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Here, Let Me Hack Your Life For You

Here. Let Me Hack Your Life For You

Don’t get me wrong. I am ALL about efficiency. 

I am all about getting things done in the most effective way, so that more of life can be experienced and more of YOU can be expressed. 

There is no reason to wallow in things, or to get overly self indulgent in the dramas of your life.

That being said,…


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Food Diary 7/27/2016


approx. 10-12 bananas, blended

approx 2tbsp powdered pb2 powder


Approx half a watermelon


2-3 apricots

3 cups blueberries

1 pear


4-5 potatoes, cut into fries, seasoned and cooked in oven

romaine lettuce

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Feeling too stuffed on raw till 4, difficulty smashing in 1000+ calories for breakfast and lunch

Hi guys! I'm so glad to finally be a part of this wonderful community.

I love smashing in the carbs, and eating unlimited calories. Fruits and veggies are bomb, and I'm always on a vegan, plant-based diet, currently giving raw till 4 a try. I'm super happy with how I feel. However, I'm finding it difficult to eat so many calories as suggested with rawtill4. It feels uncomfortable for my body, like I'm over stuffing myself. I…


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May garden harvest photos (Peas, greens, broccoli, radish)



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Everything I Had To Sacrifice To Get My Dream Life

Everything I Had To Give Up To Get My Dream Life

So here I am. Living In Thailand.

With my Sister and Partner by my side.

Serving what feels absolutly like my purpose and getting paid to do it.

Feeling healthy, fit, strong and balanced in my body.

Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

And in so many ways, it totally, totally is.

But guess what? I did not get here without sacrifice.

In fact, the reason I… Continue

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How To Justify Wanting Abundance, In A World Full Of Poverty

How To Justify Abundance In A World Full Of Poverty

So you have heard all about the Law Of Attraction. Think rich, become rich. Have a high vibration and you will live in the lap of luxury. 

You have heard spiritual gurus and marketing buffs espouse the virtues of ‘living in abundance.’

The message that it is ‘spiritual to be rich’ has made its way onto your Facebook…


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My message To All Light Workers

My Message To All Light Workers

It is time to stop getting burnt out.

It is time to stop sacrificing yourself for others.

It is time to stop being constantly plagued with health issues.

It is time to stop struggling with lack of abundance and feeling like you must give more than you get in return.…


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A healthy lifestyle involves many choices. Among them, choosing a balanced diet or healthy eating plan is always better option. A healthy eating plan that helps you manage your weight includes a variety of foods you may not have considered. Healthy eating is all about balance. People can go for their favourite foods too even if they are high in calories, fats, sugar added etc but with this people have to work out some physical activity for the same to maintain healthy balance.  …


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So my #1 goal being on this site is to go HCLFRV b/c it's the healthiest way to live in my opinion.  Now I'm not saying I'll be 100% perfect, but my goal is to be (progress, not perfection!).  One of my challenges is my all-or-nothing mindset.  I'm looking to connect with other Vegans to get my "act" together, so to speak.  I want to be healthy, in the right sized body, etc.  But my addiction to food interferes with it because I have a really bad relationship with addictive foods that…


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It Is Time To Stop Trying To be Your Highest Self

Stop Trying To “Become” Your Highest Self

There are no mistakes in this life.

I could technically leave it at this, but I know that just saying this with no further explanation will simply lead to you cognitively dismissing me and not hearing this. So I will continue ;)

Nothing has gone off track.

You are not out of alignment, messed…


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Daily eat healthy food in your life and skip many problems.

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The Lost Love Book by Michael Lanfield Out Now!

Probably my greatest work and accomplishment in my life, The Lost Love. This is the most important information needed for global healing and peace on Earth. Please get a copy now and share this important message with others. I am offering the paperback for only $9 and $6 for the eBook.

Official trailer of the book The Lost Love by Michael Lanfield. https://youtu.be/r3pUsu428E4

The new book The Lost…


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Day 5 - No regrets

Today is the fifth day of being vegan - I know it is not a lot but I still consider it as an achievement. 

I will open up the past days a bit in this post.

DAY 2  - Nicecream day

I was struggling making nice cream because my blender is basically from the ancient Greece. My mom got frustrated to the nois

e (blender mixed with my…


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How To Stop Being Afraid Of Your Karma!

Stop Being Afraid Of Your Karma!

What if there was actually no such thing as karma coming to bite you in the ass?

What if future punishment for past crimes is not something that is natural to the universe?

What if Karma is not something that occurs at some undeterminable point off in future land, but is actually something that takes place immediately?…


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The Lost Love - Book Out Now!

Please share this message around. Buy the book The Lost Love  and write a review.



At the core of our being, lies the heart. The heart is what contains human emotion, including love and compassion. Though humanity wants world peace, we can't seem to live peacefully amongst one another. Religious institutions, schools and…


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The first post

A PIECE OF MY MIND - The beginning

I'm not sure if you can guess who, but someone got inspired by Freelee's book: ''The raw till 4 diet'' (Spoiler: me). I have always wanted to try the vegan lifestyle because I have always agreed with the thoughts behind it. Whenever I have met a vegan, I've thought, ''good for them!'' But why haven't I taken the step myself? The change…


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Why Your Body Is Your Number One Spirit Guide

Your Body Is Your Primary Spirit Guide

That’s right. Your body is a spirit guide.

Most people think of spirit guides as entities that exists OUTSIDE of themselves. You may think of your spirit guides as angels or other beings that hang around you and help guide you in your life.

But did you ever think that perhaps you have a spirit guide as a vehicle in this life? That perhaps your most important guide in this human experience, is one that you can look at, touch… Continue

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If the whole world ate whole plant foods (Creds to:Cat Catovich)

Would like to make a fun realistic list of what would happen if everyone would eat a raw, human specific diet.  In my understanding it is mostly fruit, then veggies/greens, and a little bit of nuts/seeds.  Obviously if the world would be vegan the change would be profound but I specifically want to talk about the raw vegan diet which in my opinion has even more benefits to people and the world.  This list assumes that overall everything stays the same except the diet (of course, many other…


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