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Do you dive? Brought home more produce than you can eat? What dived treasures did you score today? Got pictures and recipes? Let's share!

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Hey fellow divers..here's our latest score, which I finally filmed!


Have a great dive, I mean day! = )

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Looking for divers.

Started by RoastyToasty Sep 22, 2015. 0 Replies

Hello. Anyone active in here? I'm looking for a diving partner in or near the Passaic county area of New Jersey. Let me know!Continue

Friendships while dumpstering

Started by sladebrigade. Last reply by William McClellan Jun 25, 2014. 1 Reply

 Hey Nice to see this group!! I dumpster for nearly everything that I eat, but I almost always end up going on my own. My old friends don't want to do it and I have not been able to find many others…Continue

Divers: Your education starts here!

Started by HolisticHealthDetective. Last reply by Justine leigh May 24, 2014. 9 Replies

Soooo.......I'll continue to fill things in this echoey void until someone chances along and reads some of this stuff. = )If you would like to wrap your head around the concept of dumpster diving,…Continue

Los Angeles Dive spots?

Started by Veganvampirebat Aug 30, 2013. 0 Replies

Most grocery stores I've been to have a pretty secure and closed off dumpster. For any of those LA divers out there where are the stores that are accessible, or if there is any advice on how to do…Continue

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Comment by Mary Elizabeth on May 5, 2012 at 8:55am

Nice video Dylan!

Comment by Dylan Meditates on May 4, 2012 at 10:02pm

kept hearing about everyone's dives and seeing such great results, and on my first try got great results. i made a video/song about it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-KU45wiPWo

Comment by Mary Elizabeth on May 3, 2012 at 10:45am


I DO DO DO DO want to meet more divers! I have been asking around all over the place and there are very few people who are interested from what I see.

Thanks for the props! I am working on finding a shelter/ pantry that will take some of this fruit. Of course, I guess I'd have to clear it with the manager at Stanley's. I think I need to prepare some legal paperwork for him to look over, so he knows that he won't get sued.

Any tips?

Comment by HolisticHealthDetective on May 2, 2012 at 1:16pm

Holy cow folks, our Mary Elizabeth is smokin' right now! Talk about fast foot work! Congrats on securing an abundance of fresh live foods!

With what you've tapped into, I definitely hope you'll be able to organize a pick up/drop off service with a truck right there in your community!

Sharing your steps the whole way along has been inspirational and powerful.

It is truly a beautiful BLESSING to be in the "business" of food sharing and donating.

I have a few personal creeds that I live by

1. Be kind to animals

2. Living beings before profits

3. Food is for sharing

We need to feed our brothers and sisters on this planet. There is no such thing as a food crisis on this planet--only a food distribution/politics/education crisis.

Mary Elizabeth, I'm so glad to hear of your success in procuring such a bounty for yourself and others, and in motivating store employees as well!

Let me know if you still want to meet some other divers.

Next demand: pictures/videos of dived items?

= )


Comment by Mary Elizabeth on May 2, 2012 at 10:09am

Hey Casey! Try just talking to the manager of the store or maybe meet an employee on their smoke break and ask them if they can help you out and give you the produce they throw away. I figure the employees can understand since mostly they are middle/lower class and are pissed about all of the waste anyways and are probably liberal-minded (Whole Foods/ Tj's people). I found out TJ's and WF here DOES give away almost all of their fruit and veg since the food banks are in close proximity and there are homeless everywhere. I think in the suburbs it's a bit tougher since there is more sprawl. Just explain to them your situation and they might help you out.


Comment by Mary Elizabeth on May 1, 2012 at 5:46pm

Went to Stanley's Fruit Stand on North Avenue and Elston Avenue, Chicago and Whole Foods on Kingsbury, Chicago and get a boatload of stuff! I met a worker at Whole Foods who will give me all of their produce they are going to throw away on certain nights of the week! Yay! He was super nice and interested in what I am doing. Also, Stanley's has a ton of fruit and veg that could probably make dinner for 100+ people everyday. LITERALLY. Over a hundred pounds of food was tossed out. I got a ton of strawberries, some bananas, zucchini, lettuce, tomato, artichoke, and corn there. I went at about 8pm and they had the stuff sitting outside next to the compactor in boxes and crates. I wish I had resources to give to give to people all that I found. I am going to look into it- anyone who knows a willing shelter or soup kitchen, just give me a holler!!! I'd be happy to set up a truck to drop off food a few nights a week.

Any one who is interested in checking out stores, whether it be talking to managers about picking up their fruit and veg at closing or digging in dumsters, I would love a partner.

Peace, Love & (Dumpster) Mangoes!

Comment by Mary Elizabeth on May 1, 2012 at 7:26am

I read the chicago Freegan guide to stores at freegan.info and will be checking out the stores they list in my next dives, specifically the TJ's b/c of the organic produce they through away. I will be updating info for Chicago City Divers (if there are any) on here. Love!

Comment by HolisticHealthDetective on April 30, 2012 at 3:30am

Yeah that random little school boy pic was amusing!

So...think you're going to grab a friend and go for it soon?

It's amazing after your first precious find...you just want to tell everyone about what's out there being tossed. I mean, if you hit up just a few bins, imagine the thousands and thousands of identical ones not being touched. And even the bins you DO hit, you have to leave lots behind sometimes. But the idea of it is just too hard for people at first, so that's one of the reason's this group was set up, so that people could be encouraged to try and share experiences here.

= )

Comment by HolisticHealthDetective on April 29, 2012 at 2:06pm

Hi Alison! Thanks for joining the group and welcome!!

Yeah, compactors get the loser award of the year, definitely. Jewel and Whole Foods have compactors. = (

But Fruitful Yield (health food store) and Trader Joe's do not, at least the ones out here.   But TJ out here on the western side does not seem to like divers...they actually do have management that stays late and admonishes for diving. I don't go there myself.

I had the same question about compactors myself before I dived...it's actually the smartest question you can ask!

They are not dumpsters, which are individual and relatively small.

Compactors are sorta elongated and are attached to their stores. If you want to see a compactor, drive around to the back of any Whole Foods...I assume they all have them?

Here are some google images of them...(strangely there's a picture in the mix of a small boy in suspenders).


Good luck! = )


Comment by fruitsandnumbers on April 23, 2012 at 11:03am

vegan + freegan + low-fat + raw = way to go!


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