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I've really gone nuts for Pistachios....pleeeassse heeelp.  I'm doing really good with all the fruits, but I can't seem to leave the Pistachios alone. I can't just throw a whole bag out. I'm outta control.

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I don't know your history with FAT addiction.  I don't know the details of what you are eating.  I don't know the history of you before you joined HCRV.  You have to take control of this.  Throw them away and don't buy them again.  Are they salted?  Are they "raw"? Probably not!  Are they seasoned?  Are they in a package?  Are they in a shell? 


If you truly want help you need to give a lot more details and complete information on your eating before and now. 


You are nutrient starved and dehydrated.  I'd eat as much fruit as you can muster and drink at least 1 gallon of water a day.  I'd do a lb of greens.  All of this every day and stay away from the nuts.

Hi Ellen, yes that advice is good i think.. I have the same types of cravings here and there.. best message I have gotten on here to do with that is to eat as much fruit as you can until the cravings go away - it really works.. If you are craving anything, eat more fruit. If you cant look at another banana, eat a different fruit, just don't stop eating fruit. My worst times are when I'm out and I have not brought fruit with me and i get hungry then I'm up the creek! lol.. I find that eating a quarter or even a half a watermelon is good because it fills you up so much you can't eat anything else! and at the same time its very hydrating..  Also try eating celery as it has natural salt so if it's the salt you're craving without knowing it, try that and see what happens.. J x

You got it laiid the singer...it's the salt. I'm not even feeling at the time as though I'm craving anything really, it's just here in the house, so I'll think, hey I'm going to have a few of those nuts, and then it's all over. I'm down for the count, I can't put the bag down. So for me, better not to touch them. I'm really amazed at how much watermelon I have been able to eat at one time. I too will eat almost three forths of a half or as much as I can. I know it's just a lot of water. You have a great idea with the celery, I've heard it's good for lowering the blood preasure as well as bananas are too, and I'm eating at least six large bananas a day. It took a while to get use to feeling ok about eating that many, but I'm just fine with it. I'm happy with this new 811 lifestyle that I've been on for the last 3 months and now I only have a few kinks to work out. Thanks for commenting.

Well, I gotta tell ya...the salt doesn't help. I'm really addicted to salt, that's the real problem. the nuts are in a shell and salted. It's so habit forming, I can't stop!... I know, I did it to myself, I need to STOP buying them period. It's one of those foods you know. I remember hearing a familiar story from the Fruitarian on Utube, only his problem was with dates, he couldn't seem to stop eating them once he started. I just recently started the 811 way of eating approximately 3 months ago....I had some experience with a pretty clean raw vegan lifestyle in the past although I wasn't able to maintain that way of eating for whatever reason, there are so many. Fortunately I have been able to turn myself around on get onto this 811 way which has been a hugh change for me giving up the meat and dairy all together all at once, but this is what I'm needing to do for my health. And it's just an elevated way of living I do believe. So I'm going to stop making excuses and leave the nuts alone. It's way to easy to over consume. I drink about 2 quarts of distilled or spring water a day. And I eat quite a bit of fruit throughout the day until around 2:00pm then I switch over to the greens, all organic. I add one third of an avacodo to my salad, no other dressing. But I do have what I think is a great homemade dressing, but it's not the kind of ingredients for the 811, it has Olive oil in it. I'm doing real good, I just gotta stay away from those nuts. human nuts too....lol. We have some of those in the family. Thanks for commenting Organic811LFRV you're right....I gotta get rid of the nuts.  

Ok, let me ask a silly question.  Do you know truly what is on/in those nuts?  Even if it doesn't say so, they have MSG on them.  This means you, among millions of others are lab rats in a giant experiment.  Us rats cannot eat just one.  We can't stop.  MSG is known to cause obesity.  It is us people against them who design the chemicals in the phakephood/processed/packaged/boxed/canned/dehydrated, etc. phood and it phools our brains and bodies to eat more, buy more, eat more.  Then, we blame ourselves!!  It isn't you who is deciding to eat more.  It is the chemicals.  So, take command of yourself and never, ever buy anything like these again.  You have a long road ahead of you in cleaning up your health.  It starts with you saying HELL NO!  to anything other than what is on the 811 progam.  It is that simple and that serious.  Take it from someone who is detoxing on a juice feast - Day 83 on 92 and I know what chemicals have done to me.  And to our entire world. 

Well God bless you for diving right into the juice feast, that's quite an accomplishment. You know I was juicing frequently a few years back, it really took the weight off quick guess at the time I just didn't take it serious enough and found myself back with the SAD way of eating. But I'm on track again and not considering stepping off. You know it's really gross what these food companys do with our foods.  I have purchased Pistachios in the past without reading the ingredients and once I did, I was shocked.....it was a Planters brand that I was trying for the first time I spotted at the Target store. Didn't even think to look at the ingredients. The Pistachios I'm talking about that I'm having a hard time putting down now, I purchased at Costco and they strickly say Pistachios and salt only. So even with that info, we can never be too sure just what really is on the product or inside for that matter. Thumbs up on your juicing, I should buy another juice machine. I've been eating all my fruits/vegs whole. Let me know when you get to day 92, you got it in the bag now.

You do know that salt is poison to our bodies.  They are not raw either and are devoid of any nutrients.  Yes it's an addiction.  No you are not in control - don't fool yourself!  Get rid of them and stay away from them.  Everytime we indulge we are saying to the food manufacturers it is ok to poison and kill us off for your profit!  It is that serious and you are that important to take this seriously.  I think you are but you are the one that has to take action. 


Thanks for the kudos.  Tomorrow I am on the last week and I truly want salad! LOL  Juice feasting is not 811rv approved but it was the best cleanse at the time that I could do and I truly had a wild and wooley adventure and that was after becoming raw and then lfrv.  The next adventure: 100 days of 80/10/10 will be the ultimate program training for me and I am going to soar! LOL 


I don't remember: are you doing enough greens?  The next time you crave the nuts eat a salad. Even a banana wraped in a green leaf would do the trick.  Or celery with a dip of blended vegies - NO SALT!  LOL    You do need sodium and the source of sodium is celery and tomatoes for the most part.  I eat 1/2 head of celery a day in my juices and will continue 1/4 head minimum when I am back on solids.  I'll probably do 1/2 to a full lb of tomatoes also.  I use to be a salt addic also.  I didn't realize my body was craving SODIUM. 

Oh yes Organic811...I agree the salt is very habit forming and therefore the only solution was to throw them out. Problem solved. But I have to admit, I've always loved the taste of salt.....I do eat plenty of greens and have switched out my sea salt for the Himalayan pink salt which is used only very sparingly.... theres really no need whatsoever to consume salty nuts. I think of my grandmother...she use to suck on lemons loaded with salt, and she lived to be 97. In addition to that she smoked and drank beer practically all her life.....go figure. Later Organic811 and Stay healthy.

Please forgive me for pointing this out, from an ex-salt addict, all salt is bad for us and unnecessary.  I dont' care if it is black, pink, turquoise.  Salt is salt and addictive and destructive. 


That being said you need to discover this yourself.  Thanks for throwing the nuts out.  A step in the right direction hon.  Kudos to you!  Now, DON'T BUY ANYMORE!!  lol

Well said and yes totally right!! :)

Is eating any amount of pistachios bad? or only if you are uncontrollable? i got some the other day unsalted and the package lasted me 4 or 5 days. so i ate just a handful or so a day. I am on day 11 and still feeling great. i hope pistachios didn't sabotage my progress!

Lo Vee, it boils down to what else was in the package besides nuts.  Also, the nuts are not raw and therefore too low on nutrient density and too high in fat.  Just a poor choice, you didn't mess up.  Most packaged items also have chemicals and preservatives and additives to maintain "freshness".  Shelf life extension means no food value. Remember this. 



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