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How To Love Your Triggers!

We all have triggers, and most of us are trying to either get away from them, or create a life where they do not exist.

Instead, in this video I will teach you
1. What a trigger is.
2. How loving them will make your life SO much better.
3. How to go about loving them.

Here is the video link for you ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b0EvKqgBYo


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Food Dairy

Day 1 29/7

Breakfast - datorade w 11 dates w 1 apple

Snack - Fresh apple, beetroot and ginger juice

Lunch - small gluten free wrap w hummus, lettuce and nutritional yeast, 2 bananas, 1 apple, 1 pear

Snack - 2 dates

Dinner - baked potato - 2 cups w homemade tomato based curry and lettuce

Desert - 2 dates

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Chickpea and Spinach Curry!

Hey there, Thought I would share a recipe with you :) 

What you need- 

Bag of spinach roughly chopped (a big big bag)

Tin of chickpeas

Diced Red Onion (one for each person eating)

Diced garlic (to taste) 

Diced Ginger (optional)

blended tomatoes 

some coconut milk 

spices- cumin, turmeric, chilli 

What to do:

Rinse the chickpeas in some boiled water. This will clean and blanch them. 

Fry your onion in…


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Why You Should Still Follow Your Bliss Even Though There Are Murders And Rapists

Alright friends.

You hear me talk a lot about following your bliss, and why it is so important to do what you love, to do what feels good.

One of the most common rebuttals I hear when I talk about this kind of thing is "But what about murderers and rapists! They are following their bliss right into hurting people!"

So many people believe that if they were to just follow what feels good, that our whole society would fall into a state of anarchy.

OK. I get…


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Personal Growth and Living Consciously

So I've noticed that there seems to be a link between eating a high carb plant focused diet and an interest in personal growth and living consciously. It seems like even if people start out focused on one they eventually wind up transitioning to the other. For me, I started with personal growth and then found the high carb lifestyle, but it works the other way too. Anyway, I'm passionate about personal growth and want to help inspire people to get on a path of growth, think for themselves…


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Becoming a Healthier Me

I have been following this community, on YouTube at least, for a few months. I became vegan originally a couple of years ago, then relapsed to bulimia and went back to animal products. Last year I went vegan again, then same thing happened. Since March I have been back to veganism, even though I have relapsed back to bulimia a few times. I know this lifestyle will help me with my disorder. I know the problem is I am not eating enough when I am on the vegan lifestyle and I end up fucking up…


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So You Want To Be A Healer/Teacher/Coach/Guide?

So you want to be a healer?

This video is for you if you are wanting to be a healer, a coach, a guide or a teacher.

This video is also for you if you are feeling that life is ganging up on you right now to make you face your shadows.

Here is the video link ---> …


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"Film the police" #SandyBland

Don't think for a second that this blog is exclusively about gardening and living off the land. The whole reason I write about these topics is because I want people to take their freedom back. I think about race everyday. I think about animal rights everyday. I think about anarchy everyday. All of these topics are connected, and I want equality and freedom for all. …


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The Real Truth About Listening To Your Body And Intuitive Eating

Listening to your body and intuitive eating.

These are very hot topics, and generally very confusing issues.

Can you actually trust your body and its cravings? Is it possible to be healthy and simply eat intuitively?

If you are someone who feels like your body is not on your side, that if you were to simply listen to your cravings that you would end up eating nothing but ice cream and chips for the rest of your life, or like your body simply cannot be trusted, then this…


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Foraging Chanterelle & Chicken of the woods mushrooms in July

For the last month, James and I have been foraging several types of berries and mushrooms, in the woods behind our house. We have picked Dewberries, huckleberries, raspberries, and blackberries. The berry picking has come to an end; mostly because of the daily, heavy rainfall.

While foraging for berries, we also harvested Chanterelle and Chicken of the woods mushrooms. These mushrooms are easy to identify, especially Chicken of…


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July Garden Harvest pics & TALL Non-gmo CORN garden tour video

Much of what I have been harvesting from the garden is yellow squash, onions, tomatoes, peppers, greens, herbs, and I have just started to pick beans, cucumbers, and zucchini. With the tomatoes, onions, herbs, and peppers, I have been making lots of raw, fresh salsa. 
The pictures below will show you what I have harvested this week from the…

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Two days ago i fell off my bike at a speed of 90 km/h. I hurt my thigh and arm pretty bad, all bruised up. (NICE!) These past few days have been awful, and i just want to ride my bike again. I feel so sad every time someone else is cycling past me, and i cannot do that! I am not even allowed yet! GOSH, i envy these other cyclists so bad... #RealCyclingEnvy

Added by Nina M. L. on July 18, 2015 at 5:27am — 3 Comments

The One QUestion To Ask Yourself That Will Transform Your Body And Your Life!

I am shocked that I had not already made this video.

Today I want to share with you the single tool that transformed pretty well every area of my life.

This one question started my true recovery from anorexia.

This one question changed the nature of all my relationships for the better.

This one question even helped me to move forward in my career because it helped me remove so many mental blocks.

You need this question in your life. Trust…


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Proper Food Combining-Digestion Part 2



Proper food combining can change your relationship with food. Learning how your digestive system works and how your body digests certain foods can help you improve your food choices.  This can prevent unpleasant consequences that come from unknowingly combining foods that don't work together.

US Tummy Troubles

The antacid market is a $8 billion a…


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How TO Change Your Reality Part Three! Putting It All Together :)

Alright Friends!

It is time to put everything all together :)

In my latest video I tie up my series on how you can change your reality to create any kind of life you want. This video will take the tools you have learned in part one and two, and put them together for you, so that you can actually DO something with your knowledge :) Because knowledge that has no applicability in your life is not very useful!

As always, please let me know what you think!

Here is the…


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convincing parents

my parents are doctors and strongly believe in a carnivorous 'balanced' diet. (to them this means excercise like crazy everyday, eat 3kg of steak, have a bottle of milk, eat 3 cheese sandwiches and finish with 1/3 of a banana because the sugar in the banana is just so unhealthy!) ive been vegan for six months and thriving and for the past month ive been trying to eat HCLF . eating this way is almost impossible though as my parents will panic if i put more than one bunch of bananas in the… Continue

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When your digestion changes


Digestion is a hot topic in the raw world. Rightfully so, it is so important for your overall health.

If you aren't digesting your food properly you will have gas, bloating, and feel sluggish. This can also lead to other ailments in your body. There are many components of healthy digestion, but an important piece is paying attention to the digestion times of foods so you can plan your meals…


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Rain for weeks grows BIG mushrooms & how to forage/identify Chanterelle mushrooms

I feel very fortunate to be in part of the US that is receiving ample rainfall. In parts of country, such as California, are experiencing drought for months. On June 1st,  urban water users in California, had to abide by the state's first ever mandatory water restrictions, by reducing consumption to 25 percent. 

Even farmers found it…


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Watermelon is taking over my life

I have recently become OBSESSED with watermelon. Some days I eat about 90% of my calories from watermelon. I practically had all of Trader Joe's in an uproar with all of the watermelons in my cart.

"What are you gonna do with all those watermelons"? -Random customer

"I was planning on burring them but maybe I will just eat them". -me

People are funny.

Anyway, the problem with this is that I can hardly go through my normal daily routine without peeing every 10…


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How To Change Your Reality, Part Two!

Now that you understand how your Vibration affects your reality, and how the Law Of Attraction works, we can move on to understanding more about the Universe!

In this video I explain to you exactly what you need to know about Expansion and Free Will.

Now, do not worry if you feel like you can't 'do' anything with this information after this video - in my next video I will put all of this together for you so that it makes sense and will be practical for you.

For now, just…


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