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Hi everyone

My Labrador (13 years old), has just been diagnosed with a secondary tumour on her spine which has completely paralysed her hind legs. Treatment will be a painful process and might only prolong her life with a couple of months, so I’m not going to go there, or look for the other tumours at this stage. 

I must admit I knew she was getting old and that something was bound to give, but I thought a vegan diet would pretty much protect her against cancer. 

My plan is to just make her as comfortable as I can at home, to look after her as well as I can and to love her until the symptoms become unbearable. Which sadly seems to be happening much quicker than I though it would …

Any advice regarding natural cancer support / cancer comfort treatment will be much appreciated, especially food ideas. At this stage she cannot keep anything down and drinks only a few sips of water a day. This is obviously not sustainable. All that I find when I search for food ideas for dogs with cancer on the net, are hundreds of articles explaining how carbs feed cancer cells. Ugh. 

Thank you!

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Lydia, my heart goes out to you both! :( I'm so sorry! It's never easy to see a loved one in pain. But I'm so glad you reached out and I hope there is someone here who can give some advice. I'll be thinking of you two <3

Thank you very much for your kind words, Eva!

hi lydia! vegan diets do protect against cancer, but much depends on how long and of course other factors such as genetics. (the articles about carbs feeding cancer cells are likely from raw meat enthusiasts who want commercial dog food to have just flesh).

i think your plan is the correct one. your dog will want to stay at home rather than be 'worked on'.

water fasting may be a viable option though it may not rid the cancer, it is likely that it will make your dog more comfortable. so i would not encourage eating and the few sips of water may be the best thing since you've opted not to go the medical route. certainly we've found with many of our animals that when it was time to go, it is best not to give the body more work to do.

in friendship,


Hi Prad

Thanks very much for responding and your words of support.

While she is still willing to eat, she completely refuses to drink water. I am now managing to keep baby food in (banana, sweet potato and butternut), which I feed a little bit at a time. I add a little water to the food with a mineral supplement, and keep an eye out for dehydration.

Thanks again, Prad!


PS @ Prad: Good point regarding the role of genetics and period being vegan. Carmen came to live with us when she was 8, so has only been vegan for 5 years. Her vegan diet helped her to pull through dilated cardiomyopathy and significantly improve her heart stats (her diet didn’t cause this - I have supplemented with taurine and L-carnitine right from the start – the specialist who treated her for this thinks she is a miracle dog), and also helped her bounce back from a laryngeal tie-back procedure and subsequent aspiration pneumonia. Everyone still remarks how amazing she looks for a dog of her age in her condition. Even now her coat is still soft and shiny.

I contacted Eric Weisman regarding a tumor on my dog's lip.  I have her on Eric's cancer protocol.  Her energy is back, her hair looks great, the tumor stopped growing and is pulling away from her lip.  She's been on the protocol for about a month and a half.  Here's his website.  He sells vegan food and provides advice:  http://petfoodshop.com/  

I just lost my daughter's dear Betty, a Great Dane, to osteosarcoma.  I did not use Eric for her treatment, sadly, although that is a difficult cancer especially in large dogs.  

I hope this helps,


Hi Trish

Thanks so much for your advice! Sorry to hear about Betty. :-(

Please can you tell me more about Eric's cancer protocol?

I will contact him directly as well, but will appreciate it if you can tell me a bit more.

Thank you!



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