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support for eating disorders and disordered eating.


support for eating disorders and disordered eating.

a place of love and help/ non-judgmental.

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Weight Gain Advice

Started by GingerEars. Last reply by Kath Dec 15, 2015. 1 Reply

Hey all!I am struggling with the increase in weight coming to this lifestyle... I know i have done some irreparable damage to my body, and I know I really need to allow myself to heal, but goodness…Continue

Newbie here

Started by Kath Dec 15, 2015. 0 Replies

Hi guys ! thanks to someone on the raw till 4 forum I've gotten this link. I'm so happy that i've found people that have been through thesame as I. I have Boulemia for about 10years now. I started…Continue

Body change and body dysmorphia

Started by living_plantbased. Last reply by Figany Fruitbat Sugarcaine Oct 19, 2015. 1 Reply

I still have bulimic tendencies and BED, and body dysmorphia isnt helping but is anyone having a trouble time with some of the body changes? Continue

Digestive Issues coming from ED?

Started by Allie. Last reply by Maria Aug 10, 2015. 17 Replies

Has anyone else experienced digestive issues initially coming onto this lifestyle?Im coming from anorexia and bulimia, and have found my digestion and elimination is all over the place, sometimes it…Continue

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Comment by Dreamer on April 28, 2012 at 6:07am

Ok so I don't know where else to post this, but I need to get it off my chest. It has do with my eating and relation and reaction to food, which has for a long time now been far from healthy or hcrv (meal skipping, binge eating, eating 1 or 2 meals a day, sometimes thinking I shouldn't eat at all etc... bad, I know) and I've noticed I've been feeling extremely weak physically, sometimes feel this odd short-lasting pain in my heart that makes me panic but I forget what it feels like, I've felt nauseous when eating, have been having bad appetite, nothing has been tasting good, and sometimes I've felt completely emotionally numb. I've still eaten some cooked vegan because the little fruit I've been able to cram in hasn't kept me satisfied and I've just went for the cooked even though I hate how it tastes and makes me feel. So yeah don't know if this is supposed to be posted here but I'm going to step it up now, start eating enough fruit and drinking enough water starting from tomorrow and see where it goes. I will do my best to fight these disordered thoughts. I just cannot deal with feeling this way anymore. I notice all of these depressing and basically OCD-like intrusive thoughts and self-loathing bulls*** coming into my head when I undereat. Whoever it was that said long-term undereating/lack of glucose to the brain leads to mental issues and all of that was 100% right. It's unbearable. But I'll get myself out of this. Fruit to the rescue. <3 Dates and all of that good stuff. If anyone else has been struggling, I'm rooting for you! But hope you all are doing well with the lifestyle. (sorry for über long post) :P

Comment by Nicolette Barnes on February 2, 2012 at 8:11am

So more calories are lost to the digestion of the whole foods or the processed foods?

Comment by Nicolette Barnes on February 2, 2012 at 7:49am

Hmm, well, I do believe that indeed, the calories from fruit and a big mac are the same. Of course, I do not believe that the NUTRITION of fruit and big macs are the same (or even close). I would never suggest that someone eat hamburgers over fruit, but in respects to calories ALONE, it doesn't matter where they come from. The great thing about fruit is that with each calorie, you get many vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other phytochemicals that would not be present in a burger. AND you get to eat way more food for the same amount of calories, so I think it is better to say you need to eat more food to get your calories, rather than you need to get more calories. You could chose one big mac or probably 9 apples for a similar amount of calories. One choice provides many health promoting properties with those calories, and one provides some health demoting properties. I am not spreading misinformation. I am providing my insight, which I hope people will be mature enough to consider and figure out for themselves if it makes sense to them, and not take mine (or anyone's) ideas as God truths. 

Comment by Nicolette Barnes on February 1, 2012 at 11:18am

I think that the online "calorie reccomendations" are not very accurate. When I try using them, they typically tell me I need around 1300 to maintain, but I definitely lose on anything under 1500, if not more. I do NO exercise. I think most people know about how many calories they need to either lose, gain, or maintain. Don't get all caught up in this 'you need tons of calories to be lfrv' thing. It doesn't mater what you are eating, calories are still calories. I think though that when you hear about all the people who are gaining weight here, it is because they are underweight and need to gain it. For you if you need to lose weight, you should be able to if you follow your hunger.  How tall and active are you? I am just under 5'6", sedentary, and have been eating in the range of 1300-1500 for the past while and am still slowly losing weight on this (currently 81 lbs). It's still a huge struggle for me mentally to let myself eat more (though physically I could easily down double this). I am trying to work myself up to 1600/1700, where I think I might gain a couple lbs, but not more without further increasing my intake.

Comment by Alyson Burton on January 31, 2012 at 1:25pm

this is my second week into this diet and i have yet to reach 2000 calories in a day. i just can't do it. i'm so afraid im going to gain weight. i'm nowhere near the weight i want to be, and i don't want to make things worse. so far i've been averaging about 1500 calories a day. i don't typically get a hungry feeling, i just feel dizzy when i haven't eaten in a long time. i think years of binging then restricting has kinda messed that up for me. any ppl that have been where i'm at and gotten past it? if i can find someone like me that was able to lose weight and get that wonderful body that freelee has, i might be able to push past this mental block. but i'm seeing a lot of ppl on here saying that they are gaining weight and thats just scary

Comment by SoulSparkled on January 20, 2012 at 9:30pm

www.dailystrength.org has a lovely group for disordered eating support online.

also two fantastic books that have encouraged me on my own journey and recovery with food and disordered eating in the past include...

Women, Food and God

Goodbye Ed, Hello Me

It can be a good idea to look around your area for a local support group for eating disorders, sometimes it just takes a bit of calling around to discover them but they can be well worth it and had I known at the time of my deeper struggles then I could have really used it.

I am a recovered binge eater .. yay!! my eating was strongly related to my battle with depression and it wasn't until I recognised this and got help through counselling and medication that I began to heal.

Perhaps having a raw food coach couldn't go astray ;) I would like to employ a raw food coach myself, any suggestions of one that is affordable as this is my main issue, would not go astray!

Comment by Anastasia/Champagne Mango on November 27, 2011 at 1:18am
Thanks for being honest, Intheraw. This is a place to be honest to get better ;)
Comment by InTheRaw on November 26, 2011 at 3:23pm

I was doing well on 811 for a month or two before I went on vacation and ate lots of raw gourmet. I have binged on it about weekly, a month since returning home, the last time being this AM at 3!!! My tummy hurts...19 hours later! I just needed to confess. The guilt eats at someone who has battled anorexia and binge eating. I thought this was the appropriate place to reach out. Hello my brothers and sisters!

Comment by Helena Santos Marinho on September 26, 2011 at 7:22am

Oh, hi!

I'm new over here and am very happy to have found this group.

I'm 22, vegan for 8.

I'm still coping with my extreme fear of recovering from my EDNOS, because it was the only way I could drop weight. I have NEVER been any close to my ideal weight. Ever. So.... I'm afraid like, well, you know.

I got really inspired by Freelee, having her already been where now I stand.

That's a short short short version of my life to enlighten for you my problem... And I don't really know if you guys can help me out on this particular matter.

I got into this crazy diet once, and it helped. Only fruit juices for months. So, when I came to 811, I am afraid I really don't like to eat fruit whole(I guess I just like to eat pears whole). Only juiced or smoothies. Because my mind keeps me tricking into this thinking "whole fruit will make you fat, juices don't". Just because of that crazy liquid diet! :( And, according to Dr. Graham, is best to eat fruit whole and unaltered.

What do you guys think about it? It's ok to stick to the smoothies or not?

Comment by Fruit Angel on June 8, 2011 at 11:19am


I have mentioned on other post about being an obese vegan for 24 years as a vegan. Long story made short, I am an overeater and I had the vegan version of the SAD diet. I have lost over 70 pounds through switching to first a macrobiotic vegan eating, then the gourmet raw and now this. This way is so simple, easy and inexpensive. I would like to lose close to 90 or more pounds total.

I am scared of this diet due to my overeating relationship with food. I am always aware that there is a time to stop, so I am making an effort to be very smart about what and when I am eating.

I used to be close to 230 pounds at five feet four inches. I have done every thing to lose weight in a vegan version and unhealthy. I have done the cabbage soup diet, the green tea pills, the lemon water diet, the lemonade and cayene cleanse, the fill up on fiber pills made out of fiber that made me want to eat more, the starvation diet and the any other way to deprive my body of nutients and end up gaining weight.

Right now, I am looking forward to this new way of eating. I struggle on if I am still an overeater, should I eat so much? What if the over eating triggers a response to want to eat other non 811 stuff? I have had that happen, but the desire is getting less as I become more focused.


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