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Project: 101 Arguments Why We Need Move to TROPICS. Yes No Lists

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  The 101 Arguments we all can use to:
  * Explain to others why we Need to Move, Or Moved alrady;
  * Remind Ourselves Why we are moving or moved already in order not to take things for granted
  Next stage We might publish this work as an ebook or small book.


1) (Update 12Nov2016) "Happy Planet Index"... Costa Rica is the first of the list 'producing' most happy people with least environmental impact! US ranks 114th because of horrible environmental impact!

2016  :

2) Costa Rica is the largest and one of the oldest country without military. The constitution has forbidden a standing military since 1949. It does have a public security force, whose role includes law enforcement and internal security. For this reason Costa Rica is the headquarters for the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and also the United Nations' University for Peace.

    (  P.S. Wondering WHY is this reason so important? 
What would it cost to end world hunger? 
$30 billion per year is the annual shortfall to end world hunger. ( UN info )
How does that compare to other political priorities? 
$530 Billion: U.S. Military Budget  + $130 Billion: U.S. War Spending ( )  

'Stop poverty - the worst form of violence'.  - M. Gandhi

3) Summer all year round. Trees gives harvest 2-3 times/year. (Julian Montinaro 14/02/2015 comment: let's say In southern Canada, in spite of what the delusional locals will tell you about how we have 4 seasons and it's not bad at all, the truth is that we have to endure 9 months a year of varying degrees of cold, meaning we are under thermal stress for the great majority of the year. june july and august are the only months where there is guaranteed warmth, but that should be qualified by mentioning that even in those three months, night time temperatures can fall into the low teens (celsius). the growing season is so short it's a joke. so much of what is grown from seed has to be started indoors a month before the last frost.
fruit here is in season for a mere 3-4 months of the year, is not diverse and is mostly low calorie);

4) Costa Rica currently produces 98.8% of its electricity renewable 73% from hydropower and 13% from geothermal and 11% a blend of wind, biomass, solar. See link in next argument.

5) The country has even more to be proud of. Costa Rica anounced a target to become first renewable country with an unprecedented 100% reliance on renewable energy generation sources by 2021! Want to be part of that? (P.S. 20/12/2016 Update from and me for 2016 : First 75days and other 94 day till August in 2015 Costa RIca had 100% renewable electricity. 2015 generation based on renewable sources reached 98.99 percent. Similar 2016:

6)  No Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes from 1992 in Costa Rica.

7)  Costa Rica taking 0.03% landspace yet has 4-5% of the world's biodiversity and is considered one of the 20 most biodiverse countries in the world. There are 62 native varieties of humingbirds, over 130 species of fish, 220 of reptiles, 1,000 butterflies, 9,000 plants, 20,000 species of spiders and 34,000 species of insects in Costa Rica 

8)  No water fluoridation like westernalised countries still use: Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia. It's most aggressive acid, known to human flesh they put in water, which mostly pollutes pineal gland (the central gland responsible for other glands also for our ability to connect with Non-physical higher connections.  

9)  Costa Rica is ranked No.1 in a study of AVERAGE HAPPINESS IN 160 NATIONS 2005-2014 .How much people enjoy their life-as-a-whole on scale 0 to 10. US ranks 22nd.

10) Costa Rica also ranks No.1 with 67.9 years of Average HAPPY LIFE YEARS (HLY) . US ranks 24th.


11) In Nov'2012 Costa Rica becomes first Latin-American country to ban hunting for sport    (  Thanks  11/04/2015 )

12) Costa Rica announced in 2013 that it will become the first country in the world to close down its zoos and free all captive animals  Probably will be first country in the world

(Thanks to Kata )

13) Pura Vida' - Spanish for "pure life." 
The one of nicest expression is used in many forms,  mainly after  'good bye' or when  greeting other person , to a synonym for "excellent." 

14). According to the Cooperative Fund for Sustainable Development, 52 percent of Costa Rica is now (2014) forested, up from 21 percent in 1987. 

15) Costa Rica’s Supreme Court has formally declared the nation’s GMO approval process to be highly ‘unconstitutional.’

16) Healing ceremonies, addiction healing clinics based on ancient plants like ayahuasca, iboga, DMT are legal here.

17)  Costa Rica paper money are beautiful with plants, birds and animals on another side.  Though Costa Rica money system (and peoiple) itself are still enslaved under US Federal Reserve fractual reserve system ( check Venesuela and other few countries which are fighting to not be enslaved ) 

18 ). Temperature most of the 24h in a day is a very comfortable to naked body ( body likes 25-26 degrees)

 19 ) Good few varieties free wild food or unused in peoples garden, you can nearly live from. Coconuts being no.1 (coco water, jelly, coco sprouts) Noni, waterapple, aki, wild papaya, breadfruits, jackfruit's,  cilantro green, mandarine limes, cacao other big variety of things when season

20) In Costa Rica, rising education levels also fostered impressive gender equality so that it ranks higher than the United States in the World Economic Forum gender gap index.

21) Costa Rica is on the forefront of environmental conservation, long ago protecting about 25% of their country as national parks. Manuel Antonio National Park on the west coast is the most famous, but Tortuguero National Park and La Amistad International Park are amazing, too.

22) thinking to Remote? Costa Rica southest country with v cheap flights. Additionally in 2016) 3 low cost companies started operations in Costa Rica and fourth new Air  Costa Rica should start Dec2016. San Jose being as a hub for them:

23) Spiritual Catalyst Teal Swan build's a retreat center in few months after visiting Costa Rica. She claims this land is hurting of fertility, life and Prana. She will be hosting Breather Ian Initiation 10days course (which has 50% success rate of being free from food addictions) with Ray Maor in March'2017. Hear about all this in a Interview: Also Teal wrote to blogs about Costa Rica in her blog. 1 of them:


ARGUMENTS NO (reasons to be improved):

1)  The bigest usage of chemicals per person  (at least) in  Latin America 

2)  Some days usually in the evenings Mosquitos and 'noSiemos' ( tiny mosquitos) might challange you a bit.

3) Post Office  (Correos of Costa Rica) Is too inefficient. I don't mean custom taxes (they are logical 14%-30%), Problems, that they most of the time won't deliver up to house, If package is taken by Customs for opening, excpect to go to bigger town like 60km away to get it. They will send to bank to pay, where you'll spend 30-60min) 

4) Traffic Police could be more proffesional. They stopping tourists and looking for any reasons to get bribed. So easy to catch them. 

5) The conservation group Sharkproject International (over 20 organisations) awarded Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís the “Shark Enemy of the Year Award.” The acerbic accolade is given each year to a public figure deemed by environmental groups to have done the most to hinder protections for global shark species...

Solís is the second Costa Rican president to receive the Shark Enemy of the Year Award, following former President Abel Pacheco in 2006

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    Mindaugas BananaHoover

    Abundance of few varieties free wild food, you can nearly live from. Coconuts being no.1 (coco water, jelly, coco sprouts) Noni, wild papaya, breadfruits, purslane green, mandarine limes, other big variety of things when season
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      Mindaugas BananaHoover

      'Pura Vida' - Spanish for "pure life." 
      The one of nicest expression is used in many forms,  mainly after  'good bye' or when  greeting other person , to a synonym for "excellent." 
      "Que Me 'Ice Mae, Pura Vida?" (What's up dude, all good?)
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        carine martine

        have been living here 4 almost 2 decades now and count the sun light and warmth as the most blessed daily realities (rainy season is a different story...). Hope 2 make a difference with organic farming and composting (people throw away a lot of precios material such as leaves,  sometimes it gets even burned...