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I'm Yan, from germany, 19 years old and at the moment I'm in an schooling for biology. The schooling lasts 3 years (2,5 years left). Then I definitly go somewhere else. But I also think about breaking it because it really don't make me happy. I'm in a really unhealthy inviroment here and it kinda makes me sick. I'm HCLFRV/RT4 already. I don't know if it makes sence to move on and get then a job I maby hate to do?!

On the other site it could be a door to a job that I MABY want to do. But at the moment my wish to just rest, start an advanture, just heal myself in a fruit paradise and doing what I really want to do. But if I move it has to be sustainable. I don't want to just move one year abroad and then have to go back to germany.

Well I have plans for the holidays (February 2016). So I can build an own pictures of a country I consider for the future.

Places I consider:


- tropical

- cheap life

- hot weather

Fruit Places:





- tropical

- very cheap life

- hot weather

- for western people is it hard to learn the language

- thai people are worldwide known for their guest friendship

- a lot of vegan food and a big variety of fruits (biggest in world, isn't it?)

- maby hard and expensive to emigrate

- much air pollution because of traffic and forest fires


- tropical

- cheap life

- easier to emigrate

Costa Rica:

- tropical

- prices have raised (you better grow your own food)

- high criminal rate (in the cities)

Fruit Places:

- Quintessence fruit farm

- RawTreatCostaRica:





- not tropical/in winter maby a bit to cold

- easy for europeans to emigrate (Europeans can go there with a passport and emigrate if there work there)

- spanish is not that hard to learn and many people can english too

Canary island (are part of spain):

- are one of the warmest places in europe (even in wintertime)

- Language: spanish (a lot of people speak english)

- have a lot different climate zones


In most countrys Emigration is possible though:

- marriage

- realatives

- buying a place/house

- or get a child in this country

If there is something wrong please correct me ;)

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Hey bro, if you don't like it than you should quit it i would say. Also you should find out IF you would want this job or not. "Maybe" will keep you in the wheel of thinking and unhappiness if you don't really commit.

For  Europeans, don't forget the French oversea departements (French Guiana, Mayotte, Reunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe) as places where its at least easy to immigrate.

For French Guiana i can say at least its not a very good place for fruit to buy (very expensive), but for growing your own is good and very easy to stay there. Spain migth be goodplace too, Fruit year around and Andalusia is quite warm even in the winter or at least there is always sun :)

As well Africa, don't know why people never consider this :D most inspiring place on Earth for me...nature, manya people we can help with the message etc. Also much nearer than South America or Asia for Europeans.

You're right, hope I don't repent it one day but from this perspective I have now it would be much better to just quit because I just have the feeling I'm burning out the longer I will do it. A half a year ago I was travelling and just great but now I feel like I've went 3 steps backward.

I never heard from the french islands but I think it has to be affortable. On La Palma the fruits were cheap, a lots of them come from the canary islands.

Maby some people are afraid of africa because of the criminal rate or corrupt regimes. ;-) I don't know much more about it but I don't think it's that bad or?

Yes I visited andalucia once when I was at the spain fruit festival, great place!

If you consider Costa Rica, over here you´d find an already existing raw, vegan, self-sufficient (not quite yet, but we live already on a substancial degree  on homegrown food and the foundation is already being planted to be 100% self-suffcient one day), off-the-grid, permaculture...family and community project. 

In terms of visa/migration: there are many ppl (like me) who are doing the 3 monthly bordwer run for visa for decades. Insofar it is not that much of a hassle. You get residence thru being married with a local or someone who got residence. Or by becoming parent in CR.

About criminal risk: that may apply to big cities. We live here however pretty secluded in the midst of a pristine ( partly primary) forest.

Granted, it is not very cheap here, but since we are SERIOUS about aiming for 100% self-sufficiency, that issue we consider a way lesser evil than what most other countries have to offer for ppl like us.

There are other rawfoodists who are planing on creating similar projects....

We host interns and guests as well



Pura/Cruda Vida! Ray

Sounds pretty cool, to be independently when it comes to food is really a great thing. I think growing your own fruits and vegetable is a great pleasure, isn't it? :) What do you grow there and how many people are in this project?

So the border run means you have to go every 3 month outside of the country?

You can keep me updated, much succes with your project!

To be independent is already and will be much more important in the future...but it is not only about food, but having pure water sources ...living a life as close and intimate to nature as possible ...finding purpose and meaning in life, that is to say doing something for the Greater Good. What else can provide you more peace of mind and satisfaction?

Just have a look at the website (http://rawtreat.weebly.com

and you`ll find out about our food we are growing: (already fruiting) Durian, Mangosteen, Chempedak, Mangoes, Rambutan, Jackfruit, Banbanas, Sapote, Heart of palm and many , many more

Currently we are a family of 6 plus a prospective community member and often guests and volunteers. We are working on having more like-minded folks coming and joining the project. 

Here you can noit only learn about how to become self-sufficient, permaculture and it s many sophisticated ways of improving soil and produce, but you can also grow your own fruit trees, once to become a community member

Panama is the closest neighboring country where we usually go for the border run. It`s 32 km away and takes you 4-6 hrs to be back at home


I visited the website and it really seems to be a big project! The description of the inviroment sounds amazing. I will defently keep it in mind. But what could be my task there? I read that you need people with skills in microbiology, pest control? I've earned some skills during my studying, so would it be possible to do just those things (I'm not the guy of physical work)? But even for volunteers/membership the accomondations are not free, does I get it right? Is there an opportunity to camp? I think it's not a long term option if you have to pay as a member because you get only money by doing a job.

It is a big project indeed. But please keep in mind it is located on two farms-Rawland and Heartland. So if it comes to different workexchange, for instance check out which kind of job you want to to and at which of the two farms there is the possibilty to do so.

In terms of opportunities to raise money, if you join the project (only then you are entiteled to), there are different opportunities which are not very challenging regarding physical work, like: selling our produce on the organic farmers markets, teaching how to setting up swales, make bio-ferments, making and charging  bio-char, making EM and other kinds of permaculture, technics and skills. On all of these kinds of stuff you could offer workshops. You could as well give tours on both of our farms.

As intern and volunteers you ve got to pay some money. As a member of the community you are entiteled to earn some money thru the project with which you can sustain yourself and support the project in its most essencial kinds of stuff.

At Rawland you can camp:check out the website please.

i highly recommend rawtreat. the climate in rio claro is fantastic. perfect for growing ultra tropicals like durian. also, no need for clothing, just a thin sheet at night, when the temperature drops down to the low twenties.  

playa dominical is close by, very much in its natural state, with plenty of sprouted coconuts to pick.

it's understandable to have to pay a little as an intern. as a comparison, terra frutis does not require interns to pay but you still have to buy your food from the market, which will at least amount to 50 $ a week. plus the variety of producing tropical fruit trees at rawtreat is great, you'd be hard-pressed to find similar variety elsewhere.  if you became a member after a few months you could start planting your own garden with fruit trees and in so doing eventually cut down on your need to purchase fruit.  this seems like a great opportunity to me. 

Julian: Are you a member already? How long do you are there?  Yes, that's defently a benefit. Clothing can be very expensive and is just another status sign.. How about planting your own plants, did you planted something?  It lasts some time to earn your own fruit. But I guess it's pretty cool to see growing your own plants and the ground plant will thrive quickly fruits. Not sure what kind of fruit there are able to grow. Something like Strawberries, rasberries or Blackberries a few of those who grow even in germany within a year so you can earn it. Even a small pepper and few tomatoes were able to grow on my balcony.

I guess you come from this area in costa rica. Elsewise I could ask you how you  dealt with the different climate there. For me I can say I love warm climates but I never visited a tropical place (except in a botanic garden haha)

Ray: So everybody could do such workshops? I've never done workshops. I couln't find something about the camping financial, is it free? I think I have to take some time to entensivily read the homepage, there is so much information.

no i am not even in costa rica. i am in canada, but ive been to southern pacific coast area of costa rica. the climate is womb-like, very comforting, and sensual and beautiful. not at all too hot, unless you insist on wearing too many layers of non-breathable clothing, and unless you spend too much time in direct sunlight; the shade is ideal, where sunlight is mottled and filtered.  so think naked or close to naked in the shade, pretty much like being in your mothers womb.

also the fruit list on the rawtreat website is pretty impressive. it seems like it would be a good placeto explore opportunities at for any fruitarian wanting to flee the rat race, and live sustainable with fruit abundance and optimal diet/health.

I could send you pm but maybe there are more people interested:)

I planted some things in CR, Rawtreat and of course it takes time until most fruit trees start bearing fruit. But thanks to Ray and others there is already ton of fruit there so you wouldn't be in a hussle to get fruit from your trees. With grafting you could be faster and it wouldn't take much more than 5 years for most fruits except Durian and even this is possible after 4 years i read somewhere.

Is very interesting to observe the growing and in this climate in CR you are just on another level with growing, everything is exploding and 10x faster growing than in Germanyfor example :D

Looking back i think Rawtreat was an absolute luxery place in terms of fruit, even most of the times i ate bananas, but the different varieties never get boring and are not comparable to the "things" they ship to europe.

Climate at Rawland can be a bit challenging sometimes i would say but after some month (or faster, depend on everybody) you adapt and on a fruit diet you get even more comfortable than the locals feel in this climate.

On Rawtreat you have all possibilities as long as you have the motivation to do it.

The papayas and pineapples you planted, Matthias have been producing after only 1 year. In addition to that we now have tomatoes and cucumber etc that takes only a couple of months.... 



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