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ya know

I thought I wouuld need a dehydrator or other fancy raw food appliances when I acutally don't lol and I was so worried I now know that I can be very simply and still get great benefits I'm so glad I found this group yay!!!!!!!

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Being happy

The weather is so nice and kind to me. The simple has become my favorite thing and that empty spot within, no longer exists. The journey is taking me to that beautiful place where I wish to be.......time no longer plays a role.... when I get there, I will be as happy as I am today.

Day 28:

WATER: 3quarts

SLEEP: 11pm to 7:30am (8 1/2hrs)

EXERCISE: jogged 9.5 miles.....great day for jogging.....no muscle pain....YAY!

FOOD: 11am: bananas… Continue

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Day 4

I bought a ton of bananas today! I have brown bagged them up in my house so that they ripen faster.

I am trying to stick to all bananas but......

Todays intake


2 cups-pineapple, mango, red grapes

soy lattee-went to coffee shop with students (no sweetener this time)...i know i know:(

3 bananas and 2 oranges

1 banana

2 banana smoothie

5 banana pudding with 1 banana cut up (not as ripe)--added lankato-fermented sweetener-no calories and… Continue

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Day 104, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Sunday, Day 104, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Life can be very interesting. The walk of faith even more so. There is pain in the growth in grace and the crucifixion of self, but there are also many joys and amusements. Case in point, it is now Monday as i am blogging this. i am blogging events as of yesterday (sunday). i have not blogged in several days because my internet and phone are out. i am blogging this from my office. The last time i blogged, i had received a box of valencia oranges from a dear… Continue

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Body wanting more water

I have noticed a big difference in my body when I consume fruits that are juicy. My body needs them. I am leaving the bananas to my family and sticking to the juicier fruits. My body seems to want less and less food. My body wants more and more sun. I am going to go with the flow of my body and see where it takes me.

I have not made time to journal my food intake because I have been enjoying nature more and realizing my need to just be. I know I can never go back to a cooked food… Continue

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weekend and today


I had a very very busy week. I am glad that it ended. I had to study a lot and finish my college certification(diploma work). I also applyed to 4 works, I sent letters and cv and etc...

I trained almost every day, running and weight lifting. Training was my only relief from other things. really.

I can say that this was almost my most busy week for a long time. I see people saying that they dont have time for training or to be healthy. And I look at their… Continue

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Time for a bike ride!

Another great addition to my life: a bicycle! This is a new thing to me. My last time on a bicycle was almost ten years ago. Today I feel inspired by the power of my legs..... pedaling through life....like a little kid having fun in the sun. So many places to go, so many adventures to live......I am ready!


WATER: 2 1/2quarts

SLEEP: 10:30pm… Continue

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Sunflower seeds are good for you

"And the sunflower seed! No food is complete in itself, but the sunflower seed comes very close. Refer to Lesson 24 for details about the bonanza of nutritional elements sunflower seeds provide, including calcium and quality protein." http://www.rawfoodexplained.com/why-we-should-not-eat-animal-products/reject-animal-products-for-optimal-health.html

"No food is complete in itself, but sunflower seeds come very close. These little kernels contain practically the whole spectrum of… Continue

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Glorious sunny Saturday

Yes, lots of sun today. I tried to absorb the sun's energy as much as I could.....delicious feel-good sensation...ah, skin cells dancing with joy....thank you Sun!.......The journey becomes more colorful. It is filled with sweet bright colors of glorious sunny moments.....life is good.....

Day 26:

WATER: 2 1/2 quarts

SLEEP: 10pm to 7:30am (wow.....91/2hrs......sleep much needed.....healing times....)

EXERCISE: treadmill: 90min.… Continue

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Magic Awareness

Many sunsets and sunrises have come and gone, and each day on this path has become an unique adventure. Commitment and perseverance have been my faithful friends, whose magic has strengthened my spirit. I am becoming more alive each day.......little by little, one bite at a time.

DAY 25:

WATER: 2 quarts

SLEEP: 10pm to 6:30am (8 1/2hrs)

EXERCISE: failed attempt at jogging....muscle still too sore.......bummer.....:-{{{{

rested.....ok, let's… Continue

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What's so great about Wheatgrass?

40 Points about Wheatgrass and its Nutritional Values

1 Wheatgrass Juice is one of the best sources of living chlorophyll available.

2 Chlorophyll is the first product of light and, therefore, contains more light energy than any other element.

3 Wheatgrass juice is a crude chlorophyll and can be taken orally and as a colon implant without toxic side effects.

4 Chlorophyll is the basis of all plant… Continue

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Parsley/Herbs:Lesson 42 at rawfoodexplained.com

This I just read on rawfoodexplained.com:

"What about some herbs that are relished in a raw state, such as garlic, onions, parsley, and so on? In general, these types of herbs are not needed and may prove harmful to the organism. Garlic and onions, two of the most popular flavoring herbs, are full of noxious toxins, like mustard oil and allicin. Parsley is also a strong herb whose use can overstimulate the kidneys. It is a very concentrated green herb which should probably not be a… Continue

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Day 23 and Day 24

Busy day. Soil's being worked. Lots of seeds being planted.....Spring has arrived! Summer is not far away and when it comes, the harvest will be abundant. The journey continues and with it, comes the unknown......one thing is for sure, you will always find me where the fruit grows.

Day 23.....yesterday

WATER: 2 1/2 quarts

SLEEP: 10pm to 7am (9hrs)

EXERCISE: treadmill (uphill) 90min.

FOOD: 11am: bananas(900cal)

8pm(dark, late,no… Continue

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Day 100, 100% Raw Fruitarian

Wednesday, Day 100, 100% Raw Fruitarian. Well, its been 100 days. Overall i am feeling physically wonderful. Very light, alert and energetic. My mind and spirit are attentive and i am really connecting with Heaven on a new level. My weight is 183lbs. Officially that is 10lbs lighter than where i started. i have been involved in a very stressful period of my life and through it all i have been able thru Grace to continue this journey. Its still only in the beginning, but it is doing great things… Continue

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11km HILLY jog - 73mins, burned 650cals, HR Max - 190bpm


10km mostly downhill (but have to get back up there!) - 100cals


Ride up Norton Summit - about 250cals


10km ride- steady climb home - 200cals

Total = about 1200cals or more


I miscombined my food yesterday & had a half avo the night before so

my digestion was taxing a lot of my… Continue

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Yesterday was a very fun day. Me and my son went to our unschooling parkday and he played for hours with all of his friends. It always makes me feel so content to see my son happy! We stayed there from noon til 6 in the evening. We like to walk to the park carrying all of our supplies a wagon. I do not drive. I love enjoying the walks we have in the sun and sometimes when it rains. It gives me and my son time to think,talk,and to just be. It was very easy to eat all fruit yesterday. Before I… Continue

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Day 99, 100% Raw Fruitarian.

Tuesday, Day 99, 100% Raw Fruitarian. It was a trying type of day. Filled with things designed to cause anxiety if i let them. The type of day that requires faith. i am glad the Lord got me through it. Character must be developed in trial. There is simply no other way. i am glad the Spirit causes me to understand this, although, i cannot say i always rejoice in it. Not yet. In conjunction with the day, good food was not as plentiful. But i can say i did rejoice in what i was able to eat as i… Continue

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Good day filled with hopes and dreams. Thoughts focused on Nature. Dreams of a brighter tomorrow where fruit trees are planted everywhere and people are fed the best food ever. Every piece of fruit I take is a reminder of that dream.....maybe one day it will come true....why not?....possibilities are infinite.....

Day 22

WATER: 2quarts

SLEEP: 9:30pm to 6:30am (9hrs)....thankful for my sleep...:-}

EXERCISE: treadmill (uphill walk)- 84mins.… Continue

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Under eating

I've been busy the last couple of days and I'm discovering a danger for my new lifestyle. Under eating.

Typical day: up at 5 for a bike ride. Home, get kids to school. Into home-office to check messages and emails. Off to appointments and meetings. Home to pick up kids and ferry to various activities whilst organising dinner. 3 nights a week working late seeing patients. 2 nights a week extra training.

Conclusion I'm coming to, when do I eat? Traditionally, I've always… Continue

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A little history about me. I suffered from constipation,bloating,heartburn,hiatal hernia, migraine headaches,pain from a knee and ankle injury and that's about it. I found raw foods at the right time and now I am convinced that I am a fruit eater. I finally found my true way of being and fruit plays into this life path of mine. I ate only fruit yesterday and feel superb!!! This was after being raw vegan 100% for 5days. I know that this is for me body,spirit,and soul. I have found that reading… Continue

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