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How long on the lifesyle?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Melissa Dec 27, 2018. 1 Reply

I am curious how many people have been 100% on plant based dier for more than 2 .years.My experience is the successful people take at least 2-3 years to make the transition, those that do it…Continue

How is this site doing?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Windlord Jan 15. 3 Replies

I have been popping in to see whats up several times a year for a lot of years, and a few years ago, discussions were being replaced with new ones within hours, often the topics were “pages away” by…Continue

Anyone in Phuket...or north?

Started this discussion. Last reply by ednshell Jan 28, 2017. 3 Replies

I am going to Thailand around 1 February, I am in Hong Kong right now. I may starting in Phuket and head my way north towards Mynmar border.... I am in search of Hot Springs to sit in. There are…Continue

What time is it?

Started Jan 24, 2017 0 Replies

I woke up at midnight in Hong Kong (on my way to Thailand)...asked Siri "What time is it in Salt Lake City Utah?" Her response: "9 am yesterday"....I thought that was funny, though the only way to…Continue


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Rock commented on Jacob Hafer's blog post ATTENTION: Potential Partner Fruitarian Females Please See
"Hmmm, you better specify that your kids may not ever have a relationship with “her” “lost in a sea of rotting meat” parents. Hmmm, or your co-workers, or neighbors, or potential friends that will never be. You better specify…"
Apr 21
Rock replied to Reese's discussion Can you still have detox symptoms eating 50% raw and 50% sad
"Yes, depending on how bad what you gave up was for you... For instance, (not applicable in this case) an alcoholic or drug addict eating 100% SAD can have intense, almost life threatening detox when giving it up “cold turkey”... "
Apr 21
Rock replied to RawVeganGamer's discussion The Gender Knot, veganism, and liberalism.
"The Vegan movement is languishing because of Americans and their opinion that definitions can be changed “every 10 minutes” based on personal convenience.   Cannot explain without writing 30 pages, but have been observing the…"
Apr 21
Rock replied to RawVeganGamer's discussion Acupuncture and chiropractic on animals is pseudo-science animal cruelty.
"Not the “brightest bulb”, obviously has strong opinion and does not know enough on either subject to have a clue as to how much they do not know on the subject.  Kinda like meat eaters who think you will suffer permanent health…"
Apr 21
Rock replied to Silvery's discussion What are good techniques in not letting the bananas over ripe?
"Ozonator. Ozone neutralizes the gasses that ripen fruit.  Also kills mold on stored oranges. Ozone is harmless to humans in small amounts, uncomfortable in larger amounts. it is the metallic “fresh smell” after a lightning strike. 3…"
Apr 21
Rock replied to Rock's discussion How is this site doing?
"Maybe THAT is a blatant overstatement, calorie restriction is shown to enhance stem cell use by the body, but at advanced age (me 20 years ago), not enough stem cells to make a remarkable difference....BUT...those $120,000 stem cell treatments are…"
Jan 7
ednshell replied to Rock's discussion How is this site doing?
"Rock said "and now research shows that calorie restriction triggers cell stem use"  Interesting, I had not heard that before. I found this video from Dr. Group on water fasting and he does mention water fasting being a stem cell…"
Jan 7
Rock commented on Lesli Ruiz's blog post “All Raw Vegans in the Fitness World use Protein Powders.”
"I do not consider “raw” protien powders to actually be raw...they are processed."
Jan 7
Melissa replied to Rock's discussion How long on the lifesyle?
"I have not been on it for that long. But everyday I am getting closer. I have research it. I have viewed freelee and durianrider youtube videos , at least 200 of them. Truly looking forward to making that 2 year mark. For me I am between a rock and…"
Dec 27, 2018
Rock posted a discussion

How long on the lifesyle?

I am curious how many people have been 100% on plant based dier for more than 2 .years.My experience is the successful people take at least 2-3 years to make the transition, those that do it overnight are not still even trying in 2 years.  Those that stay with “vegan” more than 2 years seem to be split between raw vegan and otherwise, though I find that less than 1% of self labeled vegans have gone over 5 consecutive days without “fudging” intentionally or out of ignorance (me, for instance was…See More
Dec 24, 2018
Rock replied to Mike's discussion Vaccines = Never safe. Never will be.
"My life changed when I recieved the measels vaccine at age 4 in 1957, I remember “who” I was up to that day, and that “everything” was different after, my personality vastly changed.  Fortuanately, I was able to…"
Dec 23, 2018
Rock posted a discussion

How is this site doing?

I have been popping in to see whats up several times a year for a lot of years, and a few years ago, discussions were being replaced with new ones within hours, often the topics were “pages away” by the next day, and now discussions started a month or more ago are still on page one with few or no comments...and dead, censored items are not being removed in weeks.This is a site I really like, though my personal interest diminished when cooked food was introduced and endorsed, I have always (40…See More
Dec 23, 2018
Rock commented on Lesli Ruiz's blog post “All Raw Vegans in the Fitness World use Protein Powders.”
"Remind them that this is “your life”, you have done more than listen to 3rd and 4th hand opinion and have read past the first sentance of the first 3 paragraphs on the subject...and that their opinion does not constitute fact.  Most…"
Nov 23, 2018
Rock commented on Ronnie Smith's blog post What's Wrong With The Wikipedia Page On Fruitarianism
"Thank you for the analisys and seperating your opinion and comments from “facts” of the wikipedia article.  Obviously written and edited by non fruitarians with opinion and agenda.  (Wikipedia, not your post)."
Nov 23, 2018
Rock commented on Lesli Ruiz's blog post “All Raw Vegans in the Fitness World use Protein Powders.”
"You will not successfully debate with those who are uneducated on the subject, they will revert to opinion and “belief” over fact.  Inform them that you will debate them when they have the equivelent of a first graders knowlege in…"
Sep 22, 2018

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Rock's Blog

Another annual water-only maintenance fast

Posted on March 27, 2013 at 7:30am 2 Comments

Short one, only 22 days--have learned that in 22 days my body maintains high metabolism, very high energy, so I will not have to work at kicking it up after--just maintaining healthy exercise.

This year I do not have the menu of ills, aches and pains of previous years, so hopefully more progressive healing. I also get to come down and do the refeeding thing in South Bay of L.A. Where the largest, best overall selection of raw organic fruit and vegetable in the world is easily and… Continue

I spent 5 days in an FLDS community

Posted on October 12, 2012 at 12:23am 1 Comment

This summer, I spent 5 days in an FLDS community (NOT the one run by Warren Jeff's, my ex next door neighbor). It blew my mind, and put me in a position to scrap 90% of what I thought I "knew' about the fringe religions of Mormon. I am extremely well traveled, have stayed with many cultures (like Massai, Fundamentalist Muslim), but this one is a highlight of my life.

I am not of any religion. Definitely not Mormon. Very definitely not Polygamist, though a lot of my friends are from… Continue

View on Jesus diet

Posted on October 12, 2012 at 12:06am 3 Comments

This is an observation, not a strongly held belief of mine...I do not want to have a religious debate in my blog area, though I will welcome comments...and critism of my interpretations only if the poster has actually read the sources I am commenting on.

Iif Jesus was raised by the Essene, and they were raw food devotès that also were forbidden to eat from below ground level (onion, ginger, garlic, carrot) that does not specify fruitarian. If they ate dairy, it follows that it was likely… Continue

My annual human flesh diet...

Posted on May 6, 2012 at 6:17am 10 Comments

I am now more than halfway through my annual water only fast to deal with debilitating injuries of 30 years ago.

By having water only,

My body is living entirely off human flesh, fat and skin, and occasionally toxins when I do not cleanse the colon often enough to keep up with the need to eliminate...

This year has been especially powerful as I have added Bikram hot yoga daily with enemas directly after. No dizziness when I stand up, and though I try to limit my… Continue

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At 11:23am on December 30, 2012, joce said…

hi!  saw your vibrant thread about burning man and all sorts of other adventures.  that is so awesome.  i want to do more things like that without money holding me back.  would love to chat sometime and participate in some of that fun stuff...

At 7:03am on February 7, 2012, Mary said…

Hey Rock, thank you very much for the quick response on wheatgrass. I will have to go it give it a go!

At 7:59am on January 28, 2012, Sunflower said…

Interesting to hear. I will do some experiement when spring comes with different kind of green juices and I am very curios to see how wild green juices will be compared to wheatgrass and other green juices and smoothies...

At 8:13pm on January 26, 2012, Sunflower said…

I can imagine it is a lot of work but as you say when you feel like it is worth it... However it is interesting to hear that you still do not like to drink it even after so long time drinking it.I love greens:) Keep up the good work!

At 10:27am on October 8, 2011, Helena Santos Marinho said…

Wow! So you really know loads about cats! I'm loving each piece of information! Thank you!

My cat hates water... But I guess that is because she'd been through a lot during her period on the streets or something. That's cute your actually enjoys it! I always see shots of big cats swimming, including the Brazilian Jaguar :)

Yeah, it's very concerning the fact that he might fall from the boat!

This Switzerland fact makes me wonder why some people really care about our furry friends and others don't give a bleep, you know? Here in Brazil, if you go to the police to inform about animal cruelty, they tell you to mind about your own business and that's all. Really sad.

You should definitely come, Rock! You'll love it! Nice to know about your background! My mom used to be a Geography teacher! I guess you'd like to meet her. She lives in Rio de Janeiro  (She's having English classes, so, don't worry! ^^ )



At 11:33am on October 4, 2011, Helena Santos Marinho said…
Hey! Nice to know you liked my story hehe
Nowadays, which happens to most of my tattooed friends, people get inked without actually having a reason, you know, what's more, a story...
Ow, I love cats!
I have this lil' black cutie pie I rescued from a square near my job! Her name is Mischka!
I'd really adore to have any experience with the big cats!
Well, you're moving to a boat? Hm... I guess your kitties won't really enjoy it, but, I'm still really selfish, so, if I were into such situation, I would carry them along, absolutely!

Wow, that's a pretty amazing thing about Africa! I wonder how cool it actually was to be there, in the real deal, their habitat! ^^

I really didn't know about these things over the Jaguar... I chose it too because it's the biggest and more powerful big cat from Brazil. We even have it featured on our R$:50,00 bill hehe

xx with loads of love!

At 5:43am on October 3, 2011, Dakini said…


Rock- i befriended you to answer your question since there was no other way-however- I see that as no reason to not be continue.

At 3:52am on October 3, 2011, Helena Santos Marinho said…

Hey Rock!

Thanks for the comment! ^^

Well... When I was younger (around 14/16) I used to have bunnies as my favorite/totem animals. I was shy, quiet, never argued with anybody, submissive, etc etc. Exactly like a bunny. I used to be constantly bullied by everybody, including family, and was really depressed. When I came to my breakthrough, "getting rid" of all of it and coming to live by myself, I experienced the same problems with my relations at my university and my job. I couldn't take it any longer, though. I got depressed and and ED was my special prize. I decided to see a therapist and she helped me to develop the real woman power inside, saying that I needed to be stronger, to be more assertive, do discover another totem. So, I had this birth mark in my arm that looked like a jaguar spot. Then, I decided to "spread it" into a nearly full arm tattoo. My attitude and life was changing, so I wanted to mark it over my skin.

Well, that's it! 


At 8:13am on October 1, 2011, Helena Santos Marinho said…

Hey, thank you very much for the comment!

Having a vegan community close to us is really precious...

My fiancee is vegan, but not an 811 supporter at this moment. He already had a fruit based diet for a year about a decade ago. But is not planning to come back, while I'm fully intended to do it for the rest of my life. 

Oh, Nice to meet you!!


At 4:39pm on July 13, 2011, Michael Hobson said…

Hi Rock, just read your post about Ralph Waldo Emerson in the Nutritional Yeast thread. He was certainly aware of the concept, even though the word "vegan" was yet a century away. Have you heard of the Fruitlands community? It was founded by Bronson Alcott, father of famous author Louisa May Alcott, and a good friend of Emerson's. The Fruitlands community were strict vegans long before the term was coined. http://www.alcott.net/alcott/home/fruitlands.html


"At Fruitlands, Lane advocated a strict policy of abstinence.  “Neither coffee, tea, molasses, nor rice tempts us beyond the bounds of indigenous production,” Lane wrote.  “No animal substances neither flesh, butter, cheese, eggs, nor milk pollute our tables, nor corrupt our bodies.”  By living on a simple diet, the members of Fruitlands were to eliminate their need for trade and minimize labor.

If Alcott felt Brook Farm was not “austere enough,” he certainly made up for this lack at Fruitlands.  Absolutely no meat or other animal products were eaten (hence the name Fruitlands).  In fact nothing from animals (including wool, honey, wax, or manure) nor even animal labor were used by the community.  The founders felt men should not take anything from animals, for they should be as free as humans.  Bronson Alcott’s idealism was so strong, in fact, that he would not permit canker-worms to be disturbed, and forbade the planting of such vegetables and roots as grow downward instead of upward into the air."
Also, Helen and Scott Nearing, authors of Living the Good Life were vegans. They lived in the 1900s, but their books always started each chapter with historical quotes. Can't remember any of them at the moment, but there were some in their cookbook that referenced vegan ideas dating to the 1500's
Anyway, seemed you had an interest in the Transcendentalists and the history of vegetarian and vegan, so thought I would share.


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