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hey guys plz i need help and its being annoying me for the past few months okay

i finish recovering from my eating disorder/anorexia in november, a during that time i was force to be pescetarianism until i was better so on november 10th 2014 i became vegan what i wanted to be for a long time but couldn't coz of my 2 years of that.

for the last 6 months i want to be a high car low fat vegan, but my parents and even my dietician would not alowed me and here are some of my parents reason
1. carb makes you fat
2.sugar makes you fat
3. all those other people that do that must be doing exercise 24/7
4. we by the food wait till you old enough to get your own place
5. it cost lot of money
6. you being brainwashed
7. do what your dietician say she's the expert she study in these for over 12 years

okay 1st, yeah i did gain weight coz i try it for a month before my parents made m stop. i do cardio 5 days a week and weight training 6 days a week, im already vegan why cant i be high carb low fat vegan. even my dietician would allow me to do that. im 16 150cm (short for my age haha-4.9 foot) 55 kg.

so my question is how can i get my parents and my dietician for letting me be a high carb low fat vegan thx you for your time

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Honestly I don't think fighting to be raw is worth it at this point. Fruititarianism can be really great and many people thrive eating that way, but diet is only one piece of a helthy lifestyle, and I believe that in your situation at this point in time, insisting one 100% raw would do more damage to you're overall wellbeing. When I say this I don't mean phisicaly(although it could if you are unable to obtain enough produce to get adequate nutrition) my main concern is it could damage your relationship with your family if they don't support the diet. This could couse a lot of stress and tension. Also if it is to expencive that could also add to the stress. This is addressing points. 4 and5.
It sounds like you are very lucky to have parent who care a lot about you and are respecting your decision to be vegan. Raw is good, but I believe you can be just as healthy on a cooked vegan diet.
Perhaps you can could compromise by having a fruit smoothly are fruit meal for breakfast and incorporating cooked foods the rest of the day. Eat lots of fresh foods and make cooked meals whole foods like rice, beans vegetables, potatoes ect. These are still helthy.
Also focuse on overall health emotionally, mentally spiritually as well as physically. Doug graham has an excellent list of components of helth in 801010 It includes: healthy food, water, sleep, clean air, appreciation of nature, friends community, music, relaxation, excircise, friends, family, mental stimulation, work, art, family, sexual expression, usefulness, recreation, spirituality, laughter
This is my opinion bases of my experience fighting an eating disorder starting at 14, and becoming a raw vegan in high school. My parents allowed me to be fruitarian, and it has been difficult even with their support. It wouldn't have worked without them. I relapses into anorexia as I was transitioning to raw when I was 16. I nearly died again. I have not been underweight for the past 4 years, I am mostly raw and have been since for the past 3 years. I still struggle with disordered eating and am begging to understand that the perfect diet will not solve everything



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