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Wednesday, March 30

Today was a much better day.  I was able to get a good nights sleep which helped.

Breakfast: 6 Banana Smoothie

Lunch: 3 Mangoes and a Berry Mango Smoothie

Dinner: Basmati Rice with Coconut Potato Curry

Water: 32 oz 

Sleep: 8 hours

I am still very excited and eager to learn about the Raw Vegan lifestyle.  I did research today and found some recipes I want to try. 

Post your favorite recipes below! I would LOVE to try…


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Tuesday, March 29

I was feeling a bit under the weather today. My food intake was not up to par. 

Breakfast: None

Lunch: Potato Wedges

Dinner: Steamed Rice with Broccoli

Water: 24 oz 

Sleep: 4 hours 

Overall, NOT a good day. 

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My New Channel for kids ToyWonderland

Hi all!!!!

I am a fellow vegan for over 2 years now following raw till 4.

My daughter and I have started a new family friendly channel showcasing the toys in her toyroom. It is a bit amateurish for now but we are getting better as we go along. If you or your kids like to view these kind of videos on youtube, please subscribe! …


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What's The Deal With Fearing Positive Change

What's The Deal With Fearing Positive Change?

You can most likely get on board with the idea that change is scary. 

That you have resistance when it comes to entering the 'unknown.'

But what is up being being afraid of POSITIVE change? 

When you know that the changes you are about to make are going to improve your life? Are going to…


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Monday, March 28

Breakfast: 5 banana smoothie

Lunch: 6 bananas

Snack: 2 bananas

Dinner: Steamed rice with broccoli

Water: 32oz

Exercise: Walking 30 minutes

Today was ok. I created a workout schedule that works for me and my family.  Sleep was so-so. 

Added by Rita on March 30, 2016 at 4:00am — 2 Comments

MCK - Weirdo Vlog Channel

Hey kids

Started this channel on youtube . The first season is done . Check it out if you want!

Lots of fruit and potatoes in it. It's pretty weird.



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Youtube Channel + Blog

Hello 30bad Community,

Just wanted to let you all know what I am up to. I have relaunched my blog www.runway5ft2.com and I am on Youtube as Rochelle Blum doing daily videos 37 and counting! 

Staying carbed up and making a difference near and far.



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I'm planning to do regular blogs

So recently I started to do more exercise and ctfu more soooooo I decided to start blogging more consistently so when 2 or 3 years passes I can see my progress on this lifestyle...

So maybe 4-5 time a week I will do a blog post telling my exercise and what I ate that day and maybe some highlights of that day. I also started a youtube channel so if you want to please check it out!

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Sunday, March 27 2016

I had a bit of a lazy day today.  Spent most of the day researching the LFRV lifestyle and all it has to offer. There is a lot of conflicting information out there.  Gets pretty confusing.

Breakfast: 5 banana smoothie 

Lunch: Dateorade (1st time ever and it was wonderful!)

Diner: Whole wheat pasta with home made sauce (Tomatos and basil)  Not so good.  I am really not liking the raw till 4 diet.  Seriously considering going ALL RAW!  I will continue to research.…


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Saturday, March 26 2016

Today went pretty well. My carbs are not as high at breakfast/lunch as I would like them to be. I'll keep working on that. I have never been a big morning eater. 

Breakfast: 4 banana smoothie 

Lunch: 3 bananas

Dinner: Ate at Dragon Rolls.  Tried almost every Vegan dish they offer. It was yummy! (I still like Pho Viet way better)

Goal for tomorrow: 5 banana smoothie in the AM and try a Dateorade. 

Good Night :)

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Why Self Love Is Vital For True Self Knowledge

Why Self Love Is Vital For True Self Inquiry 

You have most likely heard that you should meditate. That you should take time to go in and look around in your inner world. 

That it is important to be 'honest' with yourself about who and what you are - knowing that you can only make positive changes from a place of knowing what you want to change.

Knowing what you want to…


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Why Your Intuition Doesn't Give A Crap About Your Happiness - At Least Not Right Now ;)

Why Trusting Your Intuition Does Not Always Mean Happiness

We have all been told we need to 'tune in and trust our intuition"

The idea of totally believing in and giving your faith to your internal guidance system sounds really magical.

It may sound like once you get to a place where you know how your intuition speaks to you well enough that you can head it with every…


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What to eat before your first 5k Race?

Anyone have any specific foods that they eat the night before a big running race or cross country?

i tend to keep it clean with about 4-5 litres of water during the day, 10 bananas in the morning or a big bowl of porridge and then for lunch ill have about 3-4 potatos oven baked no oil and then for dinner a light bowl of rice with some soy sauce or tomato sauce to taste then an early night and in the morning i might have an apple or half a weetbix an hour and a half before the race as…


Added by Jacob Bayliss on March 20, 2016 at 7:13pm — 4 Comments

Increase in Cholestrol with Vegan??

Hi all

Bit of a strange one!

I used to eat mainly a Paleo style diet with some rice on occasions and I have eaten like this for the last 2 years. Since reading Durians blogs and videos around high carb vegan for endurance, and as I do a lot of cycling and endurance events I thought I would give it ago.

3 months in and after testing some stats, the majority , blood pressure, heart rates ,blood sugar,  weight etc have been pretty consistent except for one .....…


Added by Jim Till on March 19, 2016 at 12:53am — 7 Comments

How To Create A Life That Works For You, Part Two

How To Create A Life That Works For You, part Two!

In my last video, my sister Sam and I shared our experiences of trying to find a way of life that felt good for us.

Sam shared how she tried SO HARD to get herself to fit into the normal 9-5 security driven culture, and how that ended up almost killing her.

I shared how I tried to rebel from society at every turn, and wound up being SO focused on what I did not want to be, that I made no attempt at creating the person I…


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How To Create A Life That Works For You, Part One

How Do You Create A Life That Works For YOU?

Do you ever feel a little (or a lot) like you don't really fit into society?

Like what you naturally want to do, want to be, how you naturally want to live does not suit your current culture? 

Today, my sister and I have teamed up to tell you our stories of being a freak, and the mistakes we made on the path to creating a life…


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The Most Important Life Truth Ever! Part Two

A few weeks ago, I published the first part in this series on the most important spiritual truth you will ever hear.

Today, after letting that first video settle, I want to share with you the second part.

I want to share with you what I was really pointing at when I told you to deal with what is in front of you.

I want to clarify any questions you may have about your thoughts creating your reality, and thus you should simply change your inner terrain in order to create a…


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raw again

so before this i guess i was a "junk food vegan" and ive been on 100% raw for 3 days mostly eating oranges. I have thrown up 2 times on the second day, once on the third day, and today i still feel nausea. I don't know whats going on i wonder if this is my gall bladder detoxifying or something cause when i throw up its literally just stomach acid

im thinking to add in some steamed veg at night because this is getting a little too much and i have work tomorrow…


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My Get Fit and Be Happy Thread:

Hey everyone! I'm new here. Heres a bit about me:

~I've had a history of anorexia and bulimia. The 80/10/10 and raw till four lifestyle have really helped me cope with them. I really want to thank Freelee and Harley for their YouTube videos. They've really helped me learn how to eat enough and be happy.

~I live in the United Arab Emirates. I spend most my time in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. There are soooooo many different types of dates here. Some taste super sugary while other taste like… Continue

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7-15 Year Life Expectancy: What Does It Feel Like?

September 18, 2013 I was told I had Chronic Pancreatitis, which meant, I had a seven to fifteen-year life expectancy. 

I was a Junior in High School and tomorrow was my seventeenth birthday. With this diagnosis, I would live until I was either twenty-four or thirty-two. According to statistics, my life was already categorized as over halfway done. 

Not only that, but the surgery that was suppose to be conducted tomorrow (yes, I was going to sleep away my seventeenth birthday…


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