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 Any guys out there had a life long issue with this problem.Or any women been with a guy who has had this problem?How did you cure this situation?

 I am looking to cure it and was hoping this way of eating might help.I know serotonin plays a role in Premature Ejaculation and Bananas elevate serotonin levels so I guess we will see.

 I know most will respond with kegals as the cure.Kegals don't work for me to stop it from happening.I have tried kegals  and pelvic floor stretching along with PC and BC muscle exercises.Pelvic floor massage doesn't work.Its only through penetration I have this problem I have no problem when receiving oral.

 I have had this problem all my life (43). I get the felling of wanting to cum in about 30 sec of penetration then I have to stop thrusting.I let the feeling die down but it's back as soon as I start thrusting.Its so frustrating for me and my partner the only cure has been alcohol and that’s not a healthy option now.

 Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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I don't believe in premature orgasm (the gender inclusive term for premature ejaculation) I think it's a made up condition.
Releaving the urge is the whole point, if you can do this in a small amount of time, that is not premature or a problem, that is efficiency and clearly superior.
I mean what even is there to object to? If y'all want more sex do it twice, winning.
There's nothing wrong with you dude, you're a champion.
I can whack one off in 30 seconds too and am relieved as I can now get to sleep or otherwise get back to my life. I have met literally hundreds of other people like this, it's completely normal and carries zero risk to health over those who have a harder time reaching the destination, I'd go further and bet those who can most easily scratch this itch would enjoy better health because of it, because you know, its a release, and stress gives you cancer.

I am with you Chelsea. Don't see what the issue with when you blow. I am guessing it is only an issue if you are going for the mystical 'simultaneous orgasm.'

Personally I detest that kind of a 'transaction' where at the end no one owes anyone anything, gratitude or otherwise, cause all supposed debts are paid in full.

What I don't understand is why it would be such a big deal for you to stay awake and attentive long enough to manually pleasure your partner before or after you climax by thrusting?

And how about getting on Marina Robinsons Site and having a look at alternatives to the blow scenario where you orgasm and then lose interest in your partner and suffer what is called the orgasm hang over?

Here is the link below


Also her partners website is even better value to help you understand the basics of human sexual triggers.  This guy has started a whole movement that even as a female I both applaud and adhere to.

Here is the link below


Amara Hart also has a good website explaining that a lot of men who suffer from PE believe that they are over sexed. However it has been proven that their arousal is actually so flimsy that they are in fact very stressed and nervous about holding their induced arousal for long and so she explains PE as a dumping of energy due to sexual shame and arousal stressors that include fear of failure.

What she also points out is that you may not be getting enough actual physical arousal other than what you are producing within your own head through images of fantasy. At the ripe old age of 40 something kicks in that makes the games of pretend not cut it anymore. 

Therefore the remedy would be to communicate with your partner to guide her to help you to arouse all your senses, just not specifically just that one part of your anatomy.

Also she is a raw vegan herself and testifies that putting the clients she coaches on a raw vegan diet helps to cool and heal an overactive sexual stimulation response and likewise to revitalise a burnt out one.

Personally I don't practice Karezza and you yourself might find it impossible to practice due to the instruction to similarly enter into genital penetration still. To my mind this would be unattainable for someone who already suffers from PE to even think of trying to make a lovestyle of Karezza as a fix for this deemed issue. 

But that said I think it is worthwhile looking at the underlying bonding features of Karezza if you no other reason that you strengthen your pleasure and relationship.

i've gratefully never had to deal with that, but i can tellyou guaranteed the books that i have shared on the main page will cure that in you regardless, to the point you can keep your seed throughout love making and after and still experience amazing deep multiple orgasms i'll post more books now, i give the url and the free pdf of the book is there, this will change your life

Come on Cody, cough with the link - here holding my breath about to....



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