30 Bananas a Day!

I was doing the 30 bananas day 811 approach where I would try eat at least 
2500 calories of fruit a day. But I gained 10 lbs! Super stressful.

I just finished reading Dr.Grahams 80/10/10 diet book and he says for 
someone my sex(F) and weight(140) should eat the weight they want X10 in 
calories. So mine would be 125X10=1250 calories a day which is WAY more 
restrictive than 2500.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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I'm new but I've seen it posted here that 2500 is minimum. I think I heard somewhere that Doug Graham wrote that due to the world at large would never accept that they could eat that many calories. I'm curious to see the responses you get. Best of luck!

Thank you for your help. I was excited to not have to restrict but... I have wasted so much time and experienced so much weight gain, when I could have been doing 811 within the calorie restriction the entire time and lost weight. Boo:(

I started this on valentines day & weigh myself with digital scales. On the days that i fill up on fruit i'm more active ,more likely to train for an hour or two. I get my fat from greens "cabbage in my banana smoothies" getting @4000 cals i'm lighter the next day 187lbs at the moment. The days i eat higher fat or cheat i gain weight. I think if you lower your fat intake you can afford too eat more fruits.

This makes sense!

I gained the 10 lbs within the low fat 811 guidelines. 

Thanks Kevin! Great info !

dear Jem,

first please let me state that 10lbs is not all that much... one's weight can easily vary that much in a single day if one is following an 811rv diet and is highly active. i hear detractors of 811rv / 30bad saying that some people have put on a lot of weight while following this diet, but when asked how much exactly they gained they are either reluctant to give an exact figure or will say something like: "you only don't get fat if you think 20lbs in not a significant amount". honestly, I don't think 20lbs is that significant. it's certainly not irrelevant but also not enough to make someone obese (except perhaps a new-born baby...)

you shouldn't be worried to death just because you have gained 10lbs. your body probably needs to do some healing and that is why it is putting on weight. we use our fat cells to store toxins which we cannot yet eliminate or process. if you try to burn this fat too fast, the effect may be catastrophic on your body, with toxins being released and your body not knowing what to do with them.

the last thing i would ever recommend is restricting calories or eating a smaller volume of food.

rather, i'd recommend the following:

1. increase your level of activity

2. drink more water

3. sleep earlier

4. breath in deeply

5. always search for emotional poise

6. eat more greens, non-sweet fruits and high-water content fruits

you may also want to fast, which is not the same as calorie restriction.


Jem, please listen to me: try not to stress because of weight gain. emotional poise should always be your top priority, because this is the most determining factor of health, over diet, over anything else; try to breath in deeply, think things through, don't stress over silly things! throw the scales away, if need be! they can actually make you fat! stress makes you fat! relax, girl!

weight loss ought to be a long-term goal, not a short-term one. i understand you willingness and impatience to lose weight and i see your commitment to this lifestyle. but please keep in mind that fitness, body weight, physical performance, aesthetics and the like should not be the main goal. 

your main goal should be simply HEALTH. once you have health, everything else follows automaticaly.

focus on health and you will have anything you may desire, for free!

the world is in your hands; it's your choice to take it waste it. you can be anything you wish. just follow the path. stress and calorie-restriction won't take you anywhere. striving for health will. tell me: do you really wish to have to count what you have eaten to see whether you have eaten too much? would you really be happy doing that? or would you be sad and disgusted?

girl, you got to understand one thing: this lifestyle is about abundance, not scarcity, not restriction! get over the scarcity-restriction-anorexic-loser-mentality and assume an abundance mentality! picture that abundance, live that abundance, be that abundance! eat high-energy food and radiate that energy!

eat an extreme diet to have extreme levels of energy and health!

eat so much fruit you wanna change the world tomorrow!

love, daniel <3

p.s. i have been tagged numerous times as rude or disrespectful for my straightforward way of expressing myself, so i am really sorry if my reply was offensive or aggressive. i ask you to please forgive me if you feel bothered or offended by my reply because this was never my intention.

if you would prefer me not to answer your posts anymore, please say so and i will understand. it won't be the first time i am told this. it seems not everyone likes my advice...

I think your reply is quite helpful and loving.  I am in the same predicament.  I am quite grateful to read this response.  So, thank you.

I do have to admit though, that the weight gain, while I try to brush it off, is disturbing. Maybe it is more disturbing to a woman, I don't want to presume.  But, I get it and feel this same.

I love your post and will remember it as I grow and heal.


Jem - I get it.... having the same issues.  Thanks for posting as these recommendations are beautiful.


Great reply Daniel!

Very nice reply..... loved to see that kind of info is on the way :)

I love your reply! It says it all. Keep up the good fruit ;)



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