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Tomorrow Marks Day 1 as a Banana Girl.

I just finished reading Freelee's "Raw Till 4 Book" and it totally kick started my motivation.
Finally a lifestyle that is encouraging men/woman to eat in abundance rather than starving themselves. This is what more of the world needs to be educated about. This is what I needed to be educated about 5 years ago.
But I am here now, ready to change and heal my tired body and embrace the fruit godess within me. 

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Starting Raw Till 4 Soon...

Have a busy work schedule. So breakfast can be some fruit, lunch can bring some fruit then when I get home have potatoes or whatever starch. 

Before I was doing mostly the starch but would like to see if doing Raw Till 4 feels better. 

I wanted to try this before, but on a tight budget, can't buy fruit until maybe tomorrow evening or Wednesday evening, so just have potatoes right now.

So then I will start, either Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

My work is very…


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Why I Never Talk About My Diet And Most Likely Never Will

Why I Never Talk About My Diet - And Why I Most likely Never Will

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is:

What do you eat in a day? What does your diet look like? Can you give us an idea of how you eat?

And I always, always always decline getting specific.

This is not because I am ashamed or embarrassed of how I eat. Nor am…


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How To Handle It When Life Slows You Down

How To Handle It When The Universe Slows You Down

Sometimes life has no interest in helping you progress.

Sometimes, life seems to do everything in its power to STOP you from moving forward.

When plans fall through. Communications get lost/messed up. Business deals don't quite get solidified. People ditch. You hit every red light. …


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Back to it!

Well hello world.

My last post here was June 2013 - and I haven't been raw in a long time.

I loved this lifestyle and followed for over a year but after my 5+ year relationship ended, I moved twice, and began a new relationship the raw lifestyle left me and I have been feeling bad about my health for a while now.


I am back up to 167lbs and I have been having more…


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Hey guys I just uploaded a new video talking about how I cured my migraines after 13 years of suffering with them regularly. Feel free to check it out! 

Link to video > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9h-_OXZi44 ;

Much love, 
That Irish Vegan Girl 


Added by That Irish Vegan Girl on May 20, 2016 at 3:58am — 1 Comment

But HOW Do I CHANGE A Negative Core Belief?!

But HOW Do I Change My Painful Foundational Beliefs!?

I have spent a lot of time talking about foundational beliefs.

About how what you believe about this world and yourself at your core is one of the biggest deciding factors in how you are going to feel in your life.

I have shared how getting still and being with yourself so that you can discover your painful core…


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scared to start RT4


I'm just starting this lifestyle and up until a few days ago I was really excited. I'm 5'5 and weigh around 140 pounds so am aiming to get to about 126 pounds. I'll be eating around 2,500 cals a day and doing around 30-60 mins of exercise a day plus some yoga. However over the past few days I have come across people on youtube, and other social media platforms saying that RT4 doesn't work and people shouldn't be gaining the weight that they are and metabolic damage is not a…


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How To Stop Suffering!

Pain Is Inevitable, Suffering Is Optional:

Today, lets talk about one of the main reasons we suffer.

As humans, we tend to do a LOT of suffering. Meaning we take the initial pain of our natural environment (whatever that happens to be for us) and then we take that pain and we stretch it out far beyond the context of the painful situation.

In other words, we use our…


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How To Find Authentic Friends!

How To Find Authentic Friends

Finding authentic friendships can be a real challenge.

In todays image obsessed world, finding people who are really willing and ready to connect on an intimate level is more rare than most of us would like.

Perhaps you are someone who feels socially isolated, like the people around you have a certain expectation of how you 'should be' that…


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Introduction/ Preparing for the first day

This is my first blog post, and I'm excited to be capturing and documenting my journey through a vegan diet. I've struggled with weight for a while now, and being 18 and about to go off to college, I believe now is the perfect time to get healthy and feel good about myself. Before I continue with how I've prepared for the first day or two of the raw til 4 diet, I want to give some background on why I'm starting this diet and lifestyle and what compelled me to do so.

Like I…


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Starting Raw till 4 meal Planner tomorrow!

Just wanted to do a shout out to anyone else who is in their first 30 days on the mean planner. I have been following HCLF, and trying to do RT4 for the last 7 weeks. But have found myself eating cooked foods at lunch. I figure following the meal planner will be a good challenge to help improve my raw food consumption. Looking for others who are doing it to chat about challenges and success.

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Not enough exercise?

I am new to the RT4 lifestyle and I'm doing well, I think.   I'm on my 4th week.  The first week I did 30 BAD and now I blend 10 bananas each for breakfast and lunch and then I eat a cooked dinner.  I am on my stationary bike 4 to 5 times a week.  My question is, should I up my exercise?  I don't really have much time but I could maybe find some time.  My weight is fluctuating up and down about 2-3 lbs.  I'm on this to eat healthier and get all my parts working well, but I also want to lose…


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Why Its A Must To Have Online Friends With This Lifestyle

"Your messing up your health." "How can you eat that nasty crap?" "You know maybe you should just take a bite of meat you'll feel better." "Why dont you eat real food instead of rabbit food?People are cruel when they find out you don't eat meat. They don't get it and when you try to explain it to them they look at you as if you are crazy. If you don't know anyone who eats like you you eat alone. Holidays you don't get invited. They never know what to cook for you is the excuse. When you go to… Continue

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How To Connect With Your Body In This Fast Paced World

How To Live In A Fast Paced World And Still Listen To Your Body

I get it.

You know that connecting to your body is important. You understand the benefit of being tuned into its wisdom. You know that being in tune with you is good.


You have a million things on your plate.

You have a job, family responsibilities, school, events to attend, social engagements, financial responsibilities, a house, a car, a mortgage/rent - How could you POSSIBLY have time to…


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Day 1

I will have to admit that i failed. But at least i tried and tbh that is a big step for me.
I guess i need to try again tomorrow and figure out how not to eat the food i buy for my kids. Im not entirely sure if i can make them take this step with me? It would in some ways be easier but i imagine it would cause quite a few bumps as well.
Anyway, thinking mode tonight!

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Lethargic, declining athletic performance, please help?

I'm in my third week of eating high carb low fat (mostly) raw til 4. The first week I started I noticed that I felt tired and slow during practice or while running in general- sometimes it gets so bad I feel like I'm carrying rocks or my legs are just impossible to lift. I've been having headaches and I was so tired (and sore and cramping) that I wasn't able to compete this past weekend. I know it's not calories because I used to eat a maximum of 16, maybe 1800 calories a day and felt much…


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25 Days In, 6 Lbs Down

I still haven't renewed my gym membership and so I haven't gotten as much exercise as I want to (here, it's way too hot and humid to go out and exercise). But so far, I've lost 6lbs after 25 days on the RT4/HCLF diet. Yay!

This week I'm planning to schedule a general check-up with my physician, to have my thyroid checked, and renew my gym membership. Fingers crossed I'll have lost at least 15lbs (including these 6) by the middle of July.

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My Youtube channel


It took me a while.

But here it is : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzl8TidOenn6AsEAC5OsUKg

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The Vegan Sandwich

Preview the teaser trailer here https://youtu.be/0mIReyceLJg

The Vegan Sandwich is the world's first online vegan community and social media networking site with the first vegan only directory geared to helping people transition and help become vegan. With a powerful social media site just like Facebook, The Vegan Sandwich empowers people to connect with other like-minded people around the world.

With your help and support, we are…


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