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Vegan Makeup, Beauty and Fashion!


Vegan Makeup, Beauty and Fashion!

Share and review vegan brands and items, and where to buy them!

Items need not be raw. Organic and sustainable items are a plus. 

Vegan makeup should not been a compromise in quality and effectiveness.

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Welcome to "Vegan Makeup, Beauty and Fashion!"...

This is a group for all girls (and maybe some guys) that are firm believers in cruelty free vegan products (organic, raw and sustainable/eco friendly are a plus) but also want to have makeup and beauty products that rival or surpass the "quality" of the mainstream.

This group is in its earliest stages and will be building up a list of products ( more quickly with your help) in FOUR pages found below:

Vegan Makeup Products - Accessories like makeup romoval cotton pads, to brush sets, brush cleaners, foundations, illuminsers, lipsticks, nailpolishes and so on!

Vegan Hair Products - Shampoo, Conditioner, masques, Deep conditioners, Vegetable Colours, Dyes, Hair Sprays, Dry Shampoo and so on!

Vegan Skincare Products - Face toners, creams, body moisturizers, body brushes, shaving creams and so on!

Vegan Fashion Items- Clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories . Companies and brands that are ethical with animals (and humans)!

Vegan Miscellaneous - Focus on sustainability, items from menstrual cups, toothbrushes/pastes/tabs and cleaning products.

If you know Items you'll like to suggest please comment on the relevant page!

The Discussion Forum is for questions related to products, specific brandshelp with selecting a product and reviews. Refrain from having conversations on the Pages.

I'm looking to start a YouTube Channel called the "EarthBeautyChannel" with tutorials, reviews and discussions on vegan, cruetly-free and organic products.

Discussion Forum

Best vegan shampoo?

Started by NiksPiks. Last reply by NiksPiks May 4, 2015. 6 Replies

What shampoo are you using? I've been using vegan, non-animal tested products for years and years and have no problems finding good stuff when it comes to make up, body lotions, conditioners etc., but I've so far completely failed when it comes to…Continue

Tags: vegan, shampoo

Vegan Skincare for Men : AUSTRALIA & NZ

Started by Amy @amy_brierly Mar 18, 2015. 0 Replies

Hey, as part of the blogforbunnies campaign I recently wrote up a blog post for men.Most of the companies are in Australia and New Zealand but you may be able to buy online.  So my apologies for those who are overseas.They're all certified cruelty…Continue

Tags: vegan, cruelty-free, newzealand, shaving, products

Vegan T-shirts!

Started by Holistic♥Ashley Jan 27, 2015. 0 Replies

I started a Vegan T-shirt Teespring campaign today! I didn't see any other threads for stuff like this so I thought I'd start one! Please add links to where to buy cool vegan apparel. :o)Here's the link to my tee! …Continue

Vegan Pamper Evening || Girl's Night In || Sleepover Ideas

Started by abi-abs Jan 13, 2015. 0 Replies

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTxHiUwEIPAI had a girly sleepover, pamper night withmy (non-vegan) best friend. She loved the pamper products and loved the healthy treats we…Continue

Tags: face, masks, youtube, night, girl's

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Comment by Holistic♥Ashley on January 27, 2015 at 9:06

I started a Vegan T-shirt Teespring campaign today! Thought you all might be interested! It'll be over in 5 days from today. :o)  http://Teespring.com/GOVEGANFORLIFE

Comment by Tabby Cat on August 17, 2014 at 11:42

Hey Fruit Bats!

I'm Tabby Cat [ sorry, I prefer the anonymity..], and I'm 16.

Could anybody recommend any great vegan products in Australia, and where I could purchase them? I live in WA.

This group is awesome... I have just joined it and I am checking it out now.

xx Take care

Comment by Danielle Wishart on August 8, 2014 at 14:58

Hi all!! I'm starting a video series on youtube of vegan makeup products. I also do tutorials, but those aren't 100% vegan yet! However, I'm getting there! There are SO MANY vegan makeup products out there and so many brands that I love so so much that I never knew were vegan! Anyways, I love makeup so much so it's really fun for me to transition with not only my food to be vegan but other things in my life. Here's my channel if you want to check it out :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCKqCjahOFxhKb-jCWOaBKQ

Comment by Alex Vince on July 28, 2014 at 18:35

Not sure if this store has been mentioned yet, but I came across them at a recent dance festival here in Sydney, I think the online store is located at footprintfashions.com.au (they stock dance shoes and a variety of others). The owner was lovely and the store looks worth checking out for any dancers out there. Cheers!

Comment by Olivia James on May 9, 2014 at 5:44

I want to share some makeup tips with all of you.

Wash your hands and face! When touching your face, dependably wash your hands with an antibacterial cleanser and warm water. Verify your face is clean before applying cosmetics. To clean your face legitimately, get a great cleaning agent from your dermatologist. In the event that you can't manage the cost of a dermatologist, attempt a ton of diverse items and see which ones work better for you! Yet recall, items from Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and so forth all hold the same fixings in light of the fact that they can't offer any higher centralization of benzoyl peroxide (the purifying element).

These are the best makeup for teens. You should try these tips to get good results.

Apply lotion. When beginning, dependably utilize sunscreen, particularly on the off chance that you have issues with hyper-pigmentation (when your skin is mending and is somewhat darker than the common skin). It's better to get a lotion separate from your SPF on the grounds that then your SPF will be stronger. On the off chance that you have low melanin sums you have to utilize SPF 45. On the off chance that you have olive, dull skin and so forth then simply use around SPF 15.

Smooth. With a concealer brush or establishment brush, tenderly stipple that is one shade lighter than your skin tone under the eye to blanket any murkiness. Likewise utilize your concealer on zits, red spots or different defects. Presently blotch it in utilizing your center finger. Verify you spot, instead of wipe with your finger, else you will take all the concealer off. Additionally, you can utilize establishment as concealer, however utilizing genuine concealer will provide for you better comes about.

Pat. In the event that you have skin inflammation mineral cosmetics its greatly improved for your skin than ordinary establishment. Use Bare Minerals or Prescriptives; no shabby stuff. Keep in mind your skin is your greatest breathing organ! Young ladies with oilier skin may need to adhere to powder, and young ladies with drier skin may favor fluid/cream establishment or tinted lotion. All the more sleek skin can utilize matte gels or silicone based first stage which help to bring down the level of oil transformed.

Comment by dirtgirl on July 5, 2013 at 5:46

Kohl, kajal, or Surma traditionally is vegan. Main stream companies may not keep this tradition though. I personally changed my eye makeup to this over a year ago. I got mine from http://loveallraces.blogspot.com/2011/01/how-to-make-kohl-and-where.... It is a powder that you use a stick to apply. Note stick is not included, but it comes in a nice glass supported bottle and there is a substantial amount. Personally I am light handed and do not use makeup very often, so this will last awhile . I liked this lady, because she explains on the page how it is made and was very open in her emails. Based on geographic location the recipe changes.

Comment by J on November 9, 2012 at 11:05


This question's not very glamorous, but can someone please recommend a brand of bedroom/houseslipper that is animal-friendly?   Thanks!!

Comment by Miss sandor on October 26, 2012 at 11:56

Part 2 - sorry due to the word limit couldnt finish previous comment. 

Anyways so, get on your favorite vegan company and email them, once you mention the word vegan most places will be happy to send you a list of products which are vegan in their range. 

When I emailed FOA makeup brand they were extremely helpful, they not only sent me the ingredients list but also highlighted which products are not vegan. 

If they are happy to help you its most likely because they have no secrets to hid and are vegan or stock vegan products. 

In general: most products are vegan, most foundations, concelors, primers, eye shadows (except once with extremely rich color pigment - often contain carmin +lanolin) as well as pressed powders and transulcent powders are all vegan. 

blushers and bronzers are generally vegan also. 

The only thing with makeup that isnt vegan are: 

- eye liners

- mascaras 

- some eyeshadows 

- lip tars/lip gloss

- lip sticks

- lip liners

they all contain lonolin, carmin and beeswax. BUT there are plenty of vegan versions available, PURE GEISHA available on ebay is 100% vegan. 

Eco tools - 100% vegan brushes. 

ebay sells a lot of vegan makeup. 

Also, when buying vegan makeup brushes, read the back of the package, most of them tell you if its fur or synthetic. 

if it says 'natural fibre' it means dead animal fur. 

you want to be buying synthetic or micro-synthetic brushes. 

- if your a MUA/ beauty pro then crown brushes does stock plenty of micro sythetic brushes, they have a full range, a little pricey but are excellent for a professional environment, applies makeup great without the use of animal hair bristles. 

I could go on and on, but this is a general guidline. Hope this helps and message me if you have an questions. 

Also if your in Australia, FOA (face of Australia) is cruelty free and almost all of their stock is vegan, they were happy to send me a ingredients list outling their vegan products. 

I buy a lot of FOA and Australis products - both are almost vegan and not tested on animals, 

- all foundations, primers, concelors basically all face products are 100% vegan, 

- all their eye shadows are 100% vegan 

- they have a a couple different mascaras but the 'MEGA LASH' mascara is 100% vegan, 

- almost all eyeliners and lip products are 100% vegan

they use synthetic version of lanolin so its 100% vegan, 

Also NATIO - is a 100% ORGANIC and 100% vegan makeup brand 

nothing is tested on animals, they have a full range of professional makeup that is all vegan, except for some lip sticks that contain beeswax. 

(did product training course with them so I can assure you they are 100% vegan - plus they are accredited as cruelty free)

Comment by Miss sandor on October 26, 2012 at 11:44

Hi cosmetic lover!

I'm a Vegan Makeup-Artist and would be happy to help any questions regarding makeup/cosmetics.

below I'm summarizing how I find vegan makeup products, and my experience and advice, as well as where to find vegan makeup, - trust me there is a lot of vegan makeup out there. 

I know how it feels at the start when you are looking for vegan makeupt, it can be challenging, first thing is to familirise your self with the ingredients, especialy the ones that come in number form eg. 2232xyz . Peta has a list of all ingredients that are and are not vegan in cosmetics. 

In addition Peta has accredited several companies to be 'cruelty free' you can find this list on their website. NOTE! that a company can be 'cruelty free' and still use animal ingredients!, cruelty free on makeup/cosmetics often means that its 'not tested on animals' however they still use animal ingredients in the makeup. 

If your a strict vegan like me and find this annoying well peta also has a full list of accredited vegan makeup brands, there are actually plenty to choose from!. 

you want to stay away from big expensive brands like Loreal, Chanel, YSL, and most of all MAC! Im sorry but MAC is the most cruel makeup company, all most all their brushes are made from real animal fur YUK! and non of their products are vegan.  

Again the peta list can assist you in finding vegan makeup products. 

I have been vegan for 6 years and raw in the past year, as a makeup artist it was hell changing my whole makeup kit to vegan, because I had to throw out everything, the key to vegan makeup is READING ingredients! and knowing whats in them 


Also, if you are not a big fan of online shopping like me, than you will be surprised to find affordable makeup products in your local stores. 

Do not be afraid to email!!!! I did this with hundreds of makeup companies requesting the ingredients list of their products. Some take a few days to send since many have to get this from the lab. But if they are kind enough to send you the ingredients then THANK THEM! (have to keep a friendly reputation for us vegan makeup fans)

If a company is not willing to help you with your questions, or 'doesnt know' what vegan ingredients are, and if the company refuses to give you the ingredient list, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!. because they are NOT VEGAN.  

You can still find popular vegan brands like NYX which actually stock a lot of vegan makeup products.

If your new to this, the two MAIN INGREDIENTS to look out for are lanolin and carmin, which are the most popular used animal ingredients, Lanolin is from sheeps wool, its the oil in it, and Carmin are innocent crushed up bugs used for their color pigment.

Also beeswax is commonly used but not all vegans have a problem with this being in their makeup, since its technically not hurting the animal, its just stealing from bees so its up to you just make sure its from a ethical supplier. 

Also, if you are ever getting you makeup done professionally, feel free to ask for vegan only makeup to be used. your makeup artist should know the ingredients, and she should know what to use. if your makeup artist doesnt know what vegan/cruelty free makeup is, then LEAVE! because they will most likely put dead animal products on your face. 

Its a part of makeup school to study the skin and ways to work with sensitive skin, the core unit is studying organic makeup which is mostly vegan - as this is also used for clients who have sensitive skin. ITS YOUR  RIGHT TO ASK QUESTIONS! DONT BE AFRAID. 

Comment by Lia Mack on October 21, 2012 at 19:21

Hi to our two first members (didn't realise you had to ask approval to join, hopefully it's fixed now so people can just join!)
It'll take us a while to come up with full lists. You can do your part by doing some research, you may need to email these companies directly to see if they use any animal products. Some companies have vegan items, but aren't all vegan - an example being LUSH (you may have to specify vegan products vs non-vegan)
I'm trying to put together the BEST brands, there are a lot out there. I'll start doing video reviews next year. ;)



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