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the beginning of the end of self destruction

since i ended a long-term relationship in february, i had often been miserable lonely and self destructive. i was embarassed about how much i had neglected my friends during my relationship with my boyfriend, i felt guilty (and of course, love-- the source of all beautiful wonderful things-- cannot exist with guilt) for that and many things, ashamed and like i was not worthy of being loved. i had spent a lot of nights alone and the rest with really negative influences because i felt like that's… Continue

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It is Day 5 of completely 80/10/10 for me! Yay! :)

The best part about this is, no heavy cravings so far. It's been quite easy, actually, to resist processed food.

Today I felt sort of weird emotionally. Like I was completely unstable and had periods where I just wanted to scream. Previously, I'd just stuff down my emotions with hard-to-digest foods. But now, there's no running away. Just acceptance.

Food today -

Breakfast: 3 bananas

Lunch: 1/2 grapefruit, 4-5… Continue

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day 7 - drunk on too much sun :p

hello again

this is strange managing to blog every day, but i think its helping me

today i ate:

10 bananas

6 kiwi fruit

2 apples

2 small melons

some leaves from the garden

lots of water, it was very hot and i spent most of the day outside, either lying in the sun, doing light gardening, reading, or sleeping. i was pacing myself well in the sun until i 'forgot', got into some meditative weeding... and hey presto... my shoulders are now really… Continue

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Day 165, 100% Raw Fruitarian.

Friday, Day 165, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Ate well today. It was a beautiful spring day here in southern Virginia. We had been getting alot of rain lately, but we needed it. My quads are sore today from yesterday's squat workout. i only wish i had known about these one leg squats years ago. Better late than never. It is a day of spiritual preparation for me, as i am a Sabbath keeper. This week we are staying home and having company over for home worship. We are planning on picnicking at a state… Continue

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I am feeling so good!

Oh yea oh yea oh yea!!!!! My paper is done and with the exception of ONE 8 page quick paper next week my first year of my PhD is DONE. I am so proud of myself. I am just walking in gratitude this morning.

Just got back from the gym and there are mangos calling my name downstairs. Gonna take my daughter out along the river for a festival in town. Simple day today. I will stop at the store and grab a bag of oranges. I will eat them throughout the day. What's easier than LFRV????… Continue

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day 6 - drinking sun :-) and reading fruitbatannes book :-)

me again

its late and i really should be asleep...

today i ate:

10 bananas

6 kiwi fruit (that stung the side of my mouth)

half a red pepper

half a large bowl of the salad that i made yesterday

random leaves, lettuce etc from the garden

4 apples

half a punnet of strawberries

it was a medium day for me energy wise, i did lots of lying around, mostly in the sun (mmmmmmmmmmm)

i seem to be tanning rather than burning which is… Continue

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Day 164, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Thursday, Day 164, 100% Raw Fruitarian. i really perfected the unsalted almond pate. All i really did was tweek it alittle by not putting in the tomato and adding alittle cumin. That did it. It was delicious. Again it was so good that i ate it twice today. i took a picture of the finished non-sweet salad to show how big a meal it is when compared to a regular serving. Yet the whole thing including the pate is only about 500… Continue

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Noise Pollution

This morning I saw my husband off to work. He occasionally rides his bike because he does not enjoy traffic and driving so much anymore and he is a true cyclist and gets out on his bike as much as he can. He is a true inspiration!!! As I was saying goodbye to him I realized… Continue

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I love it here!!

The energy on this site is amazzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggg. (I am just full of joy today:-)

I just left the farmer's market and for $27 I got a load of stuff. It's really dreary and muggy here in PA so only a few farmers came out. I am grateful though. My case of organic mangos came in at the grocery store. Oh yea!!! Can't wait. My *husband* (story for another time) just lost his job yesterday so I have been brainstorming about ways to save money. That is another thing I… Continue

Added by Jayna'/aka/Raw Fit Mama on May 30, 2009 at 2:04am — 2 Comments

Too skinny to be healthy!

Well it's been almost 8 months of 811 and my friends are starting to notice. Not in the way I had hoped for though. I've lost 7 kilos since October last year and I was only 55kg (5'10") to begin with. I knew I had lost a lot but it didn't phase me as I felt better in every way and nobody really commented so all was cool. Now a few friends have noticed and everytime I go out I get hassled. I tell them I'm fitter, stronger, and really happy but they think I'm in a delusional state and am… Continue

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day 5 ... sunny!

wow what a difference some sun makes

today i ate

2 small melons

6 apples

12 bananas

1 large salad made from cucumber, courgette, red pepper, celery, apple, pear, nori seaweed, tomatoes, orange, and a little bit of flax oil

today was a much better day than yesterday. my energy was up, i seemed to be digesting yesterday's cooked food okish, no pain anyway, and happy to be on fruit today :-)

lots of gardening

and my lovely and i got on our… Continue

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day 3. the very hungry catapillar omi

Today i had a very interesting experience. I realized why I haven’t been able to achieve long term 811. I am worried about eating too much fruit! I didn’t think that I was concerned about this. Today I ate

1.2kg of water melon

A hand full of grapes

4 small bananas

1 mango


I looked at the fruit bowl and saw a lovey variey to choose from I looked at the bowl and the only things that attracted my… Continue

Added by cindy on May 29, 2009 at 8:30am — 2 Comments

Harmony's raw journey!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited, because I have successfully jumped aboard onto the 811rv ship - and managed to hang on! It's day 3! So I'm going to start a blog and document my discoveries and experiences!! :)


I have tried so many times in the past to commit to a raw diet and I'd be fine in the morning/early afternoon, but as soon as I get home from school I get strong cravings for junk food. I'd try to resist the craving and eat tons of sweet fruit, but… Continue

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Day 163, 100% Raw Fruitarian.

Wednesday, Day 163, 100% Raw Fruitarian. i sort of went nuts today. More appropriately, i went avocado today. i had three, i felt that third one. Such a piglet. The problem was the second one, it was just so good. i should have been satisfied with that, but instead i wanted to repeat the experience. Bad move; my stomach felt it. i will learn one day. i must admit though, eating one extra avocado is much better to learn from than say, a cheeseburger, a pizza, a load of fried chicken or a bowl of… Continue

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day 2

day 2 went well aswell.

i do have a couple of notes.

at 9am i went for a walk in the sun then went home to check my email. i drank about 1ltr of water. i really enjoyed my walk. i looked at date plams excitedly awaiting thier fruit.

i know i have lost weight - but i will not stand on the sclaes untill i feel i have reached 55kg.

i had bad dreams last night about eating grosse food. i ate bacon and yoguhurt.… Continue

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Day 47

Hey guys. Well, I don't have much to say and just thought that I should give an update to make sure everyone knew that I am still going strong. My only flaw has been eating too many avocados but I'll try to deal with it. I am almost at halfway to 100, and going on 7 weeks and it feels great. I still haven't had any big detox symptoms so I'm still sort of waiting for them (if they ever come?). I've noticed that lots of people try and eat like this and then cave within 3-5 days. I am so lucky… Continue

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TAYLOR'S TROPICALS Price List and Newsletter for Preorder by Thursday 5/28 at 4:00 p.m.

Hey Everyone,

As I posted last week, I am delivering tropical fruits from Homestead to Vero Beach, FL, every Friday. I also sell them at the Fort Pierce Farmer's Market on Saturdays from 8 a.m.-12:30 a.m. If you are interested, please send me an email at Taylor Snipes AT Path Of Health DOT org (no spaces), and I can send you my newsletter for this week.

All my best,

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day 4/ooops

hello again

today it is grey and dull, and that's how i feel inside :-(

i wanted to get out of bed and spend some important time with the people that i live with... so i did... but i was just too tired and really should have stayed in bed...

so i ended up feeling grumpy and resentful and all my chronic fatigue irrationality kicking in.

i was standing in our shared kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil for a hot water bottle to help the pain in my legs...

and i just… Continue

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Upon Returning Home From Asia

I want to take some time to jot down my feelings upon returning home from my one month trip through some of the countries in southeast Asia and the most time I’ve ever spent truly on my own.

First off, I consider my time spent over the last month to be very rewarding, not only for the beautiful experiences that I had in sights, tastes, and interactions, but in my development in aspects of my character and perspectives.

I visited such a spectrum of beautiful locations, and… Continue

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The same old same...

I'm still feeling good. I'm happy. I'm at peace with myself. That's amazing for a chick who hated herself for most of her life.

I owe that to losing weight and changing my diet. I like to go outside now, I like the warm weather and I can finally eat in public, without feeling like a hideous creature from under the stairs. I'm by no meaning thin, I'm still 10 kg/22 lbs overweight. But that's okay, one step at the time.

I'm also totally into my study lately. It seems like I… Continue

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