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Health Benefits of Kiwi

I love kiwi! I would describe it as a sweet, tropical, large green grape with a fuzzy wrapper. 

But isn't cool that God created something so sweet and delicious that is actually also super healthy? Yeah it is!!

Top 5 Health Benefits of Kiwi…


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What About Protein? Part 1

"What About Protein?" Part 1

There are so many misconceptions about protein... 

So, I'm hoping to clear some of those up.

Check it out at the link below!


Don't forget to Like, Share, and…


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I'm approaching my one year mark doing a more like Raw until four 811. I'm 56 and am curious if there are other men out there who are 55+ doing raw and what their experiences have been. I have noticed a loss of muscle mass for sure. I am also having trouble getting the requisite calories in. If I do not pay attention my calories drop to 1700-1800 and have to concentrate on getting the calories needed and it is not easy because the volume makes me feel like I have swallowed a bowling ball.…


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emoving Grains & All That Other ****

For a long time I ended up eating grains and beans which eventually led me to eating pastas! I would eat tofu too. 


This week I decided to eat fully raw and despite the lunch I had with my mom, I've been feeling great! I weighed myself when I first started (135lbs), after I had the non-raw meal (138lbs!) and then today (two days later; 132lbs). 

I've been eating DATES DATES DATES!!! I …


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Day 144

Lips ok until eating some dried mango(only option on campus...had no ripe fruit). Got chapped and irritated.

Acne still bad.

Weight trained back today.

Less stressed today. Walked around campus a lot (for about 90 min or more).

4.75L water, 6 bananas, 16 medjool dates, 3 oz dried mango, 1oz dried goji berries (bleh not tasty), 2 mangos, 1/2 head romaine, 2 cups kale, 1T homemade tahini (watered down).

Will be trying to make raw hummus… Continue

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My first marathon video

Here I am crossing the finish line!  I still cannot believe I did it.  I think I will focus now on doing shorter runs and strengthening my legs....


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Day 143-posting a day late

Lips dry.

Acne terrible. Probably from stress.

Class all day. No exercise :(

Tired and worn out. Dropped chemistry class. Too much to handle.

Up at 0530 and bed at 0030. Was trying to do all of the chemistry homework and was having to re teach myself everything since the teacher started off on chapter 10 instead of 1 in the book, and you needed to know the previous chapters to understand the problems. So, I decided to drop that class.

May… Continue

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Strayed away.

I had a lot of health complications that landed me in the hospital. Doctors thought I had Crohn's or Colitis but after some testing it showed I didn't. Thank goodness for that! But the doctor told...okay begged me to start eating meat. It's been really hard....REALLY hard. I settled on only fish for a short time.  Suddenly all of my health complications went away after consuming meat and I've been completely normal. However, I packed on some weight and am now having skin problems (pimples…


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Today I hit 3022cal on cron.

I easily packed it away, I had 10 banana smoothie for b-fast, 12 nectarines & 10 dates & an apple for lunch, 500g of grapes, two ears of corn and one head of cauliflower. I could still eat more to be honest, I have a VERACIOUS appetite. 

I plan to start hitting 3500-4000 soon, using soaked dried fruit to top up my smoothies. 

Feeling much better today, decided I was going to do what I wanted to do, not put any pressure on myself. So…


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"What About Protein?" Part 1

"What About Protein?" Part 1

There are so many misconceptions about protein... 

So, I'm hoping to clear some of those up.

Check it out at the link below!…


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I am brand new to HCRV.  I went into this thinking I knew a little bit about this but I realized today after reading all night the info here that I know absolutely nothing except that I am sick and I want to live. I am waiting on my 80/10/10 book to arrive, but until then I am unsure what to eat, or better yet, what to NOT eat. Do I use my Green Superfood powder, or is that never? I am not trying to gradually add raw foods. I am certain this is the correct path and I want to do it right from…


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Skin of my teeth.. (Possible tmi & backstory)

So yesterday was probably the hardest day I've had so far.

I haven't been sleeping right, due to a number of things. I have been in PMT for over a week now, with light spotting, mad cramps, but no actual blood. (Defo because of this fucking coil) 

Stress is just getting ridiculous, so have resigned to meditate for 30 mins today, and do some yoga. 

I'm going to take everyone's advice and bump up my calories, I can feel the change in my body happening, keep an e on it on…


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Acne FINALLY starting to heal!

So since i've been putting heaps more good foods into my body, it's been pushing out the toxins that i put into my body for years.  At one stage, I even had small white pimples around my eyes.  I could tell what my family was thinking........ but I kept on going. So for the last few days i've really been upping my dark leafy greens, and it seems to calm my skin right down and i'm having less moments of hotness that my face gets sometimes.  (Geez, I really did put alot of bad crap in my…


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Day 142

Lips chapped because I couldn't get enough water throughout day. Started college again today. Hated it again. Trying to figure out something else.

Acne still bad.

Ran for 12 min straight this morning.

Was doing ok til I had to drive an hour to school and sit through classes from 3-7pm and then drive an hour back home. It's exhausting. And I have to be there at 730am tomorrow :( ugh. I don't like this at all.

4.5L water, 20 bananas, 2 mangos, 150g… Continue

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questions about fat, fasting, and veggies

Hi there~ I have a few questions:  As far as fat, if I eat nuts in my evening salad with only non-sweet fruit and veggies- can I  have sweet fruit for dessert--say- an hour or so later? Or because I ate fat, which takes a while to digest, do I need to not eat any sweet fruit until the next morning?


As far as veggies, is it okay to eat carrots? Or because they are in the starch family, is there not much of a benefit of eating them?

About fasting: Why does Dr. Graham…


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August 27, 2013

I'm not totally raw yet. I'm raw until dinner and then dinner is usually a cooked vegan meal unless I decide to do a smoothie, more fruit and/or salad. Some changes that I have noticed so far:

1. increased breast milk supply

2. more energy

3. postive attitude

4. shorter…


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Access to Wholesale Organic Produce in San Fran Bay Area

I want to share with all who seek organic produce in bulk wholesale in the San Fran Bay Area.
Veritable Vegetable sells cases wholesale on Tuesday 11 a.m to the general public.. Call and get the details 415 641-3500

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Day 141

Lips still chapped.

Acne terrible. Have been stressing out A LOT, so I think that has something to do with it.

Today was full of panic attacks and crying and freaking out. It was terrible. College upsets me so much. Didn't have enough ripe fruit in the house either, so was running off of 12 bananas til my mom got home at 6pm. It was a nightmare. I never want to do that again.

So drained and exhausted. Couldn't even workout today. Had no energy for… Continue

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Fall Garden: What to grow during August-October in Zone 6 or other cold climate regions

Original Post from Vegans Living Off the Land @ Fall Garden: What to grow during August-October in Zone 6 or other cold climate regions


We are moving towards September, and there are many vegetables you can be growing…


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