in many ways the owners are still learning about health and foods that that are truly full of VITALITY. There is a group of us (about 30) who eat nothing but living foods (8-1-1-style).  The health food store owners are very enterprising and desire to fill their customers' needs so recently, they expanded their produce section and they are bringing in many other raw/living food items that we like to buy. They are…


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Artificial "Propping Up"

I drove by a billboard today for a local hospital. It says they can help people with their joint pain. I suspect they mean surgery and drugs. The billboard showed a man in his late '50s playing golf enthusiastically. 

I will be 57 in September. The idea of joint pain is completely foreign to me now although I did have it a couple years ago before I began an HCRV lifestyle. A great deal of joint pain stems from…


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Yesterday, I got stung on the inside of my upper arm by a yellowjacket wasp. (Yellowjackets are not bees.  They are wasps. Anyway, she came out of nowhere! What did I do?!) 

I was stung a few years ago on the palm of my hand and my body didn't respond all that well. My hand swelled up so large I could hardly use it for several days, not to mention how much it throbbed for a really long time.  So when I got stung yesterday, I panicked for a moment.  I w…


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White and Yellow Food No Good for Our Children

Go to just about any restaurant with your children and find the same kids' menu almost without exception: fried chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, french fries, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I was in Whole Foods (WF) the other day and walked past the food buffets. (I can't find a single thing to eat from their buffets or deli if I'm hungry. It's almost all cooked. None of it is organic and the dishes include all kinds of other objectionable ingredients.) But back to my…


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Enzymes Abound In Living Food

Two important quotes too lengthy to post as a comment:

To say that the body can easily digest and assimilate cooked foods may someday prove to be the most grievious oversight yet committed by science. -- from Enzyme Nutrition, Edward Howell M.D.

For if you eat living food, the same will quicken you; if you kill your food, the dead food will kill you. --Yeshua Ben Joseph, from The Essene Gospel of Peace,…


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No Separation~Hand In Glove

If we try to separate our physical bodies and the nourishment and health of them from the spiritual/mystical/soulular/Unseen aspect of ourselves, we are very foolish. The physical aspect of our beings is like the hand inside the glove of the mystical/Unseen aspect of ourselves. To imply or believe that the physical nourishment of the body can be achieved solely by eating LFRV is to not accept the whole Truth. Not only is our mental outlook also important, the realization of each of our own…


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The Truth Isn't Hidden--We've Got a Whole Lot to Live For

On one hand, we can say that the truth about what has been done to our food system in the U. S. is largely hidden, that people are dumbed down and completely duped into thinking that the packaged food they are buying and consuming is actually good for them. Nowhere do the food manufacturers and purveyors give education on what those poly-syllabic ingredients or methods of processing actually mean or do to the body. We seem to have to go digging for the information, digging for the Truth,…


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Young Adult Indigo Citizens of Planet Earth

Though my parenting is largely done (my Indigo son is now 19), I am fortunate enough to continue to share in my wondrous son's life. Though he is my son, we are great companions, too. I have given my all to my son from the first moment of conception. I was very conscious about my pregnancy and delivery of my son. I took no drugs, studied how to give him the best nutrition while he was in the womb and no drugs of any kind were present during his birth. He was birthed completely naturally even…


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Vertically Ill in the Matrix

When you're not so bogged down by cooked, processed animal and grain centered foods and you get really healthy you begin to notice even more acutely than you ever did before just how unhealthy everybody is. Most people are what is called "vertically ill" and do not even know it.

I just got off the phone with a dear lady who is leader of a church. She is beloved by everyone and a grandmother and though she is older in years, I am not going to say that her labored breathing is a matter…


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Encounters at the Grocery Store: My Encounter with Nora

When I have to walk to the back of our grocery store's organic produce department, I notice many things along the way.... the man serving cheese squares who tries to get me to take a bite, the lady with the hairnet making the sample dinner for tonight composed almost entirely of packaged foods, and then sometimes I meet someone I haven't seen in a long time ....

"Purusha!" I heard someone call.  I turned around to see Nora, a lady I once worked with several years ago, a dear heart who…


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What Happened to Fresh and Home Base? [Or What Greed, Competition and Programming has Done to Our World]

What happened to fresh? I'll tell you what happened to fresh, right off the vine or stem, and home base... greed, competition and programming.

The mark of a highly evolved society is not competition but sharing and cooperation.  Sharing and cooperation is real community and it nurtures and sustains. Most people think our society is extremely advanced and evolved because we have awesome computers and technology that is starting to grow faster than we can learn it. We seem to be living…


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Pizza? A Vegetable?

CNN reported today that pizza provided by American school cafeterias would very well be approved by Congress as a vegetable because of its 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce content.  This did indeed happen today. Pizza is now considered a vegetable in American schools.

Sadly, the CNN reporters didn't even get the gravity of the issue. They were laughing and saying, "Well, I'll bet the kids will love that!" As my son says, "Yes, all this while our children are obese and sickly at such…


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We're Supposed to Live Hundreds of Years

I observe an enormous number of young people here on 30BAD. It's exhilarating! You might perceive me to be "older" however I feel ageless, and that's how we're supposed to feel ... for a very, very, very long time. It is wonderful to see so many "young people" in their teens and twenties devoted to LFRV and I wish I would have devoted myself to such a lifestyle 30 or more years ago.  Imagine where I might be now!  I passionately…


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One by One...Let Us Be Responsible

We know we have gotten completely off track when our grocery stores have pharmacies, too. Today, there is so little regard for Hippocrates' statement: "Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food." The mere presence of a drug dispensing pharmacy in a grocery store is an admission that the food so abundantly displayed in aisle after aisle of the store is not really about the nutrition which marketing touts at all; rather, it is more of an admission of mass superficial addiction to…


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Manage vs. Cure

Our local chain grocery store posts big banners inside and outside the store: "We can help you manage your diabetes." Manage? Why not cure? In many cases, it can indeed be cured but it certainly can't be done with the grocery chain's methods which include the pharmacy department, food products with ingredient lists a mile long and conventional Monsanto controlled produce.  

I look at what people have in their baskets and there is a direct correlation between what's in their baskets…


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