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Day 5, feeling increasingly better

Feels like I've been pushing a lot of nasties out of my body recently, mostly through skin and mucous. Feels like in the time I spent with sore achi joints I may have dissolved some crystallization of sorts, my body feels much less creaky. Today I ran in the pool while holding bricks over my head, lots of abs, and some drills. My sweat hasn't smelled at all this past week, until this afternoon after sneaking some curry powder into my gazpacho. My pits smell like pure masala, it's really… Continue

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Day 113 (recipe for dill curry)

Enjoy :)

Dill Curry


-1 diced cucumber

-1 tomato

-4 dates

-1 avocado

- 14g organic dill

put everything but cucumber in mini food processor

Top cucumber with mixture


Enjoy! It may not be the best… Continue

Added by OrangeFever on July 31, 2009 at 1:30pm — 1 Comment

struggling frugivore making more steps in right direction

So today went prety good an dI expect it to continue. I shamefully consumed a mocha this morning (tired.....no, it did not help lol).

Then I had 2 bananas an hour or so later. LOTS of water.

Got home and craved salad and bought some nearly perfect tomatos, so good and suprisingly sweet.

Now I just finished off a 10 banana smoothie and can not even think of food.

So total, 12 bananas, 1 head of lettuce, 3 tomatos, soy mocha, vinegar, pepper (salad).

I am feelin good now… Continue

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Re-Remembering...I know you feel it.

I know you feel it. A shift in consciousness is being aroused in people. Many great spiritual teachers have talked about a time when there will be a great awakening of spirits and hearts. I believe this time is now. So many indigo children (I am one) and now crystal children coming into existence. Is this the next step in our evolutionary path? What will we become? Or are we being prepared for a time of tribulation? Either way, I say spread you light to all those who seek it. Do not be afraid.… Continue

Added by Rachel Harmony on July 31, 2009 at 6:41am — 1 Comment

Banana Island Day 8~ Woo Hoo!!

Its day 8 and its crazy to think I have had nothing but bananas and water for a straight eight days! It feels like quite an accomplishment actually :) Still completely undecided on how long i'll be doing this though.

I started to get my first cravings yesterday, and it got me down a little bit because I was only craving a nice juicy apple, and it felt wrong denying myself of something so good for me. My bananas were still very satisfying though.. I still love them, and dont think… Continue

Added by Shauna on July 31, 2009 at 2:23am — 2 Comments

Glad that it's Night

It's 12:51 AM and I am glad because it's pitch black and I have my thoughts all to myself. No discouragements coming my way!

I had some noodles, cucumber, salt, oils, sesame seeds in the evening today. I thought they'd be preferable to how I was feeling. At the moment I'm feeling like I would like to fast for as long as I feel to, until I feel I'm living by grace again. At-one-ment.

In the daytime I had 2 lbs of cherries, a sliced tomato, the same festive chinese eggplant… Continue

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the struggling frugivore's update

Soooo, yesterday was ok but I seriously under ate on fruit and ended up getting depressed and eating cooked junk.

Today seems good. So far I am finishing up what will account as 21 bananas.

I also ate about half pound cherries. In addition to this, I have drunk some coffee, putting it in a banana smoothie for a bitter sweet taste. hehe.....

So I am going to say ive eating about 2100 calories as not all bananas are 100 cal. and then cherries added in.

I still… Continue

Added by Eric D. on July 30, 2009 at 1:30pm — 2 Comments

With great freedom comes enormous abuse

So in my last blog I wrote about staying raw when starting my cooking apprenticeship. Ha. I binged and not just a little bit. A MEGA-BINGE, with everything, including meat. I totally lost it, including weight gain. And now I really don't know if I can go back, it seems totally pointless. I now it isn't, but now that I know that I can eat "normal" again (tasting the meals in the restaurant) vegan seems like a burden. I'm dissapointed and angry at myself. This whole situation sucks so much. I… Continue

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day three down, but I'm gaining weight again!

Weighed in at 134 this afternoon, ten Lbs heavier than three weeks ago. Okay so I had already eaten a big breakfast of peaches and tomatoes, but I can only attribute 2lbs max to that. I want to make this work. My stomach is starting to stick out a bit but I can still see my abs. Anyway I had mostly wild figs, watermelon, and peach tomato soups/salads yesterday, and a small slice of raw banana cream pie that I made for my dad yesterday. Fat was up to 20%, but I've been making up for it in… Continue

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falling in love again, what am i to do??? i can't help it...

falling in love with myself again. watching as the pieces of my puzzle are fitting miraculously back together again, without any special effort on my part - just observing and marveling at how incredible it all is. and really, how easy. it's so easy. trying to cheat the pieces into place, trying to analyze or make things happen - that's hard. it's so hard. but sitting back and observing, that's really really easy.

so i don't know what to do about my addictions. i don't know what to… Continue

Added by rebeccaj on July 29, 2009 at 10:35am — 2 Comments

Tutti Fruity Day 1

9:00 - 1 lb black cherries

1:00- 1/2 lb black cherries + 1 cup watermelon

2:30- plate of julienned: 1/3 chinese eggplant, roma tomato, 1/2 hass avocado, sweet mini orange pepper, jalapeno pepper, lots of lime juice.

Oh my! I am having lunch with the child I tutor whenever I come over, and I told his mom how I'm eating just fruit, but how I don't want to eat all their fruit so I would bring some. She served me up two big plates, one of watermelon cubes and one of… Continue

Added by Tinah on July 29, 2009 at 6:00am — 2 Comments

Day two, feelin really good

So yesterday was day two for me.

And after two days 100% and two weeks of nearly 100%, I'm starting to notice some changes.

The gold rings around my irises are completely gone again, my eyes are returning to a brighter, more pure blue.

My muscles and joints are still feeling a bit crampy and fermenty, but that might be the gluten pushing it's way out(somehow ingested some both 5 and 3 weeks ago). I could actually run yesterday though.

My dreams have been very vivid and… Continue

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Banana Island Day 6 ~ Chillin' in the Tropics

I'm still going, yesterday was the first of some cravings. I really wanted watermelon, but I was still satisfied with my Bananas. I'm surprised as the days go by how much time has really past. I have done cleanses and stuff before, and each day seemed to pass so slow, and a week felt like an eternity.

These islands really make you not wanna go home ;) Yesterday evening was interesting. In the evening, I looked in the mirror to see the whites of my eyes all red! It was like that all… Continue

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'Round we go 'round again.

I am continuing to attempt to wean myself back to what's best for me... and yet, I am eating a lot of crap.

Yesterday was really difficult for me. I felt like crap in the morning... water fasted until I got out of work... ate half a vegan burrito... then water fasted again... then ate veggie curry with rice.

I've been feeling pretty numbed out.

I did end up having three oranges and a bowl of frozen banana ice cream at the end of the night, as my body was… Continue

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Day 224, 100% Fruitarian

Monday, Day 224, 100% Fruitarian. The last few days are like a wind that passes quickly. Sometimes i simply don't know where the time went. i intended on doing a weekend review, but somehow the time passed by and suddenly it was 9pm on Monday night and i was in the park trying to get my workout in. i spoke 3 times on Sabbath; morning, afternoon and evening. There was a huge spread of fresh garden-grown fruit after the evening service. Many melons, strawberries, blueberries, cherries and more.… Continue

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Sing a Brighter Song

Written 7/27/09. Thought someone here might enjoy it. I will probably refine it into a song later on.


Quartered on the rind

in search of better times.

A locket in a bind

to tie me in and out of zest.

Dropping out and in

of time, the violins...

they cry, while smilin'...

Designed to keep me on the edge.

Ordered and defined,

they pull me out of time

like sheep alll in a line,

refined into a chop a… Continue

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Starting again... going for 100 days

Tomorrow I'll start again. Going to post the workouts as well as what I ate. Will try to keep with 100% fruits. If I mess up (I hope I don't) then I'll just start over. My goal is to get to 100 days. Then I'll be more normalized and hopefully be able to do this on my own.

Some basic goals to reach at the end of 100 days are:

*To be able to do 50 push-ups

*To jog a mile in 8 minutes

*200 lying leg lifts (That's a stretch)

If I focus on something for… Continue

Added by Tinah on July 28, 2009 at 12:26pm — 1 Comment

Just me and my melon +

I elected to de-mono-ize my diet yesterday. Thus, the wmelon isle lasted 4 days. Reasons I decided to hop a raft included having a bunch of other yummie fruits in the house that were just to attractive to resist, and not wanting to repeat a meal of poor quality melon despite having enough in stock. Its summer w/ so many wonderful choices, I don't feel like limiting myself for a long duration at this time. I may charter another trip before too long, though. The experience was positive, and I… Continue

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Banana Island Day 5

Still Going Strong!

My skin is a bit better, but it seems everytime it gets better, its getting ready to burst again, but I guess thats the natural cleaning cycle (rollercoaster! ) I must go thru.

When I woke up this morning And realized it was Day 5! I though, wow that went by sooo fast! This is so simple and easy for me to stick to.. Still dont have a set amount of days, just however long I decide I think.

I went to A Cycling/Spin Class this morning and had… Continue

Added by Shauna on July 28, 2009 at 3:07am — 1 Comment

100% 811 commitment day one

I had the most awful bunch of nightmares last night of my guts being ripped out and my intestines exploding out of my stomach etc., waking up to realize that it was only a really really bad stomach/intestinal ache. And my Stomach got huge, I looked like a rolly polly bug around 4 am. I haven't had that frightening an amount of digestive upset since I first had celiac symptoms. I am always grateful when my body uses scare tactics to try and tell me something's wrong. Like the other week I had my… Continue

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