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So Prad recommended starting an informative thread on zeitgeist, TVP, to help organize and educate more ppl about the movement. He suggested adding a topic a week to give ppl time to 'digest' the new info.


I'm thinking we start with creating unity throughout the community by listing shared values, ie we all need: fresh air, water, abundant healthy food, clothes, shelter, etc. Then explaining what is wrong with our current economic system i.e. creation of scarcity, cyclical consumption, competition, planned obsolescence and destruction of the environment in favor of the profit incentive. Then, explaining how TVP will correct about 90% of our TECHNICAL problems through a resource-based economy..


So here's the email from Prad:


I think watching the videos is an excellent idea provided people get some background and idea of what is happening. the problem is that many people have no idea what this is and haven't even bothered to consider its merits. to plunge them into a revolutionary movement would be asking a lot, imho.

it would be like my telling people to go watch earthlings or some peta video without preparation. while some obviously will, a bit of guidance provided by a knowledgeable individual would likely generate greater enthusiasm and eventually commitment.

so my suggestion would be to start a thread like "insights into zeigtgeist" or even something amusing like "everything you wanted to know about zeitgeist but were afraid to ask" and then do a brief intro about what you are going to present in the initial post. you can post the video links there and suggest people watch them.

after that do may be a topic a week so people can have time to absorb and discuss ideas. here are 3 examples of how we did things:
(notice the running table of contents as well as the high degree of participation)
(the latter two are more intended as resources though there is some discussion there too)

so those are just some suggestions. from what i found, if you want people to learn, you can provide them with links. however, if you want people to act, it helps to get them to participate in smaller steps.

i think you'll get a great following here - and i'm sure we can help things along. ;)

in friendship,


I'm assuming everyone here has watched Zeitgeist I and Addendum, Movement orientation video, PJ's lectures, Jacque's Lectures, read the Activist Guide, and Designing The Future by Fresco.  

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While Zero Hedge ploughs through 25,000 or so pages of just declassified information focusing on the Discount Window, but containing previously undisclosed information on the entire alphabet soup of systemic rescue facilities, and prepare to present our findings shortly, we would like to facilitate the crowdsourcing effort in perusing the data which the Fed has made prohibitively difficult to access (only distributed on physical CD), by uploading the entire data dump at the following link.

Our very preliminary question is whether the Fed really expects the US public to believe it does not keep track of the collateral it lends Discount Window money against, and if that rhetoric question is false, then why is collateral data not disclosed?


The above is proof enough of the 'in your face' tactics of bailing out the banks and the stockmarket , which has become the new god that the US refers to "WE TRUST"


When will ppl realize how to prevent the economic disaster, that the U.S. gov  is programmed to release ?

Since there is NO unity, and can be NO unity, hello U.N.


Unity is not just discussion, its action - where is the action ?  No action, just talk.  What type of action ?

Boycott elections , taxes , traffic tickets , selected supermarkets ,  and cheap products.  As it won't happen there is nothing to hope, except sustainable community.

As thats so hard to organise , the dollar will take us down.   Just the way the FED  reserve planned it.


I am getting tired of announcing free paradise , for community projects - there is NO community , just consumers.  The few fair voices out there are true, though will find the yello brick road very hard on their shoes, unless Prad can wisk the bravehearts along to a brave new world.   We need one.


Senator Sanders Statement on New Federal Reserve Lending Disclosures Rips JP Morgan Chase CEO

While Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, served on the board of directors of the New York Fed, in one month alone, April of 2008, JPMorgan Chase received a combined $313 billion in Fed loans directly benefitting JP Morgan Chase and other financial institutions.

"This is an obvious conflict of interest on its face that must be investigated as part of the independent audit that my amendment requires to be completed this summer. When JPMorgan Chase was telling the world about their great financial success, it seems like they were using the Fed’s discount window as a giant piggy bank."

Sanders’ provision in the Wall Street reform bill required the central bank to disclose which financial institutions, corporations, and foreign central banks took more than $3 trillion in what were secret loans.

His amendment also directed the Government Accountability Office to conduct the first top-to-bottom audit of the Federal Reserve. The findings of that investigation by the non-partisan research arm of Congress are due to be made public this July."



While JPMorgan has been relatively unscathed by the subprime crisis that hit Bear Stearns Cos., Merrill Lynch & Co., Lehman and other Wall Street firms, a little-known part of the largest bank in the U.S. made a tidy profit peddling a different kind of corrosive debt to hundreds of counties and school districts earlier this decade.

As the credit crunch froze lending globally, causing stock markets to plunge, local officials who say they trusted JPMorgan faced a crisis of their own. Wall Street's drive for profits over the past decade has backfired on towns, cities and counties that borrow in the $2.7 trillion municipal bond market.

Financings arranged by JPMorgan and other banks are forcing hundreds of public agencies to spend billions of dollars they don't have to pay for increased interest payments and penalties.

No Bailouts.  I was speaking to a staffer at the new Westfield Centrepoint the other day, and guess who is moving their corporate office to the tower ? , JP Morgan.  Baaa !   pass the grass.




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