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I just stood up for myself :)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Mandi Jul 15, 2011. 3 Replies

I just had a mini-breakthrough! I'm a vegan university student, and I just learned about 811 a few months ago. I plan to go raw soon. I just discovered the raw movement a few months ago. My friends…Continue

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:* :)

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Our community would be delighted to know you better. Please tell us more about yourself and what brought you to 30BaD. Detailed responses will only be accepted (feel free to reapply with more detail if at first not approved as a member). We suggest you pick a name other than your own if you want to maintain anonymity.
I've been obsessed with the raw food movement ever since discovering it in March 2011!
I've always had a very profound curiosity about what "eating clean" really means. I've been a vegetarian since June 2010. The first month, I was vegan. My body never felt better in my life than it did in that first month. But I switched back because I believed that the vegan diet was inconvenient, and the vegan food in my college dorm's cafeteria was gross. I am now vegan again, slowly working my way up to high raw.
I have a lot of goals I want to achieve through 811:
- ENERGY: For my whole life, I have had such a hard time getting off my ass to do anything. And I mean anything: get out of bed, work out , do homework. I observe this but I can't change it. It's very frustrating. At the moment I get wiped out running a kilometer. My biggest dream for 811 is to be able to run and run and run forever without getting tired. Like Mike Arnstein!! :) That would be incredible. I know I'll get there!
-BODY: I want to have my dream body. 811 will get me there for sure. I love my body and I don't want to change it to look like anyone else's. That being said, a lot of the 811 girls have the look I'm going for. 'Specially Freelea :) Super ripped, but still totally feminine and beautiful!
-MIND: I have trouble focusing and it really affects how efficiently I can study. People have called me spacey all my life. I want to be razor sharp, not spacey. I want to be able to retain information alot better. The mental clarity that I hear comes with 811 is something that I really really really want.
-SPIRIT: I want to raise the level of energy at which I vibrate :) I want to have great meditations. I know 811 will only intensify the connection that I have always felt with nature and all beings. There is so much more I can say about this topic :)
-SKIN: I will get the tiniest cut and it will take FOR-frikin-EVER to heal. And it will scar permanently!! My skins also terribly dry. I see that these problems intensify when I'm not eating enough calories and not drinking enough water. So I know 811 will switch this all around.
I'm currently working on getting a job so I'll be able to afford this amazing diet on my college budget.
If you have similar goals, if you just want to talk, say hi, say nothing...lol request me :) I'd love to connect with you <3
What is your gender? PLEASE NOTE: To enhance the community experience, profile pics of yourself are *REQUIRED* to gain membership. Membership will be declined otherwise.
Please tell us about your dietary inclinations:
I really want to be LFRV and just need some guidance
Are you Connected?
no single
My favourite books/movies/authors/pastimes are....
Books: Tons, but I love fiction. The girl with the dragon tattoo is a particular favorite. I love philosophy books and health books as well. LOVE em.
Movies: TONS. But I like TV shows more. True Blood, Boondocks, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, South Park, Family Guy, Dragon Ball Z!
Pastimes: Singing, Piano, Dancing and listening to gooood music (Classical, Jazz, House! and other Electronic stuff, Hip-hop), Watching Durianrider vids.
Please list your website/blog/facebook/myspace etc
Durianrider & Freelee started this site to bring together high carb, raw vegan and vegan lifestylists' across the Globe! 30bad is a high standard and high performance team! We're here to help you make our team! Let us know what high fruit assistance do you need?
Support! :)
30bad is a fruit-focused vegan internet community which promotes a high carb fruit based vegan lifestyle free of any animal products. Our forum does not tolerate encouragement of anything contrary to this. Nor do we allow endorsement of non-vegan items or practises which involve the imprisonment, exploitation, abuse or murder of sentient beings. We also require our members to post with proper netiquette. Therefore, please indicate your intention:
I will comply because I like totally agree with all this

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At 1:13pm on March 3, 2012, Riela Molinuevo said…

My school is great. Missing some Z's, but that's natural haha. How is your progress on this lifestyle?

At 2:09pm on February 19, 2012, Riela Molinuevo said…

So sorry for replying so late. Hope you haven't forgotten me :P
I do speak my fare share of languages.

How have you been? 

At 11:59am on December 17, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…

Rwanda and Trinidad?Do you speak French or Spanish? 

I've grown up all over the world too! I'm a mix of Spanish, French, Portuguese, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Italian, Japanese and Greek, plus a bunch of other countries. :D

At 9:51am on December 9, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…


Your friend sounds like me a year and a half ago. Back then I couldn't eat more than half a banana before feeling guilty and full. Now I eat 10 in one sitting like it's nothing. :D Perhaps you may want to show her people like Kristina. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmXPR70gSgo She is crazy skinny and eats probably just as much or more than Freelea! Not to mention she is thriving in her lifestyle, which (I'm assuming because I have been in your friend's shoes) your friend is probably not.  

About digestion, I just wanted to say that squatting has helped me a ton. Not so much with digestion really, but feeling as if I have a flatter tummy. :D

Oh really? I haven't gotten either of those yet. If I do, I will roast both of the perpetrators ALIVE. I have been getting a lot of criticism on veganism recently, from family, friends and colleagues, and I've been getting so frustrated by their stupid comments that I've transitioned from being polite and unaggressive about it to scathing and judgemental, especially with people who say that humans are meant to eat meat and that I'm just ruining my health by not eating animals. If vegan debates were in an olympic sport, I would get a bronze medal, after Freelea and Harley. ESPECIALLY arguments on nutrition. 

Obsessing over calories is the absolute worst. All I thought about was how much I craved food but every time I saw it all I would say (nomatter what it was) "Riela, you can't eat that, that's too fattening. You'll get FAT. FAT I TELL YOU." It was such an obsession, I spent the day thinking about how to skip calories in my next meals, or rather, how to skip meals altogether. If I slipped up (saying I ate, perhaps a piece of bread the size of a quarter, I would spend an extra grueling half an hour in the gym to burn an extra 400 calories (when the piece of bread probably didn't pass 30). Absolutely miserable.

Even now I have issues with slip-ups. I get absolutely miserable and depressed if I slip up on anything. If my parents were more supportive of this diet then it would be easier and I could be 100% no problem. But the fact that they rage war on me so harshly makes me fear that if I eat too much cooked food I'll gain even more weight and go back to eating disorders. But I can't tell them this, obviously. :'D They think being LFRV is an eating disorder LOL. 

I know this is totally and completely random, but where are you from? Ethnicity-wise I mean. You're just so beautiful. <3

At 10:34am on November 29, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…

Oh no worries. My school is taking up about 95% of my life right now. -.-


I want to be able to run 8 miles in one day like it's nothing. Whenever I run even 3 miles, my legs get so weak and shaky that I can barely go up the stairs to go have a shower later. I also am recovering from asthma. I want to use raw food to fuel myself into becoming fit. :)


Just like you I would love to have an amazing body, which I used to have until my parents forced me to start eating cooked food again. In the Summer of 2010 I went raw (I just did it because it seemed practical for weight loss, not because I knew anything about the raw food movement)and I lost 26 pounds in 1 month (I was exercising 2+ hours a day and, shamefully, eating 600 calories a day maximum). Of course, after so much restriction and mental scarring, when I finally recovered from what I look back to and identify as anorexia, I gained all the weight back. It was slow, it took about a year for me to gain it all back. I can't lie, I am still fighting to stay clear of anorexia and bulimia, which is why I want to go 801010, I don't want to fear food. I don't want to avoid parties because there's food there. I don't want to feel tortured in public events because there is so much food around and I'm the only awkward one not eating. 


Like you I want to clarity (or keeping it rather). I have already experienced the mental clarity, and I cannot thank this diet enough. I feel absolutely amazing, smoking out all of the top students in the school in the hardest class offered in my school. I remember before when I was on a high fat diet I was miserable (almost back to bulimia) and my mental clarity was nothing like what it is now.


My skin isn't as great as it used to be due to the fact that I haven't been taking care of it as much as usually do, but I HIGHLY recommend washing your face 2+ times a week with OATMEAL. It gently exfoliates your skin leaving you radiant and clean. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e5_RVBwNjE I did this cleanser along with (at the time I was vegetarian) a yogurt mask whenever I felt like it and my skin was like this: http://www.30bananasaday.com/photo/cimg1379?context=user I'm pale because I have a phobia of the sun, so disregard that hahaha. 


What are some stupid comments you get about this lifestyle? My family swears I am getting to much sugar and that I am going to become a diabetic (especially because I'm not like Harley running marathons every week)

At 12:14pm on November 24, 2011, chris kendall said…

awwwwww Much love back Samaza, thanks for all!! :)

I feel you I know how it is on a tight budget. Hope to meet n greet another time n place then :)

More vids on the way, first some interviews n then much more fun!! :)

Most stoked u enjoy em,thanks for the feedback :)


peacelovenseasonalfruit ck

At 5:31am on November 24, 2011, Shay Beauty said…

Hey. Nice to meet you too :-) hope all is well with you

At 2:11am on November 10, 2011, chris kendall said…

Blissings Samaza :)

much love n thanks for the friendship! :)

You Rawk it too!!! Thanks for the appreciation!

Hope all is flowing smooth with you, wishing you much

peacelovenseasonalfruit ck


At 11:03am on November 3, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…
When I started detoxing I got a horrible rash all over my chest and shoulders. My parents forced me to start eating some cooked food then so my detox has stopped. I am, for now, high raw and plan to become 100% in college -- cooked food after just 1 week 100% is absolutely horrible. Salt is so gross after a while. I went raw because I wanted to look beautiful haha. I know how good raw is for the skin [ironically] and it has helped me so much in life. I remember last year I was raw (I didn't really know I was raw, I just wanted to lose weight so I ate nothing but fruit) and then I stopped being raw because my parents forced me. My grades went down big time and my stress level elevated. It's still a struggle now because my parents don't approve, but I am going somewhere. Now I just have to exercise hahaha. What are your long-time goals with raw?
At 4:10am on October 25, 2011, Riela Molinuevo said…
I think the thing that is keeping me from going 100% is just that my parents make me eat cooked food every so often. It bothers me because I feel like I am eating all of these gross salty foods. I also have this phobia that, because I a eating so many dates, that I am going to get fat. I know that they don't make you fat, but still. I think I might start going out for jogs now. How you experienced any differences since becoming high raw?

Samaza M's Blog

Day 1 Low-Fat Vegan!

Posted on May 23, 2012 at 11:00am 1 Comment

I'm going to try to go without overts to start, and then add them in afterwards, perhaps in about a month, to compare how I feel.

So far so good. The other day I ate 5 mangoes for breakfast and was completely high the whole morning. Like SERIOUS euphoria. Asian markets are essential for the beginner 801010er on a budget. Got 16 ataulfo mangoes for 13 bucks :) I get my bananas and greens organic. Also my frozen berries and juices that I use in my smoothies. I thought a plain…



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