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Hey Bay Area fruit people!

This might be old news to some of you, but a co-worker just told me about this A-MAZING grocery delivery startup! The service is currently only available to the Bay Area!

Not even kidding - this could be life changing for us fruit munchers! Prices seem on par or better than most grocery stores. You can order items from Whole Foods, Safeway, Costco, and Trader Joes, and you can select custom quantities, down to the individual banana! Seemingly reasonable delivery charges and low minimum orders! For instance, all orders over $35 only cost $4 to deliver, SAME DAY!

Here's my link: http://inst.cr/t/VqpyJq

Full disclosure - I get $10 if you sign up with my link, but you also get $10 and a free delivery to try it out.

I'm definitely going to use this to simplify my banana rotation. When I buy by the box and shop less frequently, I don't always eat bananas at the perfect spotty ripeness and/or end up freezing some.




Google Shopping Express is an awesome alternative for non-perishable items. Free same-day delivery from Costco, Nob Hill Foods, etc. at in-store prices and NO MINIMUM. Again, full disclosure, I get $15 if you sign up with this link, but so do you! http://www.google.com/shopping/express/invite/B49ME53ES

I personally get my non-produce items from Google Shopping and my fruit and veg from Instacart. So easy!


Google Shopping Express is now delivering produce! Selection is somewhat limited so far. Again, if you need a free account, and would like $15 credit, you can use my invite here: http://www.google.com/shopping/express/invite/B49ME53ES

Once you're logged into your account you can see the fresh fruit category here: https://www.google.com/shopping/express/#HomePlace:cat=412.422.430....

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I signed up. Thanks for the link!

You bet, Juliet! =D

Can you tell I'm stoked? haha

One definite limitation is that you can't touch/smell fruit for ripeness yourself, but I think for things like bananas or quick food when you're in a pinch, this is pretty great! 2 hour delivery!

Cool - thanks Renee! As I understand it, a shopper from Instacart literally goes out to a local store and purchases your order, then delivers to your door in regular grocery bags, as if you had just given a friend your grocery list and asked them to go grocery shopping for you. It would be cool if you could return the bags to them for reuse on subsequent deliveries - maybe they do that, I don't know yet. Most CSAs don't deliver straight to your door - you have to go to a location near you on a weekly basis to pick up your box.

My wife and I have done a few CSAs before. They can be really great, or really meh. As I understand it,  traditionally part of the somewhat unspoken CSA "agreement" is that you take the bad with the good, so a year with poor yield might mean less quantity and/or lower quality produce. Also, you usually get whatever they put in the box for you - which in many cases includes a lot of veggies. Since my wife and I eat a much higher percentage of fruit, we try to pick the fruit boxes which tend to be super expensive, because it's semi-local, and fruit is heavier/more costly to ship. However, local organic CSAs sometimes have amazingly sweet juicy fruit! It's just hit or miss from month to month, from our experience. I think there's definitely a place for CSAs when you want variety, and the peace of mind from supporting community growers - maybe a good seasonal addition to Instacart.com. =D

That's not to say that grocery store produce is always the best, but I think you often know at least a little bit of what to expect when you buy from the major stores - and sometimes, it's nice just to get a deal and stock up on safe/staple fruit like bananas, where I feel like it's pretty hard to go wrong. One of the main reasons I'm stoked about this service is that I can sort of "perfect" my banana ripening rotation by getting frequent deliveries in the right quantities.

No worries. Strange, I thought the prices were supposed to be identical to the stores. Does the store you visited in person match the one you have selected in the upper left orange drop down?

For instance, if I select Safeway in the upper left, bananas are $0.49/pound. So, a 40 pound box (about 100 bananas) is less than $20. That's as good as any other store where I've ever bought conventional bananas, except perhaps the wholesale produce market in L.A., where I once scored an IKEA bag full of very ripe bananas for $0.14/pound haha.

Maybe you're seeing that prices for other items are higher though? They still seem quite reasonable to me, in comparison. Also, when I said local store - that's what I meant, a local Safeway, TJs, Whole Foods, or Costco - not an independent grocer or anything.

I agree that Farmer's Markets are the way to go, but I can't find bananas or other imported fruit there. Quality is definitely important, but first and foremost I want to stay carbed up, and for me, that means convenience sometimes. My wife and I both work long hours, so this is huge for us. That said, I haven't actually tried the service yet - planning to give it a whirl this weekend.

Either way, I really have no vested interest in your use of Instacart, other than 10 bucks, lol. So of course work it in (or not) however you see fit. Seems like the free delivery and 10 bucks to shop with should definitely beat any store, at least for your first purchase though - that's half a box of nanners! =D

Gotcha. Fair enough - and good to know!

My wife and I usually do the box of organic bananas when we go to TJ's too, but it's been a little while and I couldn't recall if they were $0.39 or $0.29 per each.

Haha, yeah we've benefitted from that too.

But after a while the store that we used to frequent started to count them, and make everyone in line after us wait. =/

Thank you!  I just signed up for this.

Cool! We've been using the heck out of it. Kind of a bummer they're having trouble with Trader Joe's since we used to buy our organic bananas from there, but fortunately there are other options. We signed up for express too, so all deliveries are free for orders over $35.

I just started 80/10/10 and I don't have a car so it was getting very difficult to get all the fruit and veggies I needed for the week, so thank you for this info - I just signed up!

Sure thing! Unfortunately they don't deliver from Trader Joe's anymore, but Costco recently started carrying organic bananas and I think it ends up a bit over $30/box delivered.

Cheaper than owning a car if that's all you need it for!

For non-produce items, you can also take a look at Google Shopping Express. I find their prices to be identical to actual in-store prices, and they have free delivery with no minimum. Delivery is not quite as fast as Instacart, but usually same day or next day!

Let me know if you need an invite or anything - I think you get $25 off your first order at Costco.

About Costco, how much is their delivery? And if you say a box of bananas goes for $30 - how many bananas or how much cheaper if by the boxh? At Instacart each banana is .29 do you know if they sell them by the box as well? And where do I sign up for Costco?
I think I will continue using Instacart - they do have good prices compared to other grocery stores, but it's still expensive compared to buying in bulk... maybe they will start doing this in the future. As I said, I don't have a car so I can't buy in bulk at places like the SF Wholesale Produce or Earl's - which I think are the best options here in the city?
Thank you!

Sorry, what I meant was that Instacart allows you to choose from several stores - Safeway, Whole Foods, Costco, and Instacart Plus (which I think is really just Food Maxx or something similar).

If you go to Instacart, select Costco at the top, and then search for bananas, you'll see conventional for $1.69 per 3 lb bunch, and organic for $2.49 per 3 lb bunch.

Boxes are 40 lbs, or usually around 12 or 13 bunches, from my experience. So a full box of organic would be between $29.88 or $32.37, but there's no discount for bulk. I can probably go through about a box each week just for my morning smoothies. Each bunch is almost 10 bananas, and I usually do two 10-banana smoothies a day - 20 bananas a day. Sometimes I do 30, but I probably average closer to 20. :)

Earl's will deliver but they have a $250 minimum, which I've done a few times. I worked it out with some of my coworkers so they would pick a few items they wanted and I would take home the rest. But I found that we would have to order from Earl's less frequently which made it harder to always have a rotation of ripe fruit. The delivery minimum is kinda doable, but I felt like it took a little strategy and planning to really make it work well. Also, I think you have to have a business entity to schedule a delivery. They usually have good quality produce, but even at wholesale prices were often still relatively expensive compared to the other delivery options.

I personally use Instacart for all my produce/perishables, and Google Shopping Express for everything else.



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