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Sober, HCLF, Cycling, Theatre Life

I sold my car last week and bought a new bike. I've been cycling around town, carbing the f up, and doing what I love daily. But I feel different too. I feel as though everything that I've learned, that I'm used to, that I'm comfortable with, is slowly fading away. Everything that I'm taught ever since I was small seems distant, everything that my parents say or what my family say seems like gibberish and somehow what I learn in school and acting classes made me realize that life is just one…


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Hi Friends

It is time for the last instalment in my series on how to love your body.

I want to share with you why I made these videos at all. What my real purpose and intention was behind sharing this stuff with you.

I want to impart my deep sense of KNOWING how amazing you are.

I want to show you how much I respect and honour the…


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List of Socially & environmentally conscious documentaries on Netflix

Among the hundreds of Nazi, Hitler, and JFK documentaries, there are documentaries I have favored and hope that others watch the material to gain insight, information, and a new found empathy and understanding for all people, animals, the planet, and ourselves. Of course there are so many more documentaries I enjoyed and see value, and I condensed a list below of the best documentaries to watch on Netflix that are currently uploaded, and a small list of the…


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Where To Buy Vegan Handbags

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What Does Self Care FEEL Like To You?

How To Love Your Body Part Four: What Does Personal Care FEEL Like?

Now that you have a richer understanding of why you feel the way you feel in your body, a deeper connection to your true emotions, and are starting to see that it is not your body's job to give you your sense of value and worth, it is time to focus on learning how to nourish yourself from the inside out.

We all know that we can easily go…


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Jan 2016 Reflection

Observation: Raw vs Cooked vs Combined

January 2016

Experimenting with raw vs cooked. It's time to reflect .

On raw, I feel like the emblem of health. Feeling clean, and not weighed down, it's only instinct to want to share this energy with others. But somewhere down the road after consecutive raw days, I find myself searching for a different base.

With brings me to...



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95% Raw - 1/25/16

I am back to 95% raw as of 3 days ago.  I have been doing a lot of research on grains in a vegan diet.  For those of us with compromised guts, the grains can be the cause of increased endotoxin regardless of the quality.  I know many successful vegans can eat cooked/grains/beans, etc., but for some of us, it may be too much toxin to handle.  Even though I have been at this going on 3 years, I am a bit older than many people coming to 30bad, so I think I need to do more healing on a raw diet.…


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Why I feel sick after the smoothie breakfast?

I just recently started RT4, and have problems after breakfast. Usually I have 1liter of green smoothie, with 5-6 bananas,dates,some green and some other fruit(depends what I have mature at home). This smoothie is usually about 7-800kcl.I drink it slowly in an hour.Not forcing it at all. But after I had the half of it, my stomach starts to hurt. Is not like a "oh I'm full" feeling, but a very uncomfortable ,sickening one.Then I have to take some break .Sometimes I even feel dizzy.



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What Are You Making Your Body Mean?

Do you really have to feel badly about yourself when you gain weight? 

Do you have to hate your body when it swells or is puffy? 

Do you need to have your stomach flip over when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror?

 Is it actually super important that you are acutely aware at all times of how you look, so that you can determine how you feel?

It is time to get to really get into…


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Food Facts


The Many ideas around food and how it effects the body is something that is very fascinating to me.

Some ideas are purely based on theory,

Religious Beleifs,


Trial and Error,

Or Fact upon research and study.

We as Humans have a lot of choice over what goes into our body, digests and is detoxified before becoming our cells and bloodstream.

Every Part of you is made out of the Substances found in a food which can be used as… Continue

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Food/exercise diary

So, this is going to be a place for me to journal every day about what I ate (taking a screenshot of my cronometer would probably be best), and how I exercised/slept/felt, or anything else I feel relevant. I will just write in the comments to avoid making a million posts. The main purpose of this is to help me correct the inevitable newbie mistakes I'm bound to make. When I experience a problem I can go back here and try to figure out why it happened. If I get really lost, I will ask someone… Continue

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I am confuse

Hi all Im new here. This Is my second day trying To change my habita But i dont know if Im doing It well. Yesterday breakfast was 8 bananas smothie and i was full The rest of The day. Today i ate only 5 bananas smothie But for lunch i ate 1 red pepper.
It has To be only fruit in The lunch too???

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Healthy lifestyle for baby boomers is plant based....

Hi everyone....I know most of you guys here are way younger than me,so this is for your folks. Recently published in London by the Vegan Lifestyle Association:

Healthy lifestyle for baby boomers is plant based....

Thanks for all the inspiration here @ 30bananasaday.

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How To Love Your Body Part 2.5 - Does This Mean I Should Eat EVERYTHING?!

Hi friends :)

In my last video I suggested that in order to come to a place where you have a healthy relationship with food and with your body, that you remove all 'good' and 'bad' thinking and labels from your food choices.

Now, I knew this was going to spark questions about specific dietary choices and preferences - like eating vegan or 80/10/10 or following any other kind of protocol with food.

The most common question I get when I make this suggestion to remove the…


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Hello! I'm new here . I'm looking for help on transitioning to veganism and support . Thanks for letting me join  

Hello! I'm new here . I'm looking for help on transitioning to veganism and support . Thanks for letting me join  


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Highest Weight

This is a blog post for my future reference.  I hit my highest weight ever in my entire life.  Even after having two children, I never weighed as much as I do today.  I hit an even 180 pounds.  Full pregnancy, I only ever weighed 177ish.    

Today is the first day of my attempt at using an indoor bike trainer to lose weight without the impact on my knees.  I used to be a long-distance runner and can no longer run due to my excessive weight. 

I did eat mostly raw…


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All these carbs are making me so fat! pt. 2

5 years into this diet eating 3000+ calories of high carb foods a day and I'm really packing on the pounds.  Especially now that I'm working a full time desk job I can't find the time to exercise the 6 hours a day needed to burn off all those carbs.  I mean, I don't know if my v lines could get any more distinct.  Obviously the idea that a high carb diet can help you…


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How To Love Your Body Part TWO

How To Love Your Body: Part Two, Food

In my last video, I shared with you my first tool for getting you to a place where you can genuinely say you love your body. 

That tool was a challenge to stop scapegoating your emotions and feelings onto your body, by no longer allowing yourself to speak negatively about your body.

Today, I want to give you my second tool for leaning…


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A little bit me ;)

Hi guys... 

So my very first blog post ever.... I never considerd myself as someone who is good at writing, probably because it was always kinda hard for me at school and so on... 

I just wanted to talk a bit... I went vegan in may 2015 and I'm loving it. I had a bit of a hard beginning.. after beeing very motivated and everything I fell back into old habits. It was octoberfest time (I'm from Munich, Germany) and we had so,e friends at the house... I ate everything... milk,…


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How To Love Your Body Part One: Stop Body Shaming Yourself

I have talked A LOT about body love in my videos, instagram posts, Facebook posts, and with the people I work with on a daily basis.

This idea of learning to love your body right here, right now, may sound really good, may sound like it would feel good and all that - but I know that if you are not in a place where you love your body right now, it is most likely because you still have a nagging belief that your body must change before you can…


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